January 29, 2013

Unfinished Business

Uuuuurggggghhhh, Arghhhhhhh, grumble, grumble.....
I hate to start a blog post with those noises but I have SO much unfinished business around here!
The kids have had a virus (THANKFULLY not the flu!) and I finally took them to the doc yesterday 'just in case'. I had them tested for Strep and all is well, thank goodness. Just a virus as I'd suspected. Funny how they were moping and dragging around, complaining about sore throats and headaches and not wanting to go to school before the doc visit and then, after I took them and they found out they're all right, miraculously they turned back into the energizer bunnies! I'm sure the shot that I threatened them with helped, bwhahahahahahaha (evil mother's laugh)!!
As you can see, my artistic endeavors have been seized by smaller hands and I have a lot of creations on hold. For example:
 ....unfinished cupcakes......
.......incomplete bunnies........

 .........nekked dollies (oh dear!)........
......and upside down rabbit make-dos.
Of course, I'm still waiting on 4 more new patterns coming in from Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head.
I cannot WAIT until I get some time to make Mildred (on the left). She is a big girl and I just love the way she looks!
The kids did go back to school today and I'm waiting on the TV repairman. You know the waiting time...."we'll be there between whenever and the next to never"!
Hope your business is getting finished and not hanging around like mine. 
Giveaway is coming soon SO.....
Stay Tuned!


Linda Welcome said...

So...this is one of my FAVORITE times of the day. It is when I pop into blogs of friends who are in the process of their items. It is like looking through the window and watching an artist work. It is facinating. I love everything you do...probably because you do it with SUCH glee and sharing.
These new items are going to be sought after for sure.
Thanks for giving me a peek into your wonderful world of creativity. I feel grateful.
the mending Mousemaker xxoo

Barb said...

Yes, Can relate....Hate to be interupted and sick kids!!
Hope you are all feeling better soon!
Enjoy your day-hope you get some business finished!

Ashley said...

I did the exact same thing yesterday with my kids! I imagine a lot of moms did though! Cant wait to see what you get finished!

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Love the "shot threats"..lol, we do the same thing:) We haven't gotten any viruses yet, knock on wood. Looks like you have a lot going on, good luck finishing your projects!

cucki said...

good luck dear finishing your projects..
big hugs x

jennifer768 said...

Hope that the kids continue to feel better.I so hate waiting on someone,patience is not one of my virtues.I am though waiting somewhat patiently to see your finishes.LOL!Hugs,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Vicki, take a deep breath,,relax, it will get all done, Blessings Francine.

Trace4J said...

Oh my friend..
I have so many starts. I need some finshes here too.
Oh I cant wait to see Midred all done.
Lovin those cupcakes too.
Woolie Hugs

Cedar Creek Primitives said...

Boy can I ever relate! Mikey is teething :( getting his molars, and he hasn't been a happy camper. I have had so many interruptions while doing something, that when I get back to it I have no clue where I am at! I am running behind, and have so many things that I want to make!! I hope you get some craft time now that the kids are back to school!!

Colleen said...

Good idea with the shot threat! Even though my kids are grown and gone I can relate with too many things to get done! Take a deep breath..now don't you feel better....NOT! :)

Firecracker Kid said...

You tell 'em mom! This crazy weather is making everybody sick, mentally and physically... lol.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope everyone stays well! I guess with the twins they both get what the other has. EEEE! Love your projects. That big bunny will be very cute, too! Enjoy this nice cool day! Hugs!

HollyRidgeCreations said...

So glads the kids don't have the flu, it is running rampant in our area.
Loved seeing the things you are working on...can't wait to see them finished!


Angela said...

Beautiful art!! I got see your blog through Theresa's blog. I see that you make lots of stuffed bunnies, hearts, etc. I have a great desire to make a rag doll. I would like to ask you what type of stuffing you normally use. I heard about "corn fiber stuffing" but can't find them around here in SD. Hate to order things online. I have been seeing a lot of these dolls made by Jess Brown. Take a look: http://www.jessbrowndesign.com/
They are very expensive for my budget.
Thank you sharing! Have a great weekend.
Angela in SD.