January 18, 2014

Baby, It's COLD Out There!

Oh, BRRRRRRRR, it's so cold here in Florida! How cold is it Vicky? 
"It's so cold that...Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick!"
  "It's so cold the lawyers have their hands in their OWN pockets!"
  "It's so cold that the snowman is begging to come in and get warm!"
  "It is so cold outside that I had to climb into a chest freezer to warm up!"
  It's so cold that, "my Snuggie needs a Snuggie!"
 "It's so cold outside the chickens are begging KFC to fry them up."
  "It is so cold that the smoke froze up in the chimney."
Well, I could go on but I know that many of you are COLDER than I am!
I had a really good friend come over yesterday to paint the day away with me! These are my favorite kind of days....filled with lots of hugs, love, and mega laughter! Everyone should have a friend that you can LOL with!
We made my new Love Bugs!
They are so fun to make! Wish I'd taken a photo of hers as they were SOOOOO much better than mine!
I've also been making more of these as they've been a good seller for me this year.
 I have an order to put in the mail on Tuesday along with another Garland of mine.
Can't wait to finish these and show you them all in their RED!
 They were supposed to be finished by Christmas but the Flu caught up with me and I went down like lead balloon :( The original pattern is from Kim over at ORP or Old Road Primitives.
Don't forget about my current Giveaway in the post below this one. You can also find it in the upper right of my side bar.
Stay healthy and 
Stay Tuned!

January 7, 2014


Yep....it's time to think of pink and red and hearts.....at least my buyers are anyway! I've already sold a few of these so I thought I'd make some extras and start the year off right with a Giveaway!
Take your pick.....1, 2, or 3!

These are older pictures but these Garlands are still made the same way. I just add more fabric in between and the paper on the Decoupaged one differs a bit. They are about 36" long (I'll have to take some new pictures this year)!
Here's what you need to do to win one of these Garlands!
2. Leave me a comment of which one of these Garlands you'd like to have (1, 2, or 3).
3. Like me on Facebook for an EXTRA chance! Already do, tell me in your comment!
This Giveaway is open to the US and Canada.
End FRIDAY Jan. 31st. Winner announced SATURDAY, Feb. 1.
Thanks for your support!
Stay Tuned!

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my Blogging Friends!! Yes, it's taken me a few days to get that out.
Thank goodness for 2014 finding us on the mend. We have been some sick little puppies! Thank you for all of your well wishes! I've been resting and catching naps during the day. Laziness suits me just fine! I've piles of 'this and that' sitting in my laundry crafting room. Don't judge me!
These bins are full of half-finished items that I hope to have ready for my show this Fall. I have 7 months to worry over it.
I always donate to the Humane Society's 'Bun Fest' in Stuart, Florida on our Gold Coast so Bunnies are on my mind!
I figured this year I'll send some Chocolate rabbits/Carrots in baskets. Do you have a place where you donate once a year?
 Getting started on a few Nativities. I'll offer these this year in a set of 5 (manger included) with the option to add the other pieces (8). They take a while to paint. Not sure what to ask for the set. Hate to get too pricey as I know they won't sell but surely don't want to short-change myself. Any suggestions?

Making some of these now since I sold 2 sets today. 2014 started off right with me seeing sales on day one. Nice to see I'm getting noticed but don't want to generate too much work for myself (see my opening statement and the reference I made about laziness!).
Stay tuned as I've a Giveaway next week! 
My best to you as you get your 2014 started! It can only be as good as WE make it!