September 27, 2013

Feeling Some Fall!

Well, I seem to have regained my breath back! Taking a break is always restorative, and although I would've loved to have sat around this past week, I was busy carting our handicapped daughter to her doc appointments.
I forgot to share with you my Giveaway win from Barb of Barb's Heartstrokes
This is wonderful! Barb's work is FANTASTIC and I really love the rustic frame! I've had SO much fun getting to know Barb and have actually talked with her on the phone! I think she thought she was talking to a cast member of Hee Haw!! Yep, I've that country 'twang' down pat!!
The last of my Halloween has been finished. I have a doll I'm working on today but she'll be the last thing I list. I've got Turkeys and Christmas on my mind now!!
 This is Boo Boo Kitty and her Pumpkin Patch! She's from a pattern by Kim over at ORP!
This is Bo Bo! He's from a pattern by Stacey Mead of the Goode Wife of Washington County!
I'm stuffing the last of my Pumpkins and some meeces to go with them. Think I might surprise a few family members with a little something!
We're finally feeling a drop in the temps down here in our part of Florida. Nice to be in the low 80's and feel the Fall breezes start to blow in! 
My FB Giveaway is still going on and so is our OFG TEAM'S FALL FROLIC!! Links are on my right side bar. I've also got my FALL15 coupon active in my Etsy shop for 15% off everything! Just click on my shop tab on my right side bar!
Stay tuned!
Good things Holiday-ish coming soon!!

September 20, 2013

A "Breather"!

 I need a few days; a break; a breather as we call it down here. I've been working my tail end off completing orders and new designs since the first of August. I'm exhausted and sleep deprived.....and I just put the last 3 packages in the mail today. HALLELUJAH!!! Now, don't get me wrong. I like to sell my items which is the whole idea with the Etsy thing, ya know. I just like to keep my Hobby what it is. AND, I refuse to call it work.....however close it comes to the actual word itself!
 Here are some of my goodies I've been working, uh, 'hobby-ing' on!
Something a customer asked for. Brand new and my own design....4th of JULY GARLAND.
It's got a flag, an apple pie, a decoupaged star, a bat and baseball, and Uncle Sam, and a Firecracker!
Always a favorite for the Fall season, I've started filling orders on these THANKSGIVING GARLANDS and got a few sent out. Some of the pieces came from designs by Myra Mahey; just not sure of the name of the book, though. I'm sure I'll be busy throughout October making them, too!
 This little wooden gal is getting some fancy duds this weekend! She'll come equipped with a broom and her little wooden black kitty! She's a bit of a Proto type and if she turns out, I'll list her in the shop.

Pumpkins baked and primmed! A pattern from Kim at ORP or Old Road Primitives. I'm finishing up the kitty that goes in the Pumpkin Patch this next week and then I'll show you. 
If you haven't signed up for my FACEBOOK 600 Fans Giveaway, then run don't walk! It ends Monday, Sept. 30th. Just click on my badge on my right side bar and find the photo of the hat to leave a comment. SHARE for an extra chance!
Our temps have cooled down a bit and dryer air is moving in. We actually may get close to 60 at night!! WOOO HOOO!!!! HA! 

September 7, 2013

A WINNER and Some Goodies to Share!

I've got a WINNER for my Fall Giveaway! 
This Fall Garland is going to.......
Email me at with your address so I can get this sent off to you on Monday!
THANK YOU EVERYONE for participating in my Giveway. I'm finsihing up my 600th FOLLOWER Giveaway for FB so make sure you keep an eye out for it. It is such a CUTE one!!
Lots and Lots of orders for me! My saws are buzzing and my sanders are stirring up dust! 8 orders sitting on my table now as I type. I give them 7-10 days for production time and boy do I let out a big WHEW as I get them finished. Still, it's fun and I enjoy my 'therapy'!
Giving you a peek at a few of my newest designs. They''ll be available in my Etsy once our OFG Team's FALL FROLIC begins. LOVE THE FALL or what we get of it down here in the lovely state of Florida!!
 This is Jo Jo and Jack. It's from a pattern by Susan Dean of Threadbare Primitives.
This is a Make-Do that I made using a pattern for the Scarecrow head by Olde Annie Primitives.
I participated in our OFG Team "FRIENDS" swap.
SWAP OVERLOAD!! She went just a bit nuts but I'm all the better because of it!
I also swapped with Arlene of Twisted Knickers.
The Tea Towel is soooooo pretty and the Tartan Bunny is adorable!
I've a few more things to share with you but I've got to get busy at my painting table!
As Always....

September 5, 2013

TUTORIAL -- Blue Jean Pocketful

These are super easy and so fun to make!
You'll need a pair of Blue Jeans.
Silk flowers
Stiffy  Fabric Stiffener
Macrame Jute
A Crow, homemade or store bought
Hot glue
Floral Foam
Floral Moss
A Tag of some sort

Cut out the Pockets of your old Blue Jeans. Make sure you actually cut the material underneath and don't just tear off the outside of the pocket. Open up a Pocket and poor STIFFY fabric stiffener inside it and rub it all over the Pocket, inside and out. This is messy, which is why I didn't get a picture of it! After you have it saturated well, take some wax paper and ball it up; stuff it into the pocket. Lay down the pocket on some more wax paper and let it dry over night.
Get yourself a piece of Floral Foam and cut it to fit inside the Pocket. Add some Hot Glue to the inside of the Pocket and place your Foam down inside.
For my strap I've taken 3 strands of Macrame Jute and braided it.
Then I tie off both ends with a single knot, trim them, and Hot Glue to the inside edge of both sides of the Pocket.
I then apply a bit more Hot Glue to the top of the Foam and add some Floral Moss. 
Now comes the FUN part! The Floral Design! I was always taught to choose the tallest piece first and fill in around I did!
I started with my Crow, which I made from a pattern by Thread Bare Primitives. Cut a small hole in the crow, add a bit of Hot Glue, and add the dowel. I didn't paint the dowel this time but I usually do. The flowers cover it mostly so I wasn't concerned.
Fill in your flowers. Small ones amongst the large ones, please!
Finish it off by adding more Floral Moss around the edges where you can see gaps. Remember to add the Hot Glue first!
Add yourself a Tag and you have yourself a Super Cute Blue Jean Pocketful! Here's another one that I just finished last night!
This Tutorial is yours to share where you may. Just please Link my Blog to it!
As Always.....STAY TUNED!