August 15, 2012

Something WICKED This Way Comes!

Oooooooooh, but I'm super excited about FALL being right around the corner! So hoping we don't have an Indian Summer :( With a really mild winter and hot summer we need some cold weather to come and kill these mosquitoes that have taken over our lives! Seriously cannot go outside for any length of time without getting chewed to pieces!
I've got some familiar works on my table that are soon to be finished!
A girl can seriously NEVER have enough shoes! Making one of these pairs into a centerpiece!
The Jacks and Crows have been primmed and ready to put in their 'proper' places!
Oh, but this witch is truly worthy of her Wicked Ways! 
Love making Tawny's sunflowers! They'll embellish some of these pieces!
Candy corn waiting for their paint and a Jack man from Bittersweetfolkart!
 Super excited about our OFG Team's newest Celebration! We will launch it on Friday.
 Don't forget about my Giveaway!
Stay Tuned!


Linda Welcome said...

Oh has been so long since you posted one of these "in the process of's". I am LOVING this one and I canNOT wait to see it in the Celebration. Go Vicky. Go Vicky. Go Vicky!!!! Love EVERYthing you do girl...

TheCrankyCrow said... had me at "wicked." ;o) How ya been Girlfriend?? Weren't you on vacation for an extended period someplace??? Yeah I know, if I kept up, I'd know these things. Anywho - your work table looks like a very fun place these days....witchy shoes, pumpkins, body kind of party!! Hope all is well....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
It look like you are back in the swing of things!
Looking forward to kids back in school and cooler weather!!
Enjoy your evening,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've got lots of neat things on the work bench! Love those big ole jack o lanterns! Enjoy your week! It was a HOT one today!

Firecracker Kid said...

Yeh Vicky, looks like you're back in full force gal :) Those pieces look good and they're gonna look spooktacular once you get them in their proper places. Sweet!


I so agree with you, I want some cold weather this year and the sooner the better. Can't wait to see your finished fall pieces. I love making for this time of year. Happy crafting! Cyndy

Trace4J said...

How cool.
SO many wonderful things going on.
Lovin those sunflowers and jacks.
Congrats to your winners.
My granny's go back to school Wed.