February 28, 2013


Oh, but I've been busy! I'm not sure how I've gotten it all done....the kids have been ill and our handicapped daughter has been having health problems, too. I think I craft MORE during these times just because my sanity seems to be at stake! I figure if I'm not getting sleep I could, at least, be creative and crafty! I wanted to show you some of my new editions that I did for our SPRING FLING OFG Team Celebration going on right now! Just click on the button to your right and you can see more wonderful items from our fantastic Team members! 
A Shabby Chic Bunny that smells SOOOO GOOD! https://www.etsy.com/listing/123099792/spring-easter-primitive-rabbit-tuck   

My Easter PEEPS Garland! https://www.etsy.com/listing/123439431/spring-easter-peep-garland-sfofg
MILDRED from Pam Gracia of SOFT IN THE HEAD. https://www.etsy.com/listing/123099099/spring-easter-rabbit-mildred-sfofg
 I've also finished a few other items......

All of these items can be found in my Etsy Store (look to my right sidebar to see my Mini!). I also have a COUPON good for 15% off ......SPRING15. If you're interested in some of my used books NOW is the time to get them. They are already buy one set and get another set free + you get the 15% off! Yep, I'm practically giving them away!!
Speaking of Giveaway, DON'T forget to sign up for my Face Book Giveaway! Look for the picture of the raw wood called my Mystery Giveaway. CLICK on the PICTURE and it will take you to the correct post to sign up. I'll have a picture of the finished product up later today on my Face Book. You DO NOT want to miss it as it is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!
As always,

February 23, 2013

My Pin Keep Swap!

I entered Wendy's, Ravenwood Whimzies, Pin Keep Swap again! I'm new to making these little jewels and I'm loving it! I got Cyndy of Crafty Stitchers as my partner and WHOOP, WHOOP got me some cuties from her!
You can go over to Crafty Stitchers and check out what I sent her.....but I'll also show you here!
I LOVED making this sweet little thing! I got the original mouse pattern from Kim at Old Road Primitives (ORP). I got some of my ideas from Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farm. Carol makes WONDERFUL Meeces!
Here's my little Tillie!
Tillie the Cheesemaker! She doesn't waste time with mouse traps!
I placed the pin cushion in the basket but you could always stick more in Tillie.....OUCH!!!
I have a couple of these boxes just sitting around. This could be used for 'extra' storage!
Her tail is made from jute.
SO MUCH FUN! I've got one more on my table to finish. Not even sure how much something like this would sell for so I'll have to research my Prim friends on Etsy.
Speaking of Prim friends, the fabulous OFG Team, Old Farmhouse Gathering) is launching a new celebration on Monday! WONDERFUL new creations from our super talented Team! You might want to stop by and read our Funny Bunny Springtime story that some of us made up! It's to be continued until Easter!
I'll link up the picture on my right sidebar come Monday and show you some more goodies,  so.....
Stay Tuned!!!! 

February 21, 2013


I wanted to share with you my Tutorial for Rosabelle, the little Bunny Make-Do in the post below, however, I've......misplaced......the photos I took. Therefore, I'll have to take some more pictures.
Meanwhile, I've got a 400th Follower Mystery Giveaway on my Facebook page.
Make sure you click on the picture that looks like this.
It's a pattern from the talented Crystal Martin of Twiddlebugz!
Winner announced March 4th. SHARE on your Face Book and you'll get counted TWICE....which is nice!!
Stay Tuned!

February 18, 2013


Good Monday morning, Dear Blogging Friends!
I'ts awfully cool here in the land of ever present Sunshine! My heat ran almost all night long. Woke up to 30 degrees, BRRRRRRRRR!! Yeh, I know, you're all laughing as you're surrounded by your 10,000 feet of snow and -75 degrees of frigid cold. I've nothing to complain about compared to you!
I DO have a winner for my Bunny Make-Do! You gave me SOOOOOO many wonderful ideas! I pondered them all and decided to come up with this design.

She has a lt. blue dress with small pink rosebuds. I've fashioned a small muslin apron across her middle. Her little arms are holding a heart grapevine wreath that has been covered in floral moss and Springtime blossoms.
 I wrapped her ears in a bright pink polka dot ribbon and then glued a small pearl-type button under her neck. I applied a little too much hot glue to the bow and to cover up my mistake, I added some sheep curls.
She, of course, is tied to an old bobbin with some sisal and hot glue.
 My own sweet little Anna Belle(7 years old) has watched me putting her together the whole time so I asked her what she'd like to name her. 
Anna Belle with her pet Dumbo Rat, Brownie.

I told her all of your choices which turned out to be a combination of  Belle and/ or Bella. In Italian that means Beautiful, so my Anna Belle chose to name her Rosabelle......and so, she is my Rosabelle!
Random.org chose a home for Rosabelle to go to.
She'll be housing with....
Carol herself makes WONDERFUL creations so you may want to stop by and tell her congrats and look around!
Email your address to me at VicWeave@aol.com so I can send her out to you tomorrow!
THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for your participation and consistent support of my Blog. I'm going to have a Tutorial up in another day or 2 for Rosabelle with the pattern so you can make her, too. I also have a 400 Follower Giveaway to put up on my Face Book so will be tending to that soon.
Wishing you lots or warmth in this cold weather! Looks like the old Groundhog doesn't know everything.....he is, after all, just a Rodent!
Stay Tuned!

February 13, 2013


ALL of my used decorative Painting Books are BOGO FREE!!
Now is the time to stock up! Some are vintage. ALL are educational as well as FUN!! Great way to learn the art of Decorative Painting!
Here are a few to choose from!


February 11, 2013

It's All Good News!

Good morning Blogging Buds!
I've got a winner over on my Face Book page for my Mystery Giveaway!
Fran Berry Boggs gets to take home one of my Lil Baby Bunnies from a pattern by Kentucky Primitives.
I also got my other patterns from Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head. I think her  BOGO free pattern sale is still going on so go and take advantage of it like I did!
I finished one this one of Mildred.....
I am saving her for one of our OFG Celebrations coming up soon! I've also made a few Shabby Chic Prim Bunny Tucks and a couple of wood pieces. We'll be announcing our 'Spring Forward Celebration' in another 2 weeks so keep your eyes open! You DON'T want to miss it!
ALSO, make sure you don't miss my current Giveaway on my Blog. Go HERE to sign up and tell me how you think she needs to be dressed. I'll announce the winner on the 18th!
I reached 400 followers on my Face Book page so I'm getting a great Giveaway up for that one. PHFEW!! I'll need a vacation after all of these Giveaways!!!
Stay Tuned!

February 7, 2013

Another Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Gosh, it's been such a LONG week for me! Of course, I'm aniticpating the arrival of my sweet hubby for the weekend so maybe that's the reason this first week of February is dragging itself along!
I wanted to tell you about my Facebook Giveaway that I'm having along with my blog Giveaway (see post below this one). It's a FACEBOOK MYSTERY so find the post with this picture and comment on that post only. 
This ends Monday so hurry over!

February 4, 2013

GIVEAWAY! Your Opinion Matters

Yes, it does which, of course, is why I'm asking!
I made up a new pattern; a Bunny Make-Do on an old spool/ bobbin.
How is it that I need your help?
I tend to 'over' embellish sometimes....alright, fine....ALL the time so, you tell me.....
 She needs something at the top of her ears. I emphasize HER. AND, she needs a bow, collar, apron, dress, tag, sweet Annie,
She has wired and stiffened ears and I've yet to add her sisal whiskers. A name would be nice, too!!
Tell me so I can dress her and give her away.....to you, or you, or you!
YEP, My February GIVEAWAY is here! 
1. Be a Follower
2. Leave me a comment telling me how to 'fix r up'!
3. SHARE for a 3rd entry!
Open to US and Canadian friends only please.
Giveaway ends FEBRUARY 18th (Monday)!!