April 28, 2011

Got An Opinion?

Sure would like to hear it.
Tomorrow is 'Fine Art Friday' at my house...at least it is when I want it to be!
I need to finish this as it's bothering me.
I need your opinion.
Before I finish painting them in, I need to make sure they look like what they are. So, what do you think they might be? Is the large one a whale (he's actually looking a little 'whalish' to me). This is where your opinion matters. Tell me...
I think his head is too....well....blunt. It needs more of a slope.
Let me know what you think so I can finish this picture.

I'm hoping to have a 'Mother's Day Giveaway' next week.
Until then, don't forget the two great Giveaways on my right sidebar. The PAFA TEAM will choose another 3 winners on Saturday!
The OFG TEAM (Old Farmhouse Gathering) will not pick their's until May 28th. Over 26 items for ONE PERSON to win!
Stay tuned!

April 21, 2011

On Hiatus...sort of....

I put my paintbrushes down this week.
I've traded them in for wiping fevered brows.
It's not my favorite pastime but sometimes a neccessity.
The kids are on the mend; no strep just viral infections that will soon pass only to be replaced by something else. Yes, that's my pessimism coming out!
Here's what I've been working on....
Garlands that need last minute details before they're all put together and a cute little sign that will include that turtle.
These melons are BIG and will have a few crows on top and some 'viney' black wire with heart shaped leaves.
Can you figure these out? I'll soon have them finished and will offer one of them up for a "Mother's Day" Giveaway here.
Speaking of "Mother's Day",
Remember this?
The first prize will be drawn on Saturday so make sure you hurry on over and sign up. Your name STAYS in the drawing every week whether you win or not! Cool, huh?!!!
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Stay tuned!

April 17, 2011

"Sweet Summertime Hugs" GIVEAWAY!

This is one of my Etsy Teams. They are a great bunch of talented artisans. Actually, I should say 'we', shouldn't I?!!
Hurry on over and sign up. There is a slide show of everything that will be going to
You truly don't want to be left out!!

April 16, 2011

A PAFA Mother's Day Giveaway!

PAFA is 'Primitive and Folk Artists'. We are a team of wonderfully talented women on Etsy.
We are having a super, duper Mother's Day Giveaway and I am NOT kidding!

From April 15th to May 15th there will be 3 prizes awarded to 3 winners a week!!
Go here to view the prizes AND sign up! There are 5 chances to win and, even if you win one prize, your name STILL STAYS in the pot (so to speak)!!
So what are you waiting for?!!!! GO and sign up...NOW!!!!
Good Luck!!

April 13, 2011

Just One More Day!

It's almost over. Just one more day to take advantage of the great items that the 'Primitive and Folk Artists'  over on Etsy have in our collection.

Here are a few things that I made.

Precious Tulip Bunny

Eggetha! Doesn't she just 'crack' you up?!

A pair of Easter Ducks!
Just type in the letters STPAFA in the search bar for 'all items' at http://www.etsy.com/ and you will see some
wonderful primitive and folk art!
Thanks for stopping by!

April 11, 2011

I won a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Yep!! I did!!! And it was such a 'sweet' one!!
Thank you, Vicki (yes, we share the same name!) from

You know you SOOOO want to be me right now!!

April 9, 2011


Have you ever been in one?
This was my first one!
Tam, over at A Primitive Place, had a Swap entitled, "This is so me, this is so you".
She paired me up with the 'queen of swap', Linda, over at Country Pickins.
I couldn't have asked for anyone better!
We emailed each other before swapping to get to know one another better, shared stories and read each other's blogs.
I got my swap package in the mail yesterday just as I was sending hers out. Here are some details!

                                                      OOOOOOOhhhh, the anticipation!!!

                        Everything is wrapped up in pretty tissue and hidden in secret velvet packages!

Such wonderful Prim goodness!!  A table runner, pillow, prim doll, prim wooden tag, gorgeous mug, dishcloth, soap, candles, DOVE CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS...she could've just stopped there and I'd have been a happy camper!!

Even some 'Easter Treats' for the twins...boy, were they happy, too!!
Thank you so much Linda for your wonderful generosity!
It was sooooo nice getting to know you better! And thanks Tam for generating a new friendship!
I can't WAIT to do this again!!!

April 6, 2011

Delivery Day!

Mr. Big FINALLY made it to his destination!
Yes, this was about a month ago that I had the Giveaway! 
Remember when I told you I had my 'ducks in a row'?

Well, what I didn't tell you was that from time to time, my ducks get shot to "L"!!!
And this time was no exception!

First and foremost let's get this straight...the UPS STORE is NOT UPS!! They don't tell ignorant people like me those kind of things. And I live in a little glass bowl most times where naivety dwells.
I got my quote online from (the regular) UPS which said Mr. Big would cost about $20 to ship...here in Florida...because Random picked me a winner in my State. So, I took him to the UPS STORE thinking in my 'own little world way' that that was UPS. $150. $150 for them to ship Mr. Big. I told them I was quoted $20 online. NOPE. They wouldn't tell me that they were a franchise of UPS. They just told me that it would be $150 for them to ship it. So long , farewell.
Long story short, I was finally educated about the franchise store after I'd made the call to UPS only to find out the UPS was about 45 minutes away from me. My husband goes that way each morning but when I told him it was $20 to ship it, he said he' be going up Debbie's way in a few days and he'd drop it by himself. WEEELLLLLLL, you have to know my husband and procrastination and the fact that he can't always control his 'appointments' when others are involved. One meeting after another was cancelled and rescheduled and finally, after 3 weeks of me stressing over Mr. Big and emailing Debbie, he finally made it.
We'll be married 30 years in a week and a half!

I am not able to get out of my house like most of you can. I take care of our mentally handicapped 24 year old daughter 24/7 and it's not easy to get her out. Most days she doesn't want to go anywhere.
SO I will NOT be shipping big items. I will save them for when I do shows.
Can I just give a 'whoop whoop' that Debbie in Florida was picked? I would have eventually made it to UPS to ship it elsewhere but good gravy boats what a saga!
The moral of the story...watch your ducks!

April 2, 2011

"A Spring/Easter Giveaway" Winners!

Wow, but this week went by fast!
How fun it was to hear of all the different kinds of treats you like in your Easter baskets! Everything from the Easter Eggs themselves, to our standard Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies to hard crusted Peeps...I like 'em that way, too, Dee!!  Nice to know someone else is weird like me!!!
Thanks everyone for stopping by to play my game. As Always, I'd love to give each of you exactly what you asked for, however, that's not the way it works, is it?! I always apply to at least 5 Giveaways each month and the only one I've ever won was over at Holidays with Matthew Mead. I won the cutest apron out of 1000 PLUS entrants. Lil' ole me!!! Whodathunkit?!!!
So, who's todays winners?
Well, let's see....
I had 26 commenters with 3-4 comments per name totalling 92. I checked this list multiple times to be sure and....

SANDI...who wants the Easter Blocks
LOGAN AND KELSEY...who wants a Choc or Vanilla Bunny
Send me your address to my email: VicWeave@aol.com and I'll get your gift out on Monday!

Thanks so much for coming by and giving me the time of day! Sure do appreciate your support.
Need to give a 'shout out' to our PAFA Team  (Primitive and Folk Artists) over at Etsy. We're having a "Spring Has Sprung" Celebration and the artists have some fantastic looking primitives and folk art for you to see. Just click on the Etsy link in this post or the picture to the right on my sidebar. You won't be sorry!

Hugs to one and all!
Vicky :0)

April 1, 2011

Don't Miss This!

The 'Primitive and Folk Artists' are having a Springtime Celebration over on Etsy.
Just type in the letters STPAFA in the search bar for all items and you will see some wonderful primitive and folk art!!
Don't forget my Giveaway!
Today is the last day to sign up. I'll announce 2 winners tomorrow morning!
 (Sign up on the post below this one!)
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Vicky :0)