October 27, 2012

An Annual Event!

I went to the 1890's Festival in McIntosh today! It's pretty windy here with Hurricane Sandy off the East Coast of Florida but otherwise a great day to go shopping! I was able to visit 4 of my fav places and get some treasures they offered. I get tickled hearing people say, "I can make that. Look how easy that is. You could do that with no problem". And then you hear the replys, "I've always wanted to learn that technique. Maybe we could get Lowe's to cut the wood. Wonder what kind of paint they use?" As easy as something may seem, it's not as easy when it comes to actually doing it. For example....a friend of mine wanted one of these last year.
We meant to go back and get one but we were soon out of money, not to mention energy! We got back home and I couldn't remember what wood they used....nor could I get the composition just right. So this year, I bought one. I've looked for a pattern for this guy but couldn't ever find one so looks like I'll make up my own. I think they've used some kind of cedar picket fencing. Sure makes sanding a cinch!
For those of you who know Sandy Schmidt of THE OLDE COUNTRY CUPBOARD, she had a booth there. Here are a few things I got from her.
 This is a new Snowman! She didn't have his pattern but I'll wait for it to come up on her website. She had sold out of all of her Raggedies and didn't bring her patterns with her for fear of getting things wet. You just never know what these storms are going to do until they get here.
Samantha, her daughter had plenty of her Tarts though!
I like to include these in some of my packages as a "Thank You". Her Tarts have such a great smell and last a really long time!
I can't remember the name of this other Gal but I ALWAYS buy a Raggedy from her. This year I bought these 3 cuties!
This Santa is quite large and used up the last of my $$.
Look at the little Ginger girl and her grater!! LOVE at first sight! She told me, "Now don't forget to give them hugs!" If only she knew how often I hug my babies!!!
And, my last purchase was a bag full of these!
$30 worth of spools! I was going to go back and get a few more with the thread wrapped around them but never did as it was the last road in the far back....and I was just dead tired by the time I was finished.
Well, I am now broke and feeling a bit selfish as I didn't buy anything except the Snowman for someone else.
It was my birthday money after all so I should be selfish...I think!!!
Getting a new Giveaway up with a new Garland for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday!
As always,

October 23, 2012

My Table is Busy, Busy!

I'm always busy in some way or another. Getting the last of my sewing done so I can call myself finished before Thanksgiving. The Holidays are chaotic enough as it is and my hands are quite full with my hubby gone most of the time.
For those of you who didn't see the winners of Brenda's Giveaway on THE RUSTY THIMBLE, then go HERE. I'm waiting for Lynn to contact me so I can ship Mr. Flakes off to her.
 I made two more that are very similar to this one.
I've also been creating something for my Swap with Wendy but I can't show it to you 'cause (whispering) she might see it and guess. SO, I'll just show you a small portion of it, k?
This is a pile of Christmas Ornaments that I'm in the process of sewing up. Thought I'd have them on hand for needed gifts, etc. 
I've also recently purchase a couple of toys for me to play with my Cricut machine.
Got these off of Ebay for some great prices!
Also wanted to introduce you to Snow Bud. 
He's Mr. Frost's nephew, Snow Bud. He's half the size of Mr. Frost but still smart and good looking like his Uncle! You can find him in my Etsy shop (link on my rt. sidebar).  I'm making quite a few of these that I'll give as gifts as well.
November is right around the corner and I'll have another Giveaway soon for you so make sure you....

October 16, 2012

New Creations and a Giveaway Winner!

I wanted to share my Leaf Garland with you as I forgot to the other day.
It's my own design and I think I might do a tutorial on it to show you how I get my color/combinations. It's a thought anyway :)

Only a small amount participated in this Giveaway but I sure am appreciative of every one I get whether large or small in numbers.
I've bought the CUTEST pattern from Kim at Old Road Primitives! I actually made a few of these in different sizes!
I've named him "MR. FROST" since he loves the snow so much! Yeh, like that bright, hot sun is keeping him in his healthy environment, right?!
Anyway, I made a medium sized one just for the end of our OFG TEAM's Winter Celebration and today is the day to announce my winner! 
Random. org chose 
AMY of BUMBLEBEE LANE to get my medium sized Mr. Frost!
How about sending me your addy to VicWeave@aol.com so I can get your medium sized-guy in the mail to you tomorrow!!
Thanks so much for your continued support! Don't forget about Brenda's Giveaway.....1 more week to sign up for ALL of those lovely chances! (picture on my upper right sidebar)
As always.....
Stay Tuned!

October 15, 2012

Last Day

Today is the last day for our OFG Team's "CHRISTMAS WINTER WONDERLAND" Celebration.
You still have time to go to Etsy and type in the letters CWWOFG in the search bar under ALL items to find some great gifts and maybe something for yourself as well! 
today is the last day to sign up for my GIVEAWAY for the Celebration.
I was goig to have my prize finished by today but my sweet hubby came home this weekend and that took up my time....which I gave up GLADLY!
Here's a 'sneak peek' and a link where you need to sign up!
Go HERE and read the information in GREEN letters then leave me a comment on that particular post. I will reveal the winner tomorrow, here on my blog.
last, but certainly not least, don't forget the WONDERFUL Giveaway over at  
that Brenda Griffith is hosting! 

Such amazing creations and an opportunity for you to win one of 23 gifts + a drawing for a $20 gift certificate from the shop of your choice!
Stay Tuned!

October 9, 2012

Changing Colors

I wish we could see more color changes here as you do in the north. I wouldn't mind a drop in the temps too, but the GOOD thing about living in Florida in the fall and winter is that it gives us time to acclimate to the not-so-warm temps that we do get. I'll just have to 'oooooooh and ahhhhhhh' over the photos you share on your blogs and FB as we continue to run our AC and wish for a cool down.
Something I can control though are the changing colors on my palette.
 I drew up a new design and am excited to see this one hanging. 
Should finish it tomorrow and share a picture with you soon!
Just wanted to remind you of the Giveaways and Celebrations that are still going on. Look to my right sidebar for info and links and DON'T FORGET MY GIVEAWAY.  Use this link HERE to sign up! I'll show you in a few days what I'm giving away as part of the end of our OFG Team Celebration!
As always,
Stay Tuned!

October 5, 2012

GIVEAWAYS and Creations Galore!!

So much to tell you!
My little 'Bat man' came in yesterday from Cathy @ Quiltaples! 
He's soooooo cute and I just get the giggles when I look at him!She also included a little pumpkin and some soothing herb teas to help me relax.....AS IF!!! Thank you, Cathy!!
I also received my 2nd swap from Francine @ Primitive Stars. This swap was hosted by Amy over at BumbleBee Lane.
All the way from Canada and wrapped up so prettily!
Handmade pillow, some mulled spices, and adorable vintage-looking finds. LOVE the salt and pepper Turkeys!! Thank you, Francine!
The OFG Team has started their CHRISTMAS WINTER WONDERLAND celebration! 
Go to ETSY and type in the search bar the letters, CWWOFG under ALL items to see some WONDERFUL creations by multi-talented Artisans.
See if you can spot my 3 pieces! Come back HERE and tell me what they are and I'll put your name in for a special Giveaway I'll have on the 15th, which is the end of our celebration!
Last, but certainly not least, stop by Brenda's blog at THE RUSTY THIMBLE and sign up for her super-duper Giveaway that she is hosting! The link and picture are on my upper right side bar.
Stay Tuned!

October 4, 2012

A 'Sneak Peek'!

Something is happening tomorrow via the internet! Something special from our OFG Team (Old FarmHouse Gathering Team).
I've got 3 new items and I'll have a new coupon! Take a peek!

Stay tuned!

October 1, 2012

A WONDERFUL Giveaway!!

Brenda Griffith at THE RUSTY THIMBLE is hostessing a Fantastic Giveaway! My  MR. FLAKES is involved!
All that is required of you is to Follow and Post on her Blog. She has a multitude of AMAZING Gifts from some wonderful Artisans PLUS a $20.00 gift certificate to any of our shops!
Go see for yourself,