January 18, 2013

Friday's Table

It finally got cold here!
Storm clouds threatened our drought-driven area yesterday morning. I thought we'd get a drenching rain but all it did was spit on us :/ We're getting desperate here for rain. The lake levels are the lowest I've ever seen and I've been around this lake all of my life.
Our temps dipped into the low 40's.....not as cold as anticipated but at least that 80 degree weather is gone. Honestly, our summers are so hot and come on so quickly that the LAST thing we need is 80 degrees in January! 
My son shared this photo with me yesterday.
 Well, let's just say I'm glad I'm here in Florida!
My table is full of fun and fluff. I've completed my sewing on a few dolls, bunnies on sticks (spools, actually), meeces of all sizes, and a few other goodies. 
I have so much fun sewing but I'm SO SLOW making these items. I DARE not 'make them to order'!
I've been purchasing some patterns from Samantha Flanders and The Olde Country Cupboard, Old Road Primitives, and Soft in the Head. (The ones from Pam haven't come yet).

These gals have been having pattern sales; buy one get one free! Click on the links as I think some are still going on. I bought the large wooden Bunny pattern from Crystal at Twiddlebugz and have a fun Easter Giveaway planned for him. Shipping has once again gone up and I'll have to limit my Giveaways a bit :/
Hope your January is progressing at a good pace and you're staying healthy. I hear the flu is out to get us all but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll avoid it. 
Stay Tuned!


jennifer768 said...

Wonderful pic of your son,seems to be enjoying the snow.LOL! Wow,girl you have been busy.Thanks for sharing the links on the patterns.I for one can't wait to see your finished pieces.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen


Loving this cooler weather!!! We are supposed to go to GA. this weekend, but I am feeling a little puny, but if we do I am sure it will cold there. You have been a busy girl too. I love getting new patterns. Happy crafting.

cucki said...

Very sweet pict of your son..i can see you was super busy..
Enjoy your weekend xxx

Tam said...

Get those critters DRESSED

Danice said...

Wow, you have been busy. 'Love the new patterns. Do you make rabbits for Easter?

Colleen said...

Wow it looks like the water level is low. I hope you get rain soon. Doesn't look good at all. :)