February 11, 2013

It's All Good News!

Good morning Blogging Buds!
I've got a winner over on my Face Book page for my Mystery Giveaway!
Fran Berry Boggs gets to take home one of my Lil Baby Bunnies from a pattern by Kentucky Primitives.
I also got my other patterns from Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head. I think her  BOGO free pattern sale is still going on so go and take advantage of it like I did!
I finished one this one of Mildred.....
I am saving her for one of our OFG Celebrations coming up soon! I've also made a few Shabby Chic Prim Bunny Tucks and a couple of wood pieces. We'll be announcing our 'Spring Forward Celebration' in another 2 weeks so keep your eyes open! You DON'T want to miss it!
ALSO, make sure you don't miss my current Giveaway on my Blog. Go HERE to sign up and tell me how you think she needs to be dressed. I'll announce the winner on the 18th!
I reached 400 followers on my Face Book page so I'm getting a great Giveaway up for that one. PHFEW!! I'll need a vacation after all of these Giveaways!!!
Stay Tuned!


Kim said...

Congrats Fran! That's one cute bunny!!

Primitive Stars said...

Congrats o the winner, so cute giveaway, Francine.

Raggedy Creations said...

You are one busy lady, don't know how you can keep up.


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

PHFEW is right!!! You'll need a vacation girl!!!!!


Firecracker Kid said...

Holy wow, it's awesome! Congratulations to Fran for winning this must have :)
You're gosh darn good Vicky! Yay for getting all your followers. They'll be in for big surprises.


Barb said...

Thanks for the fun giveaway Vicky!!
Congratulations to lucky Fran!!
You are one busy as can bee lady!
Enjoy your day,

Colleen said...

Congrats to the winner! I get tired just reading about everything you are doing. :)

The Moonlit Stitch said...

That little bunny has always been a favorite - yours turned out so darn cute!! I bought the SITH Mildred pattern last year but never got around to it - can't wait to see how yours turned out! Gotta love the bunnies ~*~Lisa