October 29, 2010

I Know...I Know....

I did...I promised you a Giveaway this weekend but it has to wait until Wednesday of next week. My sander came in day before yesterday and I've not been able to sand my cut items due to Halloween festivities...no, not for me...for the twins. How sad they would be if we were to miss out on the party tonight!
 Here's a peek at one of the items I'll have next week. Make sure you stop by, okay?!

October 26, 2010

Is This Even Right?

Well, the stores do it!! I'm into all things "Thanksgiving", getting ready for a Giveaway this weekend. These will be in my Etsy shop, however, I have another pair I'm giving away that I think you'll like.
Stay tuned!

October 18, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust!

Literally! My large belt sander has died. This year has been the worst for my tools. I've had the originals for many, many years and it was time for the others, yes, I understand, but this one....this one was only a few months old replacing the first, long time friend. Thank goodness for warranties but now comes the hassle of returning. Not fun.
Meanwhile, this is on my table.

I would love to sit down and finish it all,
THIS is taking presidence.
(These are centerpieces for a social I'm chairing this weekend)
I'm tired of pumpkins and the color orange...and I love the color orange but I'm ready to replace it with red...and even green! Yeh, I like the sound of that!
I'll be having another Giveaway next weekend to celebrate "Thanksgiving"; one of my favorite holidays that is ALWAYS over shadowed by Halloween and Christmas.
Hope you'll stop by to chat with me!

October 6, 2010


Happy October, everyone! It sure is feeling like it in our neck o' the woods so I'm sure many of you further north are experiencing far cooler temps than we are boasting!
 This is the second of my 'Holiday Giveaways'. I will have one every two weeks until after the first week of December. Then all settles down until after the New Year. I sure hope you'll stick around to see the Christmas I have planned!
This one is simple as stated in my title. I actually have one more piece that I will put up this evening so make sure you come back and see. You just might like it! I know I do but then I'm just a tad bit biased!!

Some Welcome signs that can be used throughout the fall season.
They measure approx. 12"x12"
(Same one, just in a hanging position. Different bow on both.)
An idea from a friend that included some of Holly Hanley's designs. I REALLY like this one!
Measures approx. 18"x15".
A set of 3 different 'Give Thanks' blocks. Cut from 2x4 studs and wired together. Most of my other blocks come apart but I wanted to do something different with these...and I like them! Do you?
(Two of them also have some leaf buttons glued to the bow fronts.)
One of the new designs incorporating my owls. If you like this, then you're going to LOVE my larger owl plaque! (I'll put it up this evening!)
My Owl Plaque...usually, we're the ones getting spooked in the woods but this guy's a bit timid himself!
(Landscape format)
(And portrait format)

You should know how to play this game by now!
Just leave me a comment and let me know what you like! That's it, UNLESS...
You want a second chance! Then become a follower or tell me if you already are one.
A third chance for you would be to blog about this Giveaway or link to it on your Facebook. Tell me what you've done in one comment. Hey, I passed 5th grade and can count!!
I'll run this one until midnight  Monday, October 11, 2010. Come back and see me Tuesday morning on the 12th and I'll have 2 winners listed.

Are you ready? On your mark, get set, GO!!!!

And thanks for participating!
Vicky :0)

*Edit added: For those of you inquiring, the doorway (link) to my Etsy shop is at the top of my blog where it says "Paintspots and Splinters". If you are local and wish to purchase from me, email me to avoid the shipping charges!*

October 4, 2010

It Will Happen!

I promised you a Giveaway this week and it will happen...just a few more days, please! This sickness still continues on, now afflicting our mentally handicapped daughter. She doesn't recover easily from anything and that equals to alot of sleepless nights for both of us.
Here's a peek at what I'm offering this week.

 Keep your fingers crossed that it'll all be put together by Wednesday. Mine are!!