February 2, 2012

New Colors

Yeh, I'm faking it but that's okay! It's only 8:00 a.m. and I'm sure I'll wake up at some point during the day!
I wanted to share with you a few of the new colors I'm working with now!
I'm going to 'shabby chic' these with some dry brushing and then paint some florals on them with "WELCOME".
I had my little 6 year old painter do these up for me! I walked away for a few minutes and came back to see she'd gotten into the glitter paint and had accessorized somewhat! So, I had to sand them down a bit and repaint but hey, at least she's learning some restraint and didn't go hog wild with it! Plus, she doesn't charge anything more than a piece of gum so what have I really got to complain about?!
WOOPS! Well now, how did that get there?! I'm supposed to be watching my diet! You know, the kind where you pledge to do better at the first of January and then by February 1st you forgot what you said? SOOOOOO glad you understand!!!
I've got a tutorial I'm preparing and should have finished, actually, by today! I've also got a SPECIAL Giveaway to put up this weekend!  I think you're going to like it........ALOT!!!!
Stay tuned!!You know there's more to come......after I wake up, of course!!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Vicky! Channeling your inner Nancy, I see. :)

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

My lil one loves to paint too. :)

mmmmmm cinnamon rolls! love those for breakfast and the leftovers for lunch... if there are leftovers. ;)


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

I'll take a fresh cinnamon roll when I win the giveaway!!!! lol Just putting my order in now!!!
Can't wait to see!!!!! You always come up with some cute ideas!!!!

TheRustyThimble said...

LOL on your helper, mom gee she just thought they would be prettier LOL!!

Can't wait to see the rounds with florals, sweet colors

AND SWEET treats!! I tend to over eat in the beginning of the year that way I can try later to not do it, HA as if later ever comes along LOL

Barb said...

Thank you Vicky for that yummy photo...need one of those now!!
Glad that you are keeping painting a family tradition!! Looking forward to your next giveaway!!
Enjoy your day and your cinnamon rolls-eat one or two for me!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are so, so, BAD!! Now all I have on my brain is a warm cinnamon roll - and where the heck am I gonna get one of those at 10:30 at night in Nod?? Shame on you! ;o) Robin