June 30, 2011



AND type in the search bar for ALL ITEMS, FFOFG
You will see some WONDERFUL "FALL FUN" creations made for this SPECIAL CELEBRATION!

TYPE in the letters PAFACIJ
for our Pafa Team's "Christmas In July"!
Got to the blogs listed and view slide shows of all of the goodies. There is also a Giveaway from the PAFA Team that you don't want to miss!!
Well, truly, you don't want to MISS ANY OF IT!!!
 Take a 'gander' over at my Etsy widget on my sidebar to see some of my 9 new items!!
Thanks for stopping by!

June 29, 2011

Pin Keep Giveaway Winner!

Good morning everyone!
I've got a winning name to tell you about!
Random.org picked #2 for me who just happens to be:

MICHELLE from Grannies Pantry

Michelle says she doesn't have a Pin Keep so I thought it was so neat that she was chosen!
Michelle, send me your mailing address (VicWeave@aol.com) and I'll get your green cupcake Pin Keep off to you a.s.a.p.!

We're having a great Celebration with the OFG Team starting Friday, July 1st. It's our "Fall Fun at the Farmhouse" and will run from July1-23rd. You can go to Etsy and type in FFOFG in the search bar. There you will see wonderful Fall and Halloween creations by some great artisans.
Here's one (of the 4) of mine....

Thanks so much for entering my Giveaway! I really appreciate your continued support of my efforts.
Look for another Giveaway opportunity in the next few weeks as I'll have some extras from my Fall creations.


June 23, 2011

I've Been SEW Busy...and a Small Giveaway!

Remember when we did the Pin Keeps?
Well, I searched on the internet, Etsy to be specific, and looked around for some Pin Keep patterns. 
I came across many but one pattern stood out. Why? Well, because it was so whimsical!! Isn't that my middle name?!!

I got this pattern from hallornothing on Etsy. I can't share it with you as that would violate copyright law but I can GIVE you one!

My versions are a bit different because I had a little too much fluff in my cake part. Plus, she put hers in a ramekin and I used some little custard cups from the Dollar Tree. The spoon is my idea.  I know....GENIUS!!

I put the red one on a  candle holder that I got from WalMart. Although the pattern says you can use hot glue to adhere the material to the glass, I found that it wouldn't stay. I used E-6000 adhesive and it worked great...even for the spoons. 
If so, just tell me which one in a comment.
That's it...sweet and simple...like these Cupcake Pinkeeps!
Come back next Wednesday, June 29th, and I'll let you know who gets one!
Our OFG Team and our PAFA Team are having some great Promos and Celebrations coming up on those days so I can tell you all about them when you peek in!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


June 17, 2011

Busy, Busy.....

Busy is good. Keeps one out of trouble and, for me, that means out of the chocolate!!
I've lots to do these next few weeks. I usually take July off to work on my oils but I'll be smack in the middle of July by the time I get these orders and other items finished. 

I have patterns layed out and drawn up; even some new ones that I added. Can you recognize the season? Of course you see Halloween! And Christmas, too! Too early? Not for some people. I just got an order for 8 Santas! Maybe the 'early bird' DOES catch the worm!

I've got the better part of a few weeks until it's going to get to the point of miserable to cut out wood so I'm getting as much done as I can right now so I don't have to do anything other than something custom through the next few months. 
....my stock is almost depleted. In fact, I'm totally out of white pine except for a few odds and end pieces in my bin.
Busy is good...as long as it doesn't turn into work. If that happens, then I'll definitely have a problem!
Keep your eyes and ears open for a couple of great promos coming up in July with both our PAFA Team and OFG Team.

Stay tuned!


June 13, 2011

My Summer Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Good morning everyone! I have some winners! 

Random.org does my 'dirty work' for me and it has chosen the following recipients!

Joyce was chosen to receive the Americana Bunny

Mary from 'Marmmies Mammies & More' was chosen to receive the Bright Summer Blocks

and I'm feeling quite generous so....
Tam wanted some Fireworks sent to her!

Hey Winners, shoot me an email at VicWeave@aol.com with your address so I can get these goods off to you this week!  

I'm working on all things green and red right now. The PAFA Team on Etsy is gearing up for a 'CHRISTMAS IN JULY' as is ETSY itself. So if you're in the market for the red-suited man and his many iconic followers, you might want to check Etsy out during the month of July. Don't worry, I'll share it here, too!!

Thank you ALL for entering and, to my existing followers and newest ones, thanks for thinking enough of me to add my blog to your list!!
Blessings to all!!!


June 10, 2011

Another Giveaway to Tell You About!

CLICK on the link below to sign up for a FANTASTIC Giveaway 


Not 1, not 2, but 3 Prizes will be given away!
Photos of prizes to be revealed at a later date.
C'mon, take a chance!
I will pick three winners on June 18 and announce those winners the following day. 
Seriously folks, you don't want to MISS this one!! 
Carol and her husband make wonderful Spoon racks, cabinets, Dough Bowl Racks....just go and see! 

Make sure you sign up for mine in the post below. It ends on Monday, June 13.
Stay Tuned!

June 8, 2011


It's gonna be a HOT one...and I think that goes for everyone!
I've got a small offering for you. Hope you like them.
A set of  1.5" Summer blocks with a photo holder!
A solid 5x8x2 Americana block
Another 1.5" block set. The "4th" block set is supposed to be a 'firework'!
An All-American Bunny!
Another set of 1.5" Summer blocks! This one has been decoupaged!
This is a Votive holder that I primmed up a bit by sanding and then antiquing it.
A closer view that shows their are 3 votive holders. I don't have any candles but will get some for it if someone wins it.
A 5x8x2 Flag block that has been carved. "One nation, under God, indivisible..." has been freely written on the white stripes.
Some Fireworks cut from 1.5" blocks. They come in a set of 2.
The tags that are included on my items have been made by  Niki over at FreshLemonBlossoms on Etsy. I have some for almost every season and love including them on and with my handmades.
By now, you should know the rules!
1. Leave me a comment!
2. Be a follower or become one!
3. Share this on your blog, twitter, FB, or you can tattoo it.....whoops, sorry! That's just taking it a bit too far!
And an extra...
4. How do you celebrate the 4th?
This Giveaway is open to all U.S. and Canadian residents!
I will close it out on Monday, June 13th so you can get your prizes by the 4th....well, except for Canadians. That takes a bit longer! Come back Monday morning and I'll tell you the TWO winner's names! 
Thanks for stopping by!

June 7, 2011

I'm Baaack!!!

WOW! What an 'anxiety ridden' trip that was! Nothing worse than having your computer taken away with the threat of loosing everything! I'm really good at loading my pictures on a regular basis to a CD but not so much my documents, etc. The last thing I wanted was to lose all of my inventory lists and business papers! I got them all loaded onto a CD also before anything important was chewed up and spit out by the nasty Trojan that attacked my computer. I'm grateful for a 'techie named Becky' (one of our daughters!) that came down this weekend to recover and reboot me. Everything is working fine again and I'm almost fully equipped with all of my software. WHEW!!!
I wanted to share with you my latest project that I've put in the Old Farmhouse Gathering Challenge

This design was from one of Kathy Rueger's books (can't remember the name right now). I changed it up just a smidge. "Freedom...something to 'cluck' about" is chicken scratched all around the edges. 
There are some gorgeous creations from the artisans of  The Old Farmhouse Gathering needing your votes! If you go over HERE, make sure you leave a comment and cast your vote for your favorite on the right hand sidebar. I voted...and it wasn't even for my own creation! The artisan receiving the most votes for their piece will win a prize. A million dollars? Probability rates are pretty low on that one but I'm sure it'll be something nice from this team. Also, if you leave a comment on the post at the Old Farmhouse Gathering, you'll be entered to win a prize, too! SCORE, right?!!! Well, if YOU win it will be so what have you got to lose? Yeh, that's what I'm sayin'!
I've got almost all of my Giveaway items ready to offer up to you. Hoping for Wednesday or Thursday at the latest to show you so make sure you come back to enter!
Thanks for giving me the time of day!
Stay tuned!!


June 3, 2011

A New Challenge!

COME VISIT and VOTE on your favorite one!

(Sorry for the blurry picture. My computer is not feeling well and I'm using my husband's laptop so, at best, it's a 'hunt and peck' job! Hoping to be up and running again soon!)