June 8, 2011


It's gonna be a HOT one...and I think that goes for everyone!
I've got a small offering for you. Hope you like them.
A set of  1.5" Summer blocks with a photo holder!
A solid 5x8x2 Americana block
Another 1.5" block set. The "4th" block set is supposed to be a 'firework'!
An All-American Bunny!
Another set of 1.5" Summer blocks! This one has been decoupaged!
This is a Votive holder that I primmed up a bit by sanding and then antiquing it.
A closer view that shows their are 3 votive holders. I don't have any candles but will get some for it if someone wins it.
A 5x8x2 Flag block that has been carved. "One nation, under God, indivisible..." has been freely written on the white stripes.
Some Fireworks cut from 1.5" blocks. They come in a set of 2.
The tags that are included on my items have been made by  Niki over at FreshLemonBlossoms on Etsy. I have some for almost every season and love including them on and with my handmades.
By now, you should know the rules!
1. Leave me a comment!
2. Be a follower or become one!
3. Share this on your blog, twitter, FB, or you can tattoo it.....whoops, sorry! That's just taking it a bit too far!
And an extra...
4. How do you celebrate the 4th?
This Giveaway is open to all U.S. and Canadian residents!
I will close it out on Monday, June 13th so you can get your prizes by the 4th....well, except for Canadians. That takes a bit longer! Come back Monday morning and I'll tell you the TWO winner's names! 
Thanks for stopping by!


emilysuze said...

I really like the first set of summer blocks and the firecrackers are super cute!

Nancy said...

Vickie: Love all of your work!! Nothing special about the 4th, just beach, BBQ and fireworks!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Of course, I love it all! I have to say the votive holder is my favorite, though.
You have been a very busy woman, Vicky!
You know I'm a follower; I have you on my blog, and will be happy to share this on Facebook!


Joyce said...

having trouble leaving a comment. Maybe you will get 20 from me. Ha! I like the bunny. I am a follower, and will put on facebook. We usually just go to a friends to watch the big fireworks. Thanks Vicky.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Vicky,
Please enter me too!!!! I love them all, but I think I like the decoupaged summer the bestest!!!! Will post on my blog.

LISA said...

They are all great I like the summer photo holder decoupaged and the votive holder.
I am a follower
and you show up on my face book.

LISA said...

Forgot to let you know how we celebrate the 4th... Well usually at the lake with you but this year in Nauvoo Illinois for a family reunion.
And by the way us Canadians celebrate the 1st of July that is our big celebration day there!!!:)

The Farmer's Attic said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be entered. I am a follower now (thought I was already)!

Will share it on Facebook.

The 4th is usually a quiet day for us. Maybe some family for a barbeque but nothing special really.

Thanks for the chance to win!!!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be entered. I am off to share this on my blog, facebook, and twitter. :)

We always go camping for the 4th of July. It's the kick of weekend for our camp we belong to and it's always great to see everyone we having seen since last summer.

Kathy said...

Hi Vickie.. what a cute giveaway.. already follow your blog.. will put it on my blog.. when I do a post next...and see if I can figure out how to share it on fb..lol love the summer blocks..but everything is just too cute.. July 1st is our big day.. hoping it's Bbq weather here...

Debbie said...

Im a follower and I posted it on facebook!

I really like the July 4th blocks! In fact all your block things are always so cute.

Debbie said...

Hi Vicky!

I have been a follower for a while and I just love your work. My favorite is the decoupaged Summer blocks.

4th of July here is usually spent with family. A day of swimming and BBQing!

Hope your having a great week!

Debbie K

Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
I am a follower and love all your work! I especially love the colorful Summer blocks on the top of your post.
We have a big cookout on the 4th and go to the local parade to gather up all the candy they throw!
Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

Love your wood art, just in time for the 4th of July celebration.
I am a follower now and I see you are one of my followers. I am also having a giveaway at my blog for my current 50 followers and you are in that category but you must come over and post a comment if you would like your name to be entered.
We spend the 4th of July sitting out on the front porch at night watching the neighbors set off fireworks all around us. You can see them for miles, since we live on a hill. Lots of fun and never have to leave the farm.
Please put my name in your giveaway. I will post your giveaway later when I get home from work.
Country at heart

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Love all your goodies! Please include me in your giveaway. I'll post this on my blog sidebar!

I'm already a follower.

We always celebrate the 4th by having a big bbq. We are lucky to have the town fireworks right out back in the school fields, so everyone loves to come here to visit, eat and enjoy the fireworks. We usually have a campfire afterwards.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

Jessica said...

Hi Vicky, I love your crafting sense. You make the cutest things! I would love a chance in your drawing!

I am a follower and posted this to Twitter. I think I have more followers there than on my blog!

We love going to the park we used to live by for their Independence Day festival. It is fun for kids and adults, there's good food, and they do fireworks over the lake!


Blessings from Jessica

Tam said...

I love your blocks, the firecracker one is my favorite I think, my favorite thing about the 4th is having a day off. Will post on my blog thanks


Oh my goodness Vicky, you have quite a selection. The Votive Candle holder or Firecrackers are neat...and of course everything else. I like how you made the Summer sign too. You are creative!
Am already a follower, will post this on my Blog right now, and Face Book page.
Thank you

TheRustyThimble said...

What wonderful 4th of July creations Vicky I love them

Please throw my name in I shared on FB and I will add to my sidebar and the PAFA sidebar
We live at a lake and all the nuts come out.......LOL.......it will be a wild weekend and loads of fireworks

The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

Kathy said...

Morning Vicky.. finally got a blog post up.. here it is...
Have a loverly weekend!!

kavetta said...

Hi!! Very cute stuff!! I became a follower and will mention this on my blog!

Mary said...

Hi Vicki, Boy this blogger is the pits! As with everyone else, I have had a time of it leaving comments on blogs, yours being one of them. Uurrr! Love all your wonderful new creations, especially the first summer one,so bright and cheerie, love the colors! Would love for you to enter me into your giveaway.Will also post on my side bar for you. We celebrate the fourth with everyone getting together for a big family reunion every yr. A friend of the family so generously lets us have our get together on their land, all families bring a dish to pass and their own beverages. Each yr. we assign a dif. family to take care of getting all the other goodies and meat,snacke's, fireworks,including prizes for games for the kids and adults.We then all spilt the cost per. family. We start our reunion @8am and end with a big firework display at dusk. Such a wonderful time spent catching up with everyoneand being ab le to spend the day together...doesn't get much better than that! Would love to hear how you spend yours??? Enjoy your weekend! Big Hugs Mary

shelbi89 said...

I love the blog...Thanks for the great giveaways! Would be soo excited if I won! :)) Thanks again! :))


shelbi89 said...

I am a follower..


shelbi89 said...

We have a big get together and lots of great fireworks for the 4th of July! :)


TeresaM said...

I really like the Summer blocks that hold the pictures! So cute.... everything is wonderful!

I'm a new follower of your blog!

Thank you!