November 29, 2018


Hello there, Friends. It's been a while and Time has a way of flying!
Life threw some 'hard knocks' our way in the form of our daughter's health since I last posted.
I know I've told you about her. She's mentally handicapped with the abilities of an 18 month old a body of a 32 year old woman. And she has to have everything done for her. She also has a seizure disorder that complicates things. Medications help somewhat but we still have issues to deal with. Mostly, side affects of the medication and controlling her moods. Needless to say, when she suffers so do I. Actually, that's a little selfish seeing as I don't live alone. So I'll just say we all suffer.
Although it's important to prioritize her needs along with responsibilities, it's also important to not neglect yourself. SO, once again I am painting and stitching and selling in my Etsy. I have LOTS of unfinished projects I'm working on and will only get a few listed before Christmas. Spring items are looking good, though, and I hope to have some new bunnies to show you.
Hope you haven't forgotten me. Does anyone actually blog anymore?
Stay tuned. More to come.


Susanna Sonnenberg said...

Good to hear from you Vicky.

Danice G said...

Oh Vicky. I have missed you for sure. So sorry to hear about your daughter's health, I had no idea. Praying for your whole family. Stay strong. Yes, some of us still blog. While I am on other social media, blogging will always be my main outlet for quilting and sewing. Here, in my opinion, there is a more defined niche to do that. Minus the arguing and such on other social media outlets. Blogging, I don't have to worry that someone will post on my site, as I am the only author. No "walls" to worry about someone posting topics on that I may not like. Looking forward to seeing your new creations.