February 4, 2013

GIVEAWAY! Your Opinion Matters

Yes, it does which, of course, is why I'm asking!
I made up a new pattern; a Bunny Make-Do on an old spool/ bobbin.
How is it that I need your help?
I tend to 'over' embellish sometimes....alright, fine....ALL the time so, you tell me.....
 She needs something at the top of her ears. I emphasize HER. AND, she needs a bow, collar, apron, dress, tag, sweet Annie,
She has wired and stiffened ears and I've yet to add her sisal whiskers. A name would be nice, too!!
Tell me so I can dress her and give her away.....to you, or you, or you!
YEP, My February GIVEAWAY is here! 
1. Be a Follower
2. Leave me a comment telling me how to 'fix r up'!
3. SHARE for a 3rd entry!
Open to US and Canadian friends only please.
Giveaway ends FEBRUARY 18th (Monday)!!


Danice said...

Darling, Vicky. How about a big bow on each ear made of the same fabric as a pink dress with while polka dots? The name Sylvia would also be nice. Since I already won one of your giveaways, I won't enter this one. I will post to my sidebar, though :)

Linda Welcome said...

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! Someone special wants MY opinion...that NEVER happens!!
OK. Here I go: I think she should have a blue gingham dress to go with her beautiful eyes. I think she have a battenburg lace collar. I think her name should be Sugar. I think she should hold flowers and have a bow with a flower in the center in her ear(s). I think she is already darling so WHATEVER you do to her is just going to make her that much "sweeter". Just adore her "sweet" face!! Go Vicky. Go Vicky. Go Vicky.

SweetPepperRose said...

A small navy/tan or red/tan check {or plaid} dress with tea stained apron and matching "hare" bow ;-) and arms holding a small linen or felt heart.
YES, Sweet Annie is a perfect name.


Hellooooo Vicky,
She already looks pretty. But how about cute little bows in yellow or pink for her adorable ears...then a frilly little pinafore dress to match? Macie Mae is a good name for Miss Bunny, don't you think? I will post this on my sidebar. Have a blessed day! Hugs,

TheRustyThimble said...

A scarf just a plain simple stained scarf tied around her head

A little light blue dress

And name her Gennebelle

I follow you and I am sharing on my blog and on facebook


Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
She is so sweet! I will name her Sassy!
She needs a large spring green bow with matching dress and a little white apron. A tag that says "Hoppy Spring"! Glittery eyes.
I am a follower.
I will post to my side bar and the OFG Team side bar.
Thanks for such a fun giveaway!!

Kim said...

What a sweet rabbit! I think she needs some bows on her ears with a matching dress and a pretty spring tag. I think she looks like Hannah the Hare.

I am a follower and I am off to post your giveaway on my blog.

cucki said...

aww she is so cute..i love her..
i cant enter but i can see she is going to look so cute..
big hugs x

Michelle Bloch said...

I think a big bow between her ears would be adorable with a coordinating dress and little gardening apron. And a cute Easter/Spring tag hung with a rusty pin. She looks like an "Annabelle" or "Belle" to me :) ADORABLE!!!

Michelle Bloch said...

I think a big bow between her ears, a coordinating dress, and a gardening apron would be adorable. And a Spring/Easter tag hung with a rusty pin would go nicely. She looks like an "Annabelle" or "Belle" to me :) Shes ADORABLE!!!

Carol Stuck said...

Oh my gosh!!! She is already soooo cute. She needs flowers. I love flowers and maybe a striped or polka dot dress in soft colors. And a name....well let's see...Magnolia, of course...heehee!

Carol Oh yes...I will share on FB

Kathy H said...

I think a little bow at the base of her ears and maybe a little earring in one of her ears, she should be fashionable and modern I think. I would name her Emma (my first grandchild is due soon) and give her a polka dotted dress or one with some bunnies on it. Bunny in a bunny dress would make me smile.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Vicky, oh she is sweet.....I think some red homespun would look great on Bella Bunny......Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway, Hugs Francine.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm trying not to look at the comments because I tend to 'copy'! heehee! I think the apron sounds cute..maybe some Spring colors, pink and turquoise? A cute colorful bow in her ears. But honestly, you can do better than anything I can think up! lol I'm a follower and a friend! Enter me twice! heehee! Sweet hugs!

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

My daughter decided to give her input on this one! She would like to see her in a pink tutu and a pink bow on her head with a button in the middle. She would like to see her holding flowers and would call her "Sweetie".
I will post her to my sidebar:)

M.j. said...

So cute. I think a cute dress with a vintage apron on her. And I would name her Olivia...ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com....I follow gfc as M.j.
I tweeted it here...https://twitter.com/ciaomjc/status/298827501923360768....total 3 entries.

Colleen said...

Oh my.....decisions, decisions! :) Let me see...for sure her name is Miss Pixels. I think a pink bow between her ears and definitely a pink ribbon around her neck. Maybe a little spring dress would work too. Oh yes....and don't forget some earrings. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to "dress" her. I will put her in my side bar. :)

ChristiH said...

SOOO CUTE! I think she needs a bandana/turban wrapped around her head, ending in a big bow at the base of her ears. If she has a tail, she needs a skirt shorter in the back to show her cute little tail! I'd put a cute little skirt on her, and top it with a little white bib apron, with a pocket on the apron, with flowers in the pocket. Her turban and skirt should be pastel Easter colors. Her name - Penelope!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What a sweet bunny Vicky!
I would name her Emma.
And put a vintage apron on her and a scarf Round her head.
I am a Follower.


Tammy Fry said...

Your bunny is so sweet please add me

Rhodes Creations said...

Please enter me into this wonderful giveaway. A sweet bow and dress and I'll share. Thanks, Laura R.

Cindi said...

Hmmmm I thin an apron over a nice green homespun fabric dress would be cute and her name...Bonita cause she is so pretty
Be blessed,

Rhissanna said...

Ah! Bells on the tips of her ears, because her name is Bella. Silver bells or prim and rusty. A simple white eyelet dress and a flowery yellow and blue apron and the same on the embellished bow right between her ears. All tea-stained for prim bells, but bright and spring-like for silver.

Love her ears!

nancy huggins said...

I am already a follower and I think you should dress her in red and white ticking or homespun
I will share this on my sidebar
Keeping fingers crossed

nancy huggins said...

Oh..Forgot the name..I like Sweet Blue Eyes" but also like Sweet Annie too. :)

pippirose said...

She's just adorable!
Her name--Harriet.
A big bow between her ears, on top of her head. Red dress and bow, either tiny polka dots or tiny gingham.

I'm a new follower.

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

yorkie's primitives said...

Well let me try this again. It didn't post the first time.lol
This bunny is toooo cute! I think Flopsy would be an adorable name.
A dress in pastel gingham with a pocket made from an old doily with sweet annie tucked in it? And a pretty bow on her ears? And I think a collar made from old lace with a pastel button on it would be cute. I'm not so good on tags.LOL
I'm crossing my fingers that I win this adorable rabbit!!
I have it posted on my sidebar, Thanks for such a great and fun giveaway, Valerie