March 9, 2015


Time change and warmer weather = EASTER right around the corner! I've been doing some sewing but when it comes time to do the stuffing, I conveniently find other things to occupy my time. In my house, that's not difficult to do! I got these fellows finished over the weekend; just need to paint them and add a bow. The packaging is what makes them look like real chocolate Bunnies. Sending some of these to the Gold Coast Humane Society for there 'Bun Fest'. The rest I'll put in my Etsy shop.
I've also been working on 'planting' some bunnies in baskets.
I should have these guys done today.
My Sassy Ladys seem to be drawing a bit of interest. Thought I'd make a Breast Cancer Awareness one.
Also one I call 'American Guns'.
These are available in my Etsy shop. (My badge is on the right sidebar.)
I love to shop at JoAnn's and seems like every time I do, they have these sweet boxes on sale.
I loved this one and thought I'd fill it up with some Spring paraphernalia and hand made goodies for a lucky Follower.
My rules aren't really rules at all. Just leave me a comment and a way to contact you. I would appreciate any SHARING you might do but it isn't required for this. I do have to make this Giveaway contingent only in the good 'ole US of A due to the expense of shipping.
Keeping this Giveaway open until March 21st (Saturday) at which time I'll post a winner that morning. (EST)
Hope Spring is on it's way to you!
Thanks for following!

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