December 26, 2013

Back in the Blogging Lane!

Nothing like being shut down by technical devices that you have no control over. I'm not going to take you through my computer woes of the last few months.....just know I'm back!
Amy from BumbleBee Lane Cottage hosted a Christmas Swap and I received some wonderful Swap goodies from Sandi Allen of THE PRIMIVE SKATE. Here are a few pictures!

What's not to LOVE?!!! THANK YOU, Sandi! It's all just wonderful and smells soooo good! You can go over to Sandi's blog and see what I gave her, HERE!
We've been battling illness around here most of this month. Our 8 year old son has developed Cellulitis in his leg and we're dealing with that infection with recurring trips to the hospital and lots of antibiotic. Hubby and I still managed to put on a good Christmas despite all of the stress, however, a few things were placed aside such as cards, ornies, and the family letter. I figure I can send those off in another day or so.
I'm back up on my Etsy but will hold back new things for my show this year. I did make this guy for a gift though.

He's a pattern from Chestnut Junction. Can't wait to make more of these guys in various colors of reds and greens!
Here's hoping you and yours are having/had a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays all around! I'm enjoying all of my children (6 of them) for the next few days!

 Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

December 2, 2013

I'm A Doing!!!

Putting up Christmas and packing my crafts away.....that's what I'm doing! I'll close my Etsy for vacation at the end of this week to give me some time to finish some personal crafts. I've been filling Teacher orders and just put 8 out today! 
I've (sort of) hired a little helper. 
She loves to 'grundge' up my dolls and I've even got her base coating my wood. Here she is coating a snowman with cinnamon!
Here is a picture of my FB Mystery Prize. 
Not many signed up -- due to the onslaught of the holiday chaos, I'm sure -- but someone was a winner and it was Barb of Barb's Heartstrokes! I call them my 'Snowpal Pails'! You can find the little pails everywhere! Target even has some wrapped in Burlap with a Christmas tree stenciled on it. I just added a Prim Snowman with some pipberry arms. He's got a dowel stuck in an uncomfortable place and he's glued into some floral foam. I've added floral pieces and fiber fill all around the inside of the pail. Cute for quick gifts!
Here is a picture of my Elf dolls. I'll have these available in a show I'm doing next year.
My Sister-in-Law talked me out of one at Thanksgiving but she couldn't have if I didn't love her so much!
These guys were adapted from a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.
Last, but not least, I've been making these girls up for gifts. 
They still have some details like whiskers and tails but they're almost ready to gift! LOVE making these as they are super simple. The pattern is from Old Road Primitives.
I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping. My house will be FULL with all 6 kids this year! Looking forward to all of our festivities. Hope you have lots planned, too!

November 16, 2013

Trim Your Tree......

Go HERE to sign up for an incredible Giveaway! "Trim Your Tree with The OFG" Team is generously giving this entire Treasury to one lucky winner! Don't miss out!!!
While you're at it, stop by my FB page (badge on my right side bar) and sign up for my Mystery Giveaway.
Look for this picture and sign up on that post only for a chance to win. Ends Nov. 30!

Stay Tuned!

November 13, 2013

Tutorial--Snow Folk

This is a Tutorial for my Snow Folk. I'm sure you've seen similar patterns around. I've drawn these up myself to share with you. Feel free to use them as you wish. The patterns are available for download at the bottom of this page.

YOU WILL NEED: Fleece material, Warm and Natural Batting, etc. (I used a mattress cover for my snowmen. I buy one of the cheap pads from Walmart instead of the material from the fabric store as it's less expensive).
Beads for eyes
Jingle Bells
old Socks
homespun and/or seasonal fabric
red and black felt
black and ecru crochet thread
cinnamon sticks
My patterns include seam allowance. Cut 2 pieces for each pattern from your material.
Sew up the sides all the way around 1/4" from the edge.
Slit the back at the neck line for stuffing and turn them right side out.
Pour 2 cups of rice for the larger pieces, 1 cup for mid size, and 1/2-3/4 cup for small snow folk.
Finish stuffing with fiber fill and stitch the opening closed.
Now comes the fun part! I didn't Prim these but if you want to go that route then NOW would be the time to spray them down. Let them bake in the sun or put in a warm oven until dry.
Let's make the faces! I brushed on some blush from my make up stash and then got to work on the sewing! I used black crochet thread and some black beads (small for the little ones and large for the larger dolls....sorry, can't remember the sizes).
I went though the neck and/or the heads depending on who was getting a hat.
I stitched on eyebrows and the mouths then glued on the cinnamon sticks for their noses.
Next comes the neck scarf and buttons.
The hats are made from felt, old socks, knit material. I've included the pattern below for both the triangle 'Santa' hat and the Stove hat. Socks are super easy as all you do is cut the sock before the heel and tie it in a knot.
 Stove Hat. Cut out the brim (1 piece) and the hat part (2 pieces).
Sew it up, turn it and stuff. 
Apply a little hot glue to the inside edge of hat and place down on the brim piece. Add a bit of homespun for a hat band and a sprig of artificial holly leaves for added embellishment.
The triangle hat is super simple. Cut the one piece from knit or felt. 
Sew up the sides and turn. Add a little fur if you want! The striped piece was a sock!
 No need to stuff it. Glue to the heads of your Snow Folk.
These guys, my Half Snow Folk, don't have a mouth but they are made the same way as the other Snow Folk.
 Pattern is also at the bottom of page for these guys.
My Snow Buds have a small wooden plug instead of a cinnamon stick for their noses. They are SNOW Cute! 
Jingle bells are added with a rusted safety pin! LOVE IT!!
(You'll need Adobe to read the patterns)

If you have any questions, just message me. 

November 8, 2013

Time Flies!

Time does fly as you get older.....Mama was right. Then again, most of the time she was!
I promised you a Giveaway and I've been dragging my feet. We're still running the A/C here but I've been creating a SNOW STORM! Just taking my time with it!
Here are a few of my 'works in progress'!

Snowman Ornies! Our OFG Team is putting together a special Christmas Ornie Giveaway. I'll tell you more about it as the time gets closer at hand.
Christmas Trees that need to be primmed and have their bases added. Maybe some Jingle bells or a Star Garland??
Woodland critters that need ears, tales, legs, and other such necessities!
Candy canes awaiting their Meeces and Christmas greenery!
I just finished these guys a few minutes ago. I need to Prim them. Or do I? 
I like the 'white' but also love the smell of my Prim mix. What do you think?
I'm working on the Tutorial for this Snow family. I drew them up along with another guy and I want to share it with you, 
Stay tuned!
My Giveaway is coming soon!

October 22, 2013


Hornswoggled, Bamboozled, roped and tied. That's what's happened to me!
My hubby and I were asked  tricked into taking on the Fall Festival at our Church! I thought I'd moved on to Red and Green colors, Heavenly beings, and that sort of thing but NOPE; we got HORNSWOGGLED!!
Here are a few pictures of some of my items for the pumpkin patch!

This little guy and his sister helped me do A LOT of painting! He likes the tree the best! It will have Fall leaves adhered to it and small holes drilled for lollipops. If the kids choose a lollipop with a colored end, they win a prize. Otherwise, they get the lollipop!
I've used my Paasche Airbrush and it's been fun! I've got lots of practice to get in but think it'll work out really good for me when I paint the larger items that I do.
I'll have to find some time to clean up the house. Probably not till Saturday....our Festival is on this Friday!
Our OFG Team is getting ready to CELEBRATE again!
We're sewing and painting our little fingers off so that we can show you what we're made of!! Keep your eyes open and get ready to see come Oct. 28th! I'll have another Giveaway then, too!
Stay Tuned!

October 8, 2013

Unfinished and NEW!

Isn't it Halloween yet? I have to laugh at myself as I keep producing things from my 'box' of UFO (unfinished objects!). I decided to complete a few items that had already been in there over a year. This is one of them!
 This is Imogene! She's a wooden doll. She took a LOT of time but I finally finished her this morning! Click on her link if you want to see more of her.
I also finished up another one of these. 
This is Boo Boo Kitty! The pattern is from Old Road Primitives. Kim's patterns are SO much fun to create as she does such a great job herself!
One last batch of Candy Corns!
 They smell SOOOOO good!
My daughter sent me this guy from Illinois. She came across a little Prim shop and fell in love with some of the goodies there! She knows how much I love to make it and collect it! She's starting to get the fever herself!
Creating Fall Scarecrows and some little meeces to go on my Candy Canes and Santa Hats!They, too, smell WONDERFUL!
These are from a Pattern Bin pattern from Samantha Flanders and the late Sandy Schmidt. I'm going to miss her when I go to McIntosh Festival in a few more weeks :(
It's yet to get cool down here but at least we've moved from the 90's to the mid 80's. Hoping we get to see some cooler temps around Halloween. Nothing worse than wearing your costume and sweating to death in it!
Thanks for stopping by!