November 26, 2010

In Turkey Overdrive

I hope your Thanksgiving celebrations have been wonderful. Mine have although I am now feeling the affects of the Tryptophan. Lethargic with general malaise...awww, who am I kidding; I'm just being lazy!!!
I did manage to get these finished before the 'big' day though....and it's a good thing because they'd still be sitting on my table...waiting...

Some word blocks...

Cut from 2x4 pine lumber...

 My kids love this one!

'Wishful thinking' this 80 degree weather we're having would cool down a bit!

These are available in my Etsy shop. (Click on the banner at the top of my blog to enter).

I'm still working on some Giveaway items for next week.
Stick'll be a short one and well worth it!!

November 23, 2010

Keeping It All in Perspective....and a Bit Prim!

I can't do it all. As much as I'd like to, I can't paint every pattern or design I have every day, ALL day. I have too many other factors in my life that prevent that, PLUS, I'd get 'painter's burnout' quickly!
Henry was left out of my Thanksgiving Giveaway because of the above reasons.
I didn't want to put him back in the box of 'unfinished' though, so I got him completed amidst the onslaught of all things red and green. But to make him feel at home, I kept him in the company of my other Primitives.


Some Ginger Garland!
My favorite...a Snowman!
And, in reality, they're not as primitive as they should be but I can't let go of my OCD long enough to totally 'Prim' them out!
I've saved a few of these back so I can offer them to you in my Giveaway coming up soon. It will be my last one of the year. I'll do my best to keep you posted!
Meanwhile, make sure you look at my sidebar to the right of this post and join in some other great Giveaways!!

November 17, 2010

A little of this, a little of that!

I've rested up and have been working like a mad woman. If I can get more inventory in the next few weeks, I'll be home free to enjoy the holidays with my family. I've got about 20 projects that are almost done and I'm saving a few for my next Giveaway. Sure hope you'll stop by and see me next week!


November 3, 2010

A Thanksgiving "Giveaway"! (CLOSED)

It's that time again...and I can't believe it's still Wednesday; late, but still Wednesday!
I've been working on lots of Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Inspirational signs. Here, let me show you...
You've already seen these,
and these, (these hang by a sawtooth hanger in the back)

and even this.

Do you remember this guy? The Turkey with a cause? Still trying to save his own feathers!

This one's name is Tucker,

and this is Thomas, (he's dressed a bit more than the others!)

and this one is Taylor! He's decoupaged with some scrapbook paper and mod podge! He actually hangs on the wall instead of being a shelf sitter as he seems to be here.

I've included Penny Pilgrim but her mate, Peter, is still sitting on my table unfinished.

Two more signs...something we should always think about being...

and a new one...measures 16"l x 7"w.

Well, if you've been here before, then you know how we do this!

All you have to do is leave a comment but if you'd like more than one chance, then do the following ALL in the same comment. (Numbering them will help like this)
1. Comment and tell me which item you'd like to have.
2. Tell me you're a follower of my blog or become one.
3. Blog about this Giveaway on FB or your Blog
4. Tell me whatchadoin for Thanksgiving??
That's it!
I'll leave this up and running until next Friday, November 12. I'll let you know that evening who won!!
Thanks for participating!!

Vicky :0)