November 28, 2012


Last Giveaway for the year!
 I did this one up RIGHT for you guys!
 Don't have these listed anywhere or ready for anyone but 
Cute Snowman! My own design but feel free to copy it as I don't sell my patterns! The arms are removable if you need to change them out. He's approx. 16" tall and 8" across (not counting his arm span).
This is Kim's pattern from ORP (Old Road Primitives). I just LOVE her patterns! I've adapted this one for my liking. He can sit or hang. Measures approx. 13" x 11 across.
Another one of my designs. (The elf shoes are from a pattern by Chestnut Junction). Like my witch shoe centerpiece, I've added silk florals to these Elfin shoes. Would be super cute to sit out on your coffee table! Measures approx. 11" l x 7 1/2" h x 8" w.
 Would you like to have one of these in your home? 
1. Well then, TELL ME which one in a comment!
2. Better yet, FOLLOW me on this blog for a 2nd chance!
3. Want one more opportunity? Tweet, FB, or put this on your blog's sidebar!
There, you have 3 chances....but WAIT!!!
I'm hoping 400 followers will also come out of this! If so, I'll have a special 'something' at the end of the GIVEAWAY. You won't even have to sign up again! I'll count everyone ONE time for it. Depending on the number of signups I get, I may give more than one away....actually, I'm pretty sure I will!!! That's just the way I roll, you know! And besides, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!
Ends Dec. 10th (Monday). Yep, it's quick so I can get it to you and get back to my seasonal chaos! Come back that morning and I'll announce my winners!
(Open to US and Canadian friends only, please.)
Don't forget the OFG Team's "SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS" Celebration going on right now. See the top image on my right sidebar and click on it to go to the Etsy site where you can find many wonderful creations by our creative team....including ME!
Stay Tuned!

November 26, 2012

It's Celebration Time!!

Good Cyber Monday everyone!
It's time for another celebration from the talented OFG Team! 

The Old Farmhouse Gathering has launched it's "Spirit of Christmas" Team Celebration on Etsy! If you find a jingle in your pocket and need some more gifts for underneath your Christmas Tree, take a minute to stop by HERE and look through some of the gorgeous items our creative artisans have made!
Here are a few pictures of mine!
6x5 Holiday wooden Plaque. I've made a couple others, too!
Lil' Jimmy Jingle (Johnny's cousin)

Lil' Johnny Jingle
Kringle Jingle
 You can find these and MORE in my shop, HERE! I've got a 20% off coupon code, CYBERMONDAY, for today ONLY so hurry if you've been looking !
Almost finsihed with my Giveaway for you!
Stay Tuned!

November 19, 2012

Finishing up Before Turkey Day!

I am gluing on hats, striping candy canes, cutting legs for reindeer, tying shoe laces, and assembling elves. I can't show you these pictures as they'll be part of the OFG Team's Celebration coming next Monday....CYBER Monday, to be exact!
We're finally over the colds with only a few sniffles lingering. Boy does it take a while to get rid of those! Looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with family here at my house on Thursday. Should have about 30 to celebrate with!
Just a few new items in my Etsy.
Primitive Nativity
Miss Prissy adapted from Susan Jill Hall's designs
A new WINTER Garland is in the works and I'll have my last Giveaway up sometime next week. I think it will coincide with my 400th follower Giveaway, too, so looks like I'll have a few winners for this next one!
Brenda, of THE RUSTY THIMBLE, announced the winner of the 38 Ornaments! Go over to her blog to see who it was and enter her Giveaway for another wonderful ornament from her!
As always,

November 15, 2012

In The Works

I can't show you it all put together yet. The OFG Team, Old Farmhouse Gathering, is getting ready to launch a new CELEBRATION on Monday, the 26th! I'm so excited to show you some new items! Until then, you'll just have to have a 'lOOk see'!

These last 2 photos you've already seen the outcome. I'm just making some for Christmas Gifts for friends and family and also the Ornie exchange over at THE RUSTY THIMBLE BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY . 38 Ornaments will go to one lucky person but you've got to HOP to ALL of the other blogs and leave a comment to be eligible.
I'm getting very close to 400 followers and I'll be having a super cute Giveaway for it!
Stay Tuned!

November 12, 2012

Something BIG is Finally HERE!!!

 Got a GREAT GIVEAWAY to tell you about! I'm involved as well as some other very talented Gals! 

This is HUGE so DON'T waste your time in signing up. Brenda can explain this better than I can so go to her blog post HERE and do what she tells you to do. DON'T MISS OUT on the opportunity to get 38, YES, 38 wonderful homemade Ornies for your Christmas Tree!!!!
This GIVEAWAY is for ONE week only so scootle doodle now!
In other news, (I sound like a professional journalist, HA), WENDY MONTREUIL has won my Small Snowman Face from my FB Mystery Giveaway
CONGRATULATIONS, Wendy! Your guy will come with a blue snowflake scarf! I've made a handful of these to give as gifts this year. So much fun to make! The pattern is from Kim at OLD ROAD PRIMITIVES!
I'm baking angel wings and ornies today. I sold my 2 Thanksgiving Garlands over the weekend and it looks like I'll have to make more as I've got a returned customer wanting one!
We're getting over our colds. I've got one of the twins home today but she should be ready to go back tomorrow. My daughter (handicapped) we call her Twirly Girl or TG for short, is doing much better. The flu shot this year messed a few people up. I know some that had the same complaints as my TG without all of the seizures, of course.
There goes my buzzer on my oven! Need to turn the Prims over!
Hope you're having a great day!
As always, 
Stay tuned!

November 10, 2012

Old Farmhouse Cooking: Chili Cook Off Cooking Contest

The Old Farmhouse Gathering team is hosting its first Cooking Contest!!! All participants are to link a photo with the recipe back to your blog or website no later than Sunday, November 18th. Winner will be chosen using and will be announced on Monday, November 19th. The winner will receive a copy of Gooseberry Patch Farmhouse Cooking Cookbook and will also be announced on the Old Farmhouse Gathering team's blog with a link back to their site. (Must have a photo of recipe as well as full recipe instructions to be considered in the contest.)
I don't make a fantastic Chili. It's good  but nothing fancy and my hubby likes it so I'll wait and see what everyone else has to post. Maybe I'll discover one better than mine that he likes!
Have something FUN to share with you tomorrow!
Stay tuned!

November 7, 2012

New Creations

Well, talk about time flying.....I've had a rough week with our handicapped daughter. She has good days and bad days and sometimes those bad days run into a week or two. She has a seizure disorder and sometimes they get a bit out of hand when she is not well. I can't swear to you it was the flu shot that put her body out of sorts but have no idea what else it could've been...and neither do her doctors. Life goes on and she is doing much better.
I've been doing a bit of creating. I'm cutting some wood for a fellow artist and hope to finish that today so I can get it mailed out. WHOA but shipping solid wood is EXPENSIVE!
My newest Garland for Thanksgiving! Had a returned customer ask for this one. Hope to have it all done by today.
My newest blocks and signs! SO much fun to make and they are nice to give as gifts!
 Here's the turkey that I received from Wendy. He's all set up with his lighted pumpkins and decor! You can go to her blog HERE and see what I sent her! 
I hope to have a small Giveaway up in a day or two. This time of year just seems to take wings of it's own and I have a hard time keeping up! 
Looks like I'll be hosting THANKSGIVING DINNER here at my house. It's ALL good as I LOVE to cook!
Hope your holiday preparations are going well and you find time to sit back and relax so you can enjoy the season!
As always,

November 1, 2012

My "Thanks for Giving" Swap!

I received my Swap package from Wendy on Monday.
What WONDERFUL items were inside this white box!
Let me show you!
A lovely hand stitched pillow and this adorable Turkey!

A wooden round canister with a beautiful Christmas ornie inside; a whimsical
wooden turkey hanging (you KNOW how I love me some wood!); a small needle felted Give Thanks pillow hanging; some Crisp, REAL, Autumn leaves; and a sweet note from none other than.....

It was Wendy's "Thanks for Giving" Swap that I participated in. I just sent her package out today so I'm hoping she'll like it as much as I did hers.
Not much going on. I'm trying to finish off a few new pieces so I can offer you something for this month's Giveaway. Hope to do that by this weekend.
Don't forget about Brenda, from THE RUSTY THIMBLE, Christmas Ornaments she's giving away each week. She's also putting together another fantastic Giveaway that a few of us are participating in!
A WISH for all of you affected by "Sandy" that you recover and become stronger for it.
Stay Tuned!