June 8, 2013

Come on Over and VOTE!

Something's happening over at The Farmhouse!
Could you take a minute to go over and see?
Some of the OFG Artisans, including ME, have made something special for our AMERICANA CHALLENGE! We'll need your vote to see who wins + you might win, too!
And, of course, you won't hurt my feelings one bit if you choose to vote for my Millie!
Glued to a Mache Box that I've painted with acrylic paints.
She's primmed up and smelling great!

There are some great pieces so you'll want to take your time and visit the shops to see which one you really like!
But seriously, Paintspots and Splinters and Miss Millie will be hard to pass up, right?!
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Firecracker Kid said...

She's all ready to be Americana for some lucky being. Could keep your jewels and gems in her little box :) Good luck Vicky!