June 29, 2013


Good morning Blogging Friends!
I've a winner to announce for my SUMMERTIME GIVEAWAY!

It's BARB from Barb's Heartstrokes!!
I've got your addy so I can get this off to you in the mail on Monday!
THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for participating in my Summer Giveaway!
I'm taking a break for the month of July. I'll still be painting, sewing, and generally crafting but will do it without the worry of buyers and shipping. This gives me a much needed break before the Holidays are upon us....and that won't be long seeing as we've only another day before we welcome July!!

 Besides, we have to make time for this.....
....and this.....
....and I've GOT to finish this.....
Thanks again for your support! I'll still be blogging!
Stay tuned!

June 26, 2013

Playing With Dollies!

Oh, but I've been having SEW much fun! I bought a pattern from Maureen over at SWEET MEADOWS FARM and have been 'practicing' on some new dollies!
This pattern is her BIGGEST LITTLE DOLL PATTERN for her 12" & 13" dolls.
Gosh, but she just has SO many that I want! 
Anyway, I just finished up these gals......
.....and plan to make MANY more! I think some Halloween and Christmas themed 
dolls would be so cute!
I haven't been painting much. It's too hot to cut wood and the kids are out swimming every day so a lot of my time is spent with them. I did have a friend over last Friday though and we painted this guy!
This is Simon and Skeeter. Simon gets a kick out of giving his friend Skeeter a little 'swat'. Keeps him entertained! Skeeter's  not quite sure he's in the entertainment industry but it's kind of like a 'Tom & Jerry' relationship!
I've got one more doll I'm working on. Her boots are finished and she's being assembled. I went all out for this gal so hope to show you in a few more days.
Don't forget about my SUMMER GIVEAWAY! The picture and link is at the top of my right sidebar! The winner will be announced this Saturday!

June 14, 2013

Are You Chicken? TUTORIAL

I've been wanting to make something like this for a while. On my FB page, I follow a 'chicken lady'. Although this picture is not of her chickens, she does have some similar....and I love to see them!
I was also inspired by an Artist on our OFG Team, Barb of Barb's Heartstrokes!
I LOVE whimsy and these were just soooo fun to look at. SO, I came up with these guys!
My whimsical Folk Art Chickens!
I actually drew up this pattern months ago and set it aside.
I checked out on Etsy.com to see if there were any more like mine. 
I found this guy.....
And this guy.....
Brenda from the Rusty Thimbles is the closest I've seen to mine. Isn't this adorable?!!

I'm going to share my patten with you....and give you a 'walk through' as to how I made them.

Hope you can read the pattern. Just click on it and print.
1.Cut 2 pieces out of cotton fabrics for body. Seam allowance is already added. Leave the bottom open for stuffing. 
2. Glue onto bobbin and wrap with sisal or jute around the bottom. Add spots of white craft glue or Hot glue; I used hot glue.
3. Paint the beak area Antique Gold (acrylic paint).
4. Cut out the heart from material of your choice. I used red felt on one and denim from an old pair of jeans on the other 2. Sew with large hand stitches and then glue to the body.
5. Tear strips of fabrics, pieces of raffia, jute, sisal, other fibers. Gather them in your hand and tie in a simple knot. Glue to the tip of the point on his rear. Leave different lengths and widths but not too many. You don't want him to fall over.

6. Now make some smaller strips for his funny little hair do. Hot glue it to the top. OR, cut out the comb from some red felt and hand stitch it. Leave it open at the bottom and glue to the head.
7. I added a strip of homespun at his neck with a spot of glue.
8. Also added a rusty safety pin with a rusted jingle bell.

I had a blast making these. Hope you do, too!
Don't forget about my SUMMER GIVEAWAY!
Ends June 29th! Still plenty of time to sign up!
GO HERE for the post!

June 10, 2013


It's that time of year! School is out and Summer is upon us!

 The sun is shining for the better part of the day and our rainstorms are present in the late afternoon evenings. It's our Florida Summertime pattern and we NEED it to keep up our water levels! I LOVE a good Rain Storm!

It's also the time of year when my favorite Fruit is in abundance!
Already had 2 of these so far so it didnt' take much for me to think of what I'd like to have in my Summertime Giveaway!
A fun Summer Welcome sign! Measures 20" in length by 12" tall.
Watermelon wedges made from Muslin and painted brightly with acrylic paints!
A set of Watermelon Measuring Cups that I found at Tuesday Morning!
These and anything else I might deem acceptable will go into a box and get shipped to a super, lucky WINNER!
RULES for this Giveaway are simple and 3 chances will be yours if you:
1. Are or become a Follower of my Blog !
2. Leave me a Comment on this post!
3. Share, SHARE, Share on FB, your Blog, Twitter, or any other social media you have access to!
This Giveaway is open only to the US. It will be a big box and I like sending my mail Priority. The winner will be announced Saturday, June 29th. 
Good luck to one and all!

June 8, 2013

Come on Over and VOTE!

Something's happening over at The Farmhouse!
Could you take a minute to go over and see?
Some of the OFG Artisans, including ME, have made something special for our AMERICANA CHALLENGE! We'll need your vote to see who wins + you might win, too!
And, of course, you won't hurt my feelings one bit if you choose to vote for my Millie!
Glued to a Mache Box that I've painted with acrylic paints.
She's primmed up and smelling great!

There are some great pieces so you'll want to take your time and visit the shops to see which one you really like!
But seriously, Paintspots and Splinters and Miss Millie will be hard to pass up, right?!
Thanks for stopping by!

June 1, 2013

Future Projects

I'm so excited! I'm working on Halloween! My FAVORITE season of all!
I've bought some wonderful patterns and wanted to show you what my future projects will be!
 LOVE Pam Gracia from SOFT IN THE HEAD! Those Froggettes are ADORABLE!
Another favorite pattern maker of mine is Stacey from THE GOODE WIFE OF WASHINGTON COUNTY!
I've also got my material together for a certain 'unfinished Witch'. I'm hoping her colorful clothing will change her attitude! 

I've cut out 3 of the 13" dolls from this pattern by SWEET MEADOWS FARM and will be putting their faces together in the next few days. Wish me luck....I'd hate for them to have an attitude problem, too.
I've deactivated most of my stock in my Etsy shop. No custom orders right now. I'm finishing up an Americana piece for our OFG challenge. I'll be able to show you next week.
School is almost out, YIPPEE! Not a whole lot planned for the summer but I'm sure a Beach vacation will be in there somewhere!
Stay safe in these storms! Hurricane season is upon us, too! Sure hoping for some wet weather. This drought has taken it's toll on our Lake.
Stay tuned for my Summer Giveaway this next week!