November 11, 2009


I love Thanksgiving! I love cooking the food, eating the food, getting together with family, and the general feeling of 'thankfulness'. doesn't sell. Halloween comes in so fast and then Christmas takes over...Thanksgiving is forgotten. Sad but true...for crafters anyway!
However, here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving pieces with a few of my own designs. I wish I could've done some scarecrows but being sick and 'out of sorts' for 3 weeks has knocked some of the 'umph' out of me. I WILL have some for the craft show though! Take a look!

The last of my hanging pumpkins...about 10"x10"

I love these because they come apart.
This is my 'Hippie' Turkey. He's living for a cause in his dressy leggings and long hair!
This is Tyler Turkey. He's dressed for the table already!
Another door greeter....also 10"x10"
What is Thanksgiving without the Pumpkin Pie?
These are the blocks. One side says Happy Fall (or Fall Happy however you want to look at it!) and the other side says...
Give Thanks. My kids love these!
I also threw in some pre-Christmas. The other side says...

Do you remember how to play this game? Leave me a comment with your name and tell me which one is your favorite.
Want a second chance to win? Leave me another comment with a name for my Hippie Turkey! Yeah, I don't know!!
ie: (Vicky Weaver: I like the Turkey door hanger)
(Vicky Weaver: How does Howard sound?????)
Remember this is limited to the US.
Come back Friday around 7:00 p.m. (EST) and I'll have 2 winners drawn randomly. Did I mention I'm giving away 2 things? Yeah, I am!!

Thanks Everyone!

November 4, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

I haven't made the time to get into the many patterns I have for my scarecrows. I love making them but they can take up a bit more time than some of my 'easier' stuff. I'm keeping this guy for my own stock...he's a bit larger and he fits in nicely with my family!
Come back by the week of Nov. 9th for my 4th Giveaway!