June 17, 2009

It's Finished!!

The fun thing about painting your own pictures is you can make up the stories that go along with it! My water source is a series of lakes that end in a waterfall into the frontal pond. What you don't see is the underground 'spring' system that carries the water to a little river behind the cabin...just in case you're wondering where the water is channeled from the waterfall!!

June 13, 2009

Something For Primary...

What is it you ask? It's a singing meter! I'm the Primary Chorister for our Ward and it's up to me to have the kids ready for the Sacrament Presentation in the Fall. I saw this pattern in a book. It was printable on paper but I wanted something to last so I made my own pattern pieces and cut it out of some plywood. I have 8 seperate stars with the names of each song they are learning. I have also adhered transparent velcro to the backboard. The stars will move up the meter amongst the '3 degrees of glory' as the children sing, hopefully getting better each time. Of course, their goal is to reach the sun where they will be considered "Celestial Singers". Lets hope it motivates them to learn them all!