February 23, 2015

Wishing Time Would Stand Still?!

Seriously, I've lost a whole month! Well, 2 now that February is almost over! Tired from Christmas celebrations and SUPER busy with orders throughout January, I found myself exhausted. Thankfully, I only had 1 other order to finish with 3 weeks to do it in so I was able to take some time off. I haven't been able to sit down once with my oil paints in the last year and that's weighing heavy on me. My thoughts have gone all the way to, "is it time to stop all of this" to, "I'll just take a year off". After getting a week and a-half off with no orders, I was feeling a bit more rested and ready to start again. Once again I found myself with several more orders to finish throughout February and, again, needing to put my feet up.
Our OFG Team on Etsy is having a new Celebration; The "Colors of Spring".
I've got a new line of scarves called "Sassy Lady(s)" that I'm debuting. They are made from bandanas and are great for dressing up a T-shirt or plain blouse with a Boho and Western Wear look.  Here's a small sample:

You can find these in my Etsy shop (my mini is on the right side bar).
I've also been busy with this little guy.

He is a pattern by Crystal Martin of Twiddlebugz.
I've also got a new Teacher Gift in my shop. Just a simple block made from fencing post.
My sewing machine is out and I'm stuffing Bunnies for my donation to the Gold Coast Humane Society "Bun Fest". I participate each year as I have such an affection for Fur Balls!
I'll leave you with a recent picture of a sunset here on our Lake. Weather is gorgeous!
 Looks like Spring is here to stay! Here's hoping you get to see it soon where you are.


dee begg said...

Love your cute little bunnies. And I am so jealous of your gorgeous view and weather.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Sometimes you just gotta say I'm taking those few moments for myself. The lake picture is gorgeous! All your projects look springy gives me hope it's coming..smile..~Amy

hadi agustin said...

beautiful pictures