January 29, 2013

Unfinished Business

Uuuuurggggghhhh, Arghhhhhhh, grumble, grumble.....
I hate to start a blog post with those noises but I have SO much unfinished business around here!
The kids have had a virus (THANKFULLY not the flu!) and I finally took them to the doc yesterday 'just in case'. I had them tested for Strep and all is well, thank goodness. Just a virus as I'd suspected. Funny how they were moping and dragging around, complaining about sore throats and headaches and not wanting to go to school before the doc visit and then, after I took them and they found out they're all right, miraculously they turned back into the energizer bunnies! I'm sure the shot that I threatened them with helped, bwhahahahahahaha (evil mother's laugh)!!
As you can see, my artistic endeavors have been seized by smaller hands and I have a lot of creations on hold. For example:
 ....unfinished cupcakes......
.......incomplete bunnies........

 .........nekked dollies (oh dear!)........
......and upside down rabbit make-dos.
Of course, I'm still waiting on 4 more new patterns coming in from Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head.
I cannot WAIT until I get some time to make Mildred (on the left). She is a big girl and I just love the way she looks!
The kids did go back to school today and I'm waiting on the TV repairman. You know the waiting time...."we'll be there between whenever and the next to never"!
Hope your business is getting finished and not hanging around like mine. 
Giveaway is coming soon SO.....
Stay Tuned!

January 22, 2013

Have You Got The Time?!

Where in the world does the time go?

 I remember my mother ALWAYS saying this and wondering what she meant. Now that I'm grown up (sort of) I know EXACTLY what she meant!
I've been so busy with orders lately that I haven't had time to finish my dolls. I don't know about you but I just can't stay up late anymore. By the time I get the kids fed and ready for bed I'm plum tuckered out! I enjoy the 'quiet' once they're all down but just can't seem to get motivated to do anything else. I always make sure my kitchen and all household chores are completed so that I can have my 'me' time....which basically consists of me sitting on my 'can' in front of the TV, surfing the net, or reading a book until my eyes are too tired and sleep prevails. Every-once-in-a-while, I'll stuff or hand sew a few pieces but I reserve most of that during the day when the kids are in school.
My 1 inch belt sander died yesterday when I was in the middle of an order so I'm off in just an  hour or two to run into town to pick up another one. Actually, I'm thinking I'd better drive since I don't have enough breath in my body to make it outside my driveway without going into a coughing spell.

We've been a bit sick with colds; not the flu, thank goodness, but a cold can still put you down for a day or two.
Not much to chat with you about but I am staying busy. Hope you and yours are healthy and getting 'r' done!
I'll be putting up my first Giveaway of the year in a few so.......
Stay Tuned!

January 18, 2013

Friday's Table

It finally got cold here!
Storm clouds threatened our drought-driven area yesterday morning. I thought we'd get a drenching rain but all it did was spit on us :/ We're getting desperate here for rain. The lake levels are the lowest I've ever seen and I've been around this lake all of my life.
Our temps dipped into the low 40's.....not as cold as anticipated but at least that 80 degree weather is gone. Honestly, our summers are so hot and come on so quickly that the LAST thing we need is 80 degrees in January! 
My son shared this photo with me yesterday.
 Well, let's just say I'm glad I'm here in Florida!
My table is full of fun and fluff. I've completed my sewing on a few dolls, bunnies on sticks (spools, actually), meeces of all sizes, and a few other goodies. 
I have so much fun sewing but I'm SO SLOW making these items. I DARE not 'make them to order'!
I've been purchasing some patterns from Samantha Flanders and The Olde Country Cupboard, Old Road Primitives, and Soft in the Head. (The ones from Pam haven't come yet).

These gals have been having pattern sales; buy one get one free! Click on the links as I think some are still going on. I bought the large wooden Bunny pattern from Crystal at Twiddlebugz and have a fun Easter Giveaway planned for him. Shipping has once again gone up and I'll have to limit my Giveaways a bit :/
Hope your January is progressing at a good pace and you're staying healthy. I hear the flu is out to get us all but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll avoid it. 
Stay Tuned!

January 14, 2013

New Designs

I've been working on a few pieces that I'd cut out and set aside.
 My Winter Garland. My Garlands are always a good seller in my shop.
 A small Welcome Plaque
 My first attempt at Subway Art.
My Sign Board/Picture Frames are also good sellers in my shop.
All of these items are available in my Etsy shop (Etsy mini on my right sidebar will take you there if you click on it). 
I'm am now working on some Bunnies and a Rag doll. My dolls take me FOREVER to make. I am in awe of those of you that can put them out like a machine. Of course, I still have kids at home so I'll use that as my excuse. I've got plenty more excuses if that one doesn't work for you!!
Hope your day is good!

January 11, 2013

My Heart -- A Tutorial

Remember in Elementary school, when your teacher taught you how to fold a piece of paper in half and draw a number 2 on it?
You were supposed to 'ignore' the line and just cut out the '2' part. I can still see all of the various designs the kids had cut out, including the line. Some were fat, some skinny, some cut in half 'cause they didn't fold it right. Individuality makes the world go around!
For this Tutorial, you'll need to make a couple of these patterns in various sizes. Make sure you allow for a 1/4" seam allowance.
We're going to paint these so you will need to get some muslin or, what I like to use, denim. No need to go to the fabric store. Look in your closet or a thrift store and find some light colored old jeans. I like to use the 'inside' of the fabric to paint on.
Cut them out, sew them up, & stuff them. 
Find yourself some acrylic paint color of your choice.
For mine, I used Americana Cranberry Wine and Delta Ceramcoat Gypsy Rose.
You can use a brush or sponge but get the paint on there; one side at a time.
Get them nice and dried (I put mine in front of a box fan or just let them dry overnight).
Give them a light sanding with 120 grit sandpaper.
You can use Stiffy, ModPodge, or watered-down Elmer's white glue for this next step. Saturate your doily and lay it on your heart.
You can let the doily dry at this point or work with it wet as I've done.
 I use my cinnamon/vanilla stain mix for this next step.
Use a brush of your choice to stain the doily.
I then bake my hearts at 200 for about 40 min. or so. You can also sun-bake these if you have other things to do.
After they are dry, it's time to add the embellishments!
Gather up your supplies and let her rip! Oh, for PETE'S sake can you NOT contain yourselves? You're like those kids that had to cut the line out of there '2'!! Inappropriate choice of wording there so just have fun decorating your hearts......how's that!
I made these with muslin strips and my brown ink and stamps. I did stain mine but had stamped first. DON'T do this unless you have fabric inks as mine washed away in the stain mix. I just stamped again and they turned out fab!
This is a variety of different fabrics that I used as well as the ones I painted. There is no wrong way to decorate! The "World is your Oyster"! Just what does that really mean? I don't like oysters in the least so I'd hate to think they were my world??!
Wanted to share a Giveaway win that I keep forgetting to share with you from Marilyn of HARVEST MOON PRIMS.
I won her Sugar Lumps and they are SOOOOOO Adorable!
They make me giggle and giggles are GOOD things, right Martha?!!!
Have fun making the Heart!

January 8, 2013


Good morning Blogging Buddies!
As you can see from my typing, first post of the New Year, I have NOT fallin' off the face of the earth. I've just been tentatively gripping the sides a bit!
I opened my Etsy shop back up a few days after Christmas and WHOA, have I been busy! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that our talented and wonderful OFG Team was chosen #8 in the Spirit TEAM Awards.....Go OFG!!! We have some GREAT cheerleaders amongst us and a wonderful Captain and moderators to boot!! Orders almost every other day for the last week and a half for me so 2013 is off to a BUSY start!
My table is dancing with hearts and bunnies.

I've purchased 2 new patterns; One from Kentucky Primitives and the other from Sweet Meadows Farm and am excited to get busy with both of them!
I've got 2 Tutorials to share with you. 'My Heart' should be finished in another day or two. I ran out of doilies and ordered some from a Gal on Etsy. They should be here soon. 'My Bunny' will be up by February so you can get them made for Easter since it's going to be here at the end of March. Did you know that? Early this year.
Oh, Sorry, I got side tracked!

I've also been finishing up a WINTER GARLAND.
 Need to make a hang tag for it and I'll list it later today,
I've got LOTS of used Painting Books up on my Etsy so make sure you check it out HERE or you can click on my right sidebar where my Etsy Mini is.
Hope your year has gotten off to a great start! 
I'll be around so......