January 2, 2015

A Good Start!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
I've always been told that 'what you do on New Year's Day, is what you'll do throughout the whole year'. I spent my day cleaning up a bit, painting, and reading a good mystery. I also put together a delicious dinner of BBQ Ribs, Dirty Rice, and of course, those Black Eyed Peas for good luck!
 SO, I'm okay with that! Spending my whole year doing those things will be just fine for me!
This young lady celebrated her b-day a few days ago. This is Becky.
Becky and Dad 2014
 She was our youngest when the twins were born 9 years ago. She just turned 26. She is our Nurse in the family and is currently working in Home Health Care in the Keys. Changes are coming for her and we sure do wish her the best as we do all of our children.
I've got 3 orders on my table for the New Year. I'll be working on them this a.m. and then we're taking the kids out to the movies. School will be starting next Monday and I'm ready to get this year started. I say that as I look at my Christmas tree that is still standing and fully dressed. Yeh, I'm really on fire, aren't I?!!
Here are some sweet little Love Bugs that I'm making for Valentine's day.
 They are sweet and super easy to make. Think I'll share this pattern with you in the next few days so make sure you....
Stay Tuned!!