March 14, 2017

Any. Thing.

Easter is around the corner. I'm not doing anything. ANY. THING. I have some softies sewn and stuffed. That's it. Cannot find my Mo Jo. I'm not sure it no longer exists. If you have any extra, please send it my way. can hope.
Meanwhile, I received a message from my son. He took my Grand Dog to get groomed yesterday. They took Easter photos. This is what greeted me this morning in a FB message.

I laughed so hard.


Danice said...

Hello Vicky! The dog photo is cute. 'Hope you are doing well :)

Nancy L Janssen said...

I'm right there with you on the NO. THING., dear friend! Grand pup couldn't be more beautiful; I have one also! Her name is Bernadette.
I think of you more often than I can say. How is my birthday twin?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You have created some really cute softies. Maybe you should look in a little different direction for inspiration. You certainly have a knack for art.
xx, Carol