February 18, 2013


Good Monday morning, Dear Blogging Friends!
I'ts awfully cool here in the land of ever present Sunshine! My heat ran almost all night long. Woke up to 30 degrees, BRRRRRRRRR!! Yeh, I know, you're all laughing as you're surrounded by your 10,000 feet of snow and -75 degrees of frigid cold. I've nothing to complain about compared to you!
I DO have a winner for my Bunny Make-Do! You gave me SOOOOOO many wonderful ideas! I pondered them all and decided to come up with this design.

She has a lt. blue dress with small pink rosebuds. I've fashioned a small muslin apron across her middle. Her little arms are holding a heart grapevine wreath that has been covered in floral moss and Springtime blossoms.
 I wrapped her ears in a bright pink polka dot ribbon and then glued a small pearl-type button under her neck. I applied a little too much hot glue to the bow and to cover up my mistake, I added some sheep curls.
She, of course, is tied to an old bobbin with some sisal and hot glue.
 My own sweet little Anna Belle(7 years old) has watched me putting her together the whole time so I asked her what she'd like to name her. 
Anna Belle with her pet Dumbo Rat, Brownie.

I told her all of your choices which turned out to be a combination of  Belle and/ or Bella. In Italian that means Beautiful, so my Anna Belle chose to name her Rosabelle......and so, she is my Rosabelle!
Random.org chose a home for Rosabelle to go to.
She'll be housing with....
Carol herself makes WONDERFUL creations so you may want to stop by and tell her congrats and look around!
Email your address to me at VicWeave@aol.com so I can send her out to you tomorrow!
THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for your participation and consistent support of my Blog. I'm going to have a Tutorial up in another day or 2 for Rosabelle with the pattern so you can make her, too. I also have a 400 Follower Giveaway to put up on my Face Book so will be tending to that soon.
Wishing you lots or warmth in this cold weather! Looks like the old Groundhog doesn't know everything.....he is, after all, just a Rodent!
Stay Tuned!


cucki said...

Congrats to carol x

TheRustyThimble said...

YAY congrats to Carol

Hugs to you Vicky

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Vicky! OM word!!! Did you hear me squealing in delight!!! Well you should have. What a wonderful surprise. I love Rosabelle and your daughter did a fantastic job naming her. Thank you so much. I am off to send you my info. and look forward to giving beautiful Rosabelle a new home. Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH, VICKY!!!!

springtime bunny hugs,

Kim said...

Congrats Carol! She is adorable Vicky and Anna Belle picked the perfect name!!


Congrats to Carol. She turned out adorable. It was 24 here this morning, frost everywhere! I'll mail out your pinkeep in the morning. Hope you have a happy week.

jennifer768 said...

Congrats to Carol!Hugs,Jen

Barb said...

Thanks Vicky for such a fabulous giveaway!!
Congratulations to lucky Carol!!
Your daughter is such a cutie!!!!!
Enjoy your evening,

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Congratulations to Carol!! She came out great Vicky! Thanks so much for the chance. Your daughter is adorable:)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congrats to Carol! I know she is thrilled! Maybe it will warm up tomorrow...I hope! Hugs!

Karen said...

Thanks for doing this great giveaway Vicky.

Colleen said...

Congratulations Carol!! Little Rosabelle is so cute! Thanks for including us in this journey. :)