February 28, 2012

Working Hard....or Hardly Working?

I'm putting some fabrics together. Making some clothing for some nekked 'things' around my house.
No, not the twins although they do like to run nekked around the house, too! Will that ever end?! I'm hoping by the time they're 20 I'll have it under control!
 No, these nekked things have these....
and like to munch on some of these....
and are so darned cute that I don't even know how I'll part with them!
Stay tuned and I'll have the BIG REVEAL in a few days!!!

February 27, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle

Today I'd like to feature another wonderful Artisan from our talented PAFA Team!
Meet Rose from 

 Rose has been weaving baskets since 1993 and held her first show in 1994. She enjoys selling her items on the web because it's to a much larger crowd. The downside to this type of selling is people can't pick up the baskets and speak to her one on one like they can at a show.
 Rose says she finds her inspiration in the work of others from painters to quilters. She loves seeing the colors they use. She says, "Just have fun and your happiness will show in your work."  I LOVE her positive attitude and I know I can see HER happiness!!
Rose incorporates all styles in her basketry. She said just by changing the colors you can go from traditional to primitive.
 Each one of Rose's baskets are hand woven using hand dyed Reed and Wood. No two are ever alike. That's the beauty of hand made! She can customize any basket to match your home decor!
You can find Rose at the following links:

Just a reminder that the PAFA Team Giveaway is still on. Look at my upper right sidebar to go to the Giveaway and also view the items we are currently selling in our Celebration! Just click on those buttons!
Thanks for stopping by!

February 25, 2012

This Side of Finished!

I'm on this side of finished! What's that, you say? Which side? This side. You know, THIS side!
See for yourself!
I worked on these first thing this morning so they are now happily drying and awaiting details. They will turn into a Bird House Garland.
Other pieces awaiting final varnishes and details. Waiting is the hardest part!!
Dried, nekked bunnies waiting for some eyes and clothing. We have a story about 'nekked bunnies' at our PAFA Team. One of our Artists lets hers pole dance in her sewing room to entertain the others! You kind of have to have been there for the conversation to get that!
What I'm doing today! Sewing clothing for my nekked bunnies and finishing up small details on the rest of my Spring bunnies. 
I am tickled that I've sewn up all of my bunnies that I cut out! I've got 2 dolls already sewn that I'll be making in Americana style and can't wait to get them clothed. Primitive? Eh, a bit. Whimsical? You betcha!!! 'member that PRIMSY thing we talked about? Yeh, that's what I'm sayin'!
A nice cool 66 out today with some sunshine. Couldn't ask for anything more especially after running the AC the last 2 days in the afternoons! Only in Florida!!!
As Dolly would say, "I hope life treats you kind"!!
Stay tuned!!

February 22, 2012

A WINNER and SOOOO Much Going On!!

I've decided not to ever give away anything, anymore. It makes me cry because I can't choose ALL of you. 
I need to win the lottery so I can buy stock in USPS (I think we ALL have stock already, don't we!!)  and purchase a Factory; and hire workers; with Dental Insurance to make all of my items! Then I could send EVERYONE something each month! See, I've thought about it!
 I wouldn't go to Bora Bora and forget about you.....I wouldn't (whine)! I might take a cruise to the Caribbean but there's one thing missing here........
You have to actually PLAY the lottery to win it!
Yep, I'm up a creek and your with me on this one!!!
Guess I'll just continue to cry each month so I can offer you a Giveaway.......a small token of my crafting........just so all of you will leave me kind remarks and make me feel good about myself. It is for YOU, ya know. It's not like I'm getting ANYTHING out of it. Oh, COME ON, you know it's about you!
Without prolonging the agony....
The WINNER..........
......of the Family Sign Board and Single 4x6 Frame is..........
What if I didn't tell you? What if I let this go on for a few more days without saying anything? Would that drive you crazy? Would you keep checking my blog?
OK.....OK......I've been cooped up with these kids and no hubby for almost 2 weeks. I have to take it out on some BODY......
You are the WINNER!
Cyndy, you now have the opportunity to have your Signboard just like this one or have one painted just to your precise tastes!! Shoot me your addy and your specifications to VicWeave@aol.com.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ALL for your generous comments and your wonderful support! Thank you also to my new followers for thinking enough of my blog to follow and for all of my 'been there, done that' followers......well, you know I love ya!!! 
I'm closing in on 300 followers and I hear that a cousin of Mr. Big will be visiting soon. 
Remember Mr. Big?
His cousin is a bit smaller so he won't have a problem with the USPS system!
Please read the post below and pay attention to my right sidebar. LOTS going on with my 2 FAV-OR-ITE teams on Etsy!!!
As always, Stay Tuned!

February 21, 2012

Come and See!!

Some wonderful promos going on from my 2 favorite teams!
The Old Farmhouse Gathering team is sponsoring a Luck O' the Irish Challenge..
All you need to do is visit each shop, cast your vote, and leave a comment! You  have until February 26th to get your vote and comment in. On the 27th, a winner will be chosen based on the highest number of votes AND a winner will be chosen randomly among all the comments that have been left on this post. When leaving a comment, if you do not have a blog, please leave your email address in the comment so we can contact you if you win.
This is my piece that I've entered. 
Emmet the Leprechaun
Go HERE to cast your vote!


Click on the Celebration Button to see some of our creations!
Here's one of my new ones!

Still with me?
My GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow! I'll announce a winner in the morning so..................
Stay Tuned!!!

February 20, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Valerie Richardson!

Good Monday morning Dear Followers!
I have a wonderful Artisan, Team mate, and cyber friend that I'd like to introduce you to if you haven't had the privilege of meeting already!
Here's her interview!
How did you get your name, Val? (I call her Val 'cause I can and she hasn't shot me yet!)
I named my business after my Grandmother. Yorkie was her nickname and she was the one who inspired me to craft. She helped me make my first apron for 4-H and I was hooked!
How long have you been in business?
I have crafter over 30 years and opened up my Etsy shop in February of 2009.
Who or what inspires you?
I get my inspiration from all sorts of places. Looking at patterns gives me ideas. I also like to look through craft magazines and craft stores.
What is your creative style?
Primitive and Country
What medium(s) do you like to work with?
My main medium is fabric but I also like to embroider and work with wood. (My kinda gal this Val!)
I like to add my own personal touch to my items by using beads, rick rack, lace, etc. I make Dolls, Make-Dos, Wood Blocks, Household Items; anything that catches my eye!
You can find Valerie at these places below. Take a minute and visit her. She's so sweet and you'll LOVE what you see!!

Stay Tuned for more!! Lots happening this week and I've got ALOT to share with you!

February 18, 2012

A WINNER and Updates!

ROSE CLAWSON is the winner of my Face Book Mystery Design!
Pin Keeps, Egg Make-Do's, Mozzarella Cheese on a Stick.......well, maybe not the latter but all others are GREAT possibilities and I will keep them in mind! I've got a few more of these made in different colors that I will be putting in our special celebration for the PAFA Team.
A few things to NOT forget:


A few other things will be coming up and I'll be here to let you know about them so.........


February 15, 2012

Face Book Mystery Game!

Come on over and LIKE my page to join this contest! It's only for a few days so hurry on over and leave me a comment. While you're at it, bring a friend!!


February 13, 2012

Monday Merchant Circle Featuring Deb Bures!

Good morning Blogging Friends!
This morning I'd like to introduce you to another talented artisan from the PAFA Team.
This is Deb Bures from My Stitches To Treasure!
 Here's an interview with her!
My name is Deb and my business is My Stitches To Treasure.  At the time I decided to start moving my hobbies forward to a business, I was sewing much more than crafts. I did things from wedding dresses, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, and prom dresses as well as alterations and upholstery work (I even recovered the inside of a 2-seat airplane once). I wasn’t sure where I would end up, but I decided “My Stitches To Treasure” would cover whichever venue I pursued. Crafting was drawing me in and then the last fabric store in town closed, leaving Walmart as the only source of fabric within 200 miles… sort of made my decision for me!
I started doing craft shows about 1996. In 1999 I applied for a tax license and came up with my current business name.  
Deb says her inspiration comes from  looking through magazines and going to craft shows to look for ideas. Her customers also inspire her. They often ask for a custom item that triggers more ideas. And, of course, the internet is a never ending source of inspiration! However, the majority of her inspiration comes from all the fabulous pattern makers there are! She has 3 crates filled with patterns! MERCY!!
Deb says she really doesn't have a single style…right now. She loves the primitive style items but enjoys trying different styles and techniques.She sounds a bit like me!
Her primary medium is fabric including warm and natural chenille, fleece, plush felt, homespun and cottons, terry cloth, and muslin to name a few. She has many items with wood frames or bases so she uses a lot more than a sewing machine during her days. She has a drill and several saws including a table saw, band saw and jig saw. WOOO HOOO! I KNEW I liked this Gal for a reason!!
Her favorite item to make is snowmen. She's sewn hundreds of them over the years. She also make santas, elves, reindeer, witches, angels, pumpkins, scarecrows, cats, elf shoes, ice skates, mice, bunnies, dolls, and more. She has items from 3 inches to 4 feet tall. Variety is her specialty!
Deb sells her items online through Etsy and local craft shows. She currently does 3 local craft shows in the fall and has inventory at a gift shop. She also has many loyal customers who stop by her house to shop! Sounds to me like the BEST of every world in the craft business!
You can find Deb Bures at the following links so stop by and visit her! You will LOVE what you see!


February 11, 2012

Oh YES I Have!!

.....been busy.........I HAVE!! 
This box full has been painted and is ready for details.
This box is awaiting paint, embroidery, and clothing! Those darned nekked bunnies!!!
This basket full is waiting for assemblage. Oh dear, where ARE those Fairies???
These are being prepared for a special Challenge for one of my favorite teams. (I'll tell you more when the time comes in the next week).
So you see? I HAVE been busy! 
Have you?!
Stay tuned!

February 7, 2012

A Tutorial....Uh, Carrots.....Anyone?

Let's make some Carrots!

Cut a long 'v' shape out of double muslin.
Sew them up and stuff them leaving about a 2" header. Make a running stitch around the top of where you stuffed the carrot....
Gather, pull it tight, and tie it off.

 In half inch (or less) increments, clip the top of the carrot and strip down to the gathering string.
Pull off the 'extra' strings and base coat in an orange acrylic paint of your choice.
 Hang 'em out to dry!
For the greens, I used these two together. (Lost my picture of me actually painting). Tape around the top part of your carrot with some wide painters tape or masking tape. I laid the greens down in the paper plate and saturated them well with the paint mixture.I pinned them at the bottom with a large safety pin and then hung them out to dry.
After they were dry, I separated the greens and then washed them down in a Raw Sienna acrylic paint. I could've used a darker color and next time I will.
I added a homemade tag and a bit of jute and...well...I made some carrots! 
These will accessorize some sweet bunnies that I'm now painting. Can't wait to show you!
Now you go make some!

February 4, 2012


Only for you would I do this!
I made this just last month. I'd been designing it since last summer and finally had the time to put it together. I'm like that. I have to THINK about something first before I make it and sometimes that THINKING process takes a while! You can go HERE to view some others that I made, too.
(The photo opening is for a 4x6 photo)
I'm offering one for you in this Giveaway. You can have one that looks just like this 
you can get it customized in a color of your choice! Same saying, same look, but a different color if you so choose!
Only one winner this time!
Simple rules!
1. You need to be a follower; new followers are MOST welcome!
2. A comment would me nice telling me if you'd prefer a different color.
These will count as 2 chances.
If you want 2 more, then put this on your sidebar, tweet it, Facebook it, call our neighbor, advertise on a Billboard...whatever your fancy for 2 more chances. 
Let me know this in ONE comment please.
I'll let Random.Org choose me a winner on Wednesday, February 22nd. Yep, gonna run this for a few weeks.
Open to US citizens and Canadian friends only please since shipping will be a bit more.
Wishing you the best of luck.
Thanks for coming to look and sign up!