August 28, 2012

TUTORIAL: Prim Candy Corn

Let's make some Candy Corn!
Gotta start with a shape! Whether it's someone's pattern (please give them credit!) or your own, all it takes is a triangle with rounded edges! Cut 'em out, sew, and then stuff them nice and full! 
 Pick out your acrylic paint colors. I get these from Hobby Lobby. Good coverage for base coating and they're usually on sale if you buy online like I do.
 Start at the top with the lightest color. If you're the obsessed kind, then tape it off otherwise, eyeball it. Remember, it's Prim!
 Do one side at a time and give them a good dry in front of a box fan.
 Time to make the donuts.....I mean the Prim mix! MY version of the Prim mix. You know I don't like the smell of coffee once it hits water and I don't drink it or tea so I either mix up some burnt umber acrylic paint with water OR I do this method if I want the nice smell. Go to the $store and get some imitation vanilla, cinnamon, & nutmeg. The Pumpkin Pie Spice seasoning is GREAT, TOO!

 Stir up the initial and then sprinkle a bit more cinnamon to float on top.
 Dip your candy corn in on both sides to coat well. Ummmmmm, it smells so gooooood!

DON'T THROW THIS OUT!! Save it because it turns syrup-py. Just add more of that $store imitation vanilla to it next time and spice it up again with floaties!
 A foil lined baking sheet and 190 degrees is how I bake mine. I set it on a 10 minute timer and turn it for a TOTAL of 40 minutes. Everyone is different but this is the SAFEST way for me NOT to burn them as I get busy with my kids and forget. Yes, I'm VERY human!
 Baked and dried, I let them sit over night.
Embellish them with ribbons, sisal, and homemade tags. A spot of glue to the back will hold the ribbon in place and hide where you sewed it all together. You can leave them plain if you so desire.

I like to add the little tag with some #10 crochet thread and go up underneath the ribbon. Tie it off at your desired length. You can also use a rusty safety pin.
Easy Peasy and perfectly primmed!
This does not discredit anyone else in their primming methods. We all have our own techniques that work best for each of us. Feel free to share this and modify for your own desired effect!

August 27, 2012


I've been SHOPPING!!! hehehehehehehe!!! And it makes me }}giggle{{ everytime I think about it! hehehehehehe! 'Cause I don't have to leave my chair!
I found some additions to my Halloween decor on Etsy! 
Lucy, from THE FARMER'S ATTIC,  had this little guy for sale in our
FITOFG Celebration. He was calling my name as well as this feller....
Mr. Bones from Jacquie Wheeler of HANDOFBELAPECK.
I just had to add them to my growing collection of Halloween dolls! (I'll show you a picture when I get them altogether). Both of these ladies amongst many others, are fantastic at what they do. You truly should check out the OFG Team on Etsy if you get a chance. Just type in OFG Team in the search bar under all items. The Celebration itself ends tonight. You can find my button up on the top of my right side bar to see more.
I also got my package from JoAnns.
I'm anticipating lots of  Snowmen this year so I got a large package of Warm and Natural. The black felt was on sale so I bought about 4 yards of that, too. Of course more doll needles and one can never, EVER have enough paint brushes!!
Finished this piece today and am going over now to list it on my Etsy.

Stay tuned for a tutorial tomorrow. I'll also have a NEW Giveaway for 
September on the 1st!

August 23, 2012

O Dear, Another Addiction!

Well, I DID come back fully rested so what did you expect?!
Once again my table is overwhelmed with everything that's on it! I'm now FULLY addicted to Primitive Patterns and can't seem to stop buying them. I need to hire someone to 'stuff' for me as this is my least favorite thing to do. The big pieces I don't mind so much but those skinny arms and legs are killin' me!
I'm going to put together a 'candy corn' Tutorial.

SUPER easy and I really like my primming method. Not much different from anyone elses; you'll see!
Don't forget about our OFG Celebration!
The Old Farmhouse Gathering has some awesome creations available on Etsy in our "Fall Into Thanksgiving" promotion! Just click on the button on my upper right side. It will take you to Etsy and show you some of the goodies!
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Tuned

August 20, 2012

Etsy Birthday WINNERS!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!!
My kids are in school and I am ONE. HAPPY. MOMMA!!

Now, that doesn't make me a bad mother....just a real happy one!!
Thanks so much to all of you who signed up for my Etsy Birthday Giveaway!
Random.Org chose my winners for me and they are:
Brenda of TheRustyThimble
Email me at and let me know what you've chosen (sorry, the 4 items tagged FITOFG are NOT up for grabs). Also give me your addresses so I can package your item up and get it out to you!
Thank you, once again, for your wonderful support! The Holidays are coming and I'll have a Giveaway every month, with 2 for Christmas, until the End of the Year......and then we'll just start all over again!
Remember the OFG Team's "Fall Into Thanksgiving" Celebration is still going on.
You can view a small sampling of some of the wonderful creations made by some great and talented people! I've already been shopping and might still pick up a few more things!
As always,
Stay Tuned!

August 17, 2012

A NEW Celebration!

From the Old Farmhouse Gathering know, the OFG Team that I'm always talking about!

Just go HERE to see a great variety of Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving items. AND, while your there, take a peek into the shops! You can also find items by typing in the Etsy search bar the letters FITOFG under ALL items!
To help celebrate, I've added a coupon code to my shop for 15% off your order (shipping excluded).
Here's my new pieces!
Wicked Wilma (original pattern from My Saltbox Primitives)
Witch's Boots Centerpiece
Just Jack Make Do
Halloween Jack (pattern from BitterSweeFolkArt)
Go HERE to see more or click on my Etsy on my right side bar!
What are you waiting for? COME ON and CELEBRATE with us!!
STAY TUNED 'cause I've got more coming!

August 15, 2012

Something WICKED This Way Comes!

Oooooooooh, but I'm super excited about FALL being right around the corner! So hoping we don't have an Indian Summer :( With a really mild winter and hot summer we need some cold weather to come and kill these mosquitoes that have taken over our lives! Seriously cannot go outside for any length of time without getting chewed to pieces!
I've got some familiar works on my table that are soon to be finished!
A girl can seriously NEVER have enough shoes! Making one of these pairs into a centerpiece!
The Jacks and Crows have been primmed and ready to put in their 'proper' places!
Oh, but this witch is truly worthy of her Wicked Ways! 
Love making Tawny's sunflowers! They'll embellish some of these pieces!
Candy corn waiting for their paint and a Jack man from Bittersweetfolkart!
 Super excited about our OFG Team's newest Celebration! We will launch it on Friday.
 Don't forget about my Giveaway!
Stay Tuned!

August 10, 2012

Lost in a Daze

I think I have a case of 'Vacation-itis'. Doesn't seem to be any other way to describe it. We got back early (2:00 a.m.) this past Saturday (4th) and I've been exhausted every since! Our handicapped daughter has been 'acting up' so that doesn't help. I've got some serious organization to do and I'm gonna be brave and show you my mess. 
Our twins turned 7 on Tuesday and I'm separating them from the room they've shared since they were 1. It still has all of the paintings from 'Winnie the Pooh' on the wall. I miss them being babies! Well.....sort of....


I've promised our daughter a fresh coat of pink (lt. Pink) paint on the walls. Our son has inherited the back bedroom that his older brother had. Currently it houses my 'mess'.
Ouf....this is embarrassing!
 I'm not showing the other side of the room! It's actually just a wall of bins that are filled with inventory.
Anyway, the little feller needs the room and the twins are too old to be together anymore. They've got that whole 'Boy/Girl' thing going on and it's more than time.
SO, I'll be organizing and cleaning these spaces all weekend. It'll keep me busy and keep my mind off missing my hubby:(
This is on my table to finish.
I HATE stuffing arms and legs but need to get these dolllies dressed and ready for the holidays.
DON'T FORGET to sign up for my ETSY Giveaway HERE!
I'll have something to share with you soon from the OFG Team, too!
Stay Tuned!

August 5, 2012


I'm having a birthday this month!
Well, not me PERSONALLY but my Etsy shop is; 2 years!
Know what that means?
YEP, it's GIVEAWAY time!!!
What's the prize you ask?
You heard me!!
Pick something in my Etsy shop and then come back here and tell me in a comment what you'd like to have and I'll count you for 2 chances!
Need a 3rd and 4th chance?
Be a follower and post this on your blog's sidebar, tweet, or tell everyone on your FB!
Let me know if you did this in the SAME comment 'cause I can count! My 1st grade teacher saw to that! 
I'll choose 2 winners using the Random number generator. My ETSY birthday is on the 20th of August and I'll choose the winners on that day!
What are you waiting for?!
(Open to the Continental US and Canada only, please. Link is also on my right sidebar.)