Vicky's Art

I've been painting since I was 15 years old. I started out in High School being taught by a wonderful teacher/Artist. Mr.Thursby taught me SO very much and from him, and furthering my education with other Artists, I learned to love and appreciate Fine Art. I love the outdoors and most of my paintings are landscapes with an occasional bird or two thrown in. I hope you enjoy viewing this small collection of some of the pictures I've painted over the years.
Hummingbirds in Oils
A Little Path in Acrylics/Oils
A Winter's Eve in Oils
Santa in Acrylic
A Perfect Chair in St. Augustine Oils
St. Augustine Sunset in Oils

A Covered Bridge in Oils
Wood Ducks in Gouache
Sunset on the Lake in Acrylic/Oils
English Cottage in Oils
A Quiet Place in Oils
A Great Blue Heron in Oils

Parrots in Gouache
Eastern Bluebird in Oils

Woodies in Acrylics

Tea or Flowers?in Oils and Mixed Media

Winter Bunnies in Oils

One Stroke Finch on Dogwood in Acrylics

Baia do Sancho, Brazil in Oils

Morro do Picco, Brazil in Oils
One Stroke Rose in Acrylics
An Early Morning Visitor in Acrylic
An Old Barn in Oils

The Tetons in Oils