April 20, 2013

BUDDY aka Hugo the Huge!

I've been working on a birthday gift for my Mother In Law and finally finished it today. It's rainy, cold and gloomy.......perfect day to set on my rump and craft!!
I started off with a pattern from the wonderful and talented Pam Gracia of "Soft in the Head".

I got him cut out and sewn up using cotton muslin. I had so much fun making his face!
I primmed him up nicely with a new prim mix I'm using. 

I FINALLY went and bought some cheap instant coffee 'cause it really does make it darker. Most mixes just add a few T. of vanilla. This is my recipe:
2 cups of hot water
1/3-1/2 cup instant coffee
1 6-8 oz bottle of imitation vanilla
1/8 cup of ground nutmeg
1/4 cup of cinnamon
Pour it in a bottle and use generously! GREAT SMELLING!
My MIL brought by 2 of her wool Blazer's that she used to wear with her skirts. I used one of them to make Buddy's shirt. The original pattern calls for a small adult sweater but I thought it would mean more if I used something she'd worn.I even used the sleeves and set them in. I paired it up with some burgundy ticking for his pants. 

 I made him a pocket on his shirt out of the burgundy ticking and put in some Sweet Annie and cinnamon sticks; tied it up with sisal, too. 

His scarf is cheese cloth stained and then microwaved....YES, I said I put it in the microwave to dry it! Works wonderfully!!

The only thing I forgot to do is put his whiskers in. I'll use sisal. Be back in a minute.......
OK, that's better!! He was SOOOO much fun to make that I will surely do it again....and again!
If you want to know more, go over to Pam's shop and get the pattern. In fact, get 2! I promise you they are easy and SO FUN to make!
Now, off to finish those dolls!


Tam said...

Great Job, love seeing your sewing items

Primitive Stars said...

How great, love that, Francine.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love seeing the progress pics Vicky! Those huge bunny feet are a hoot. Keep on Creating ~*~Lisa

Heather Wise said...

Awww, Hugo! He has big feet like me! So cute! I have been enjoying catching up on past posts of yours. As a teacher, I love the teacher appreciate things you started!

Blessings and hugs,

Danice said...

How cute and what a dear gift for MIL! You did a wonderful job Vicky :)

Jacquie Wheeler said...


Firecracker Kid said...

What a character! You did him proper Vick :) He'll for sure brighten your MIL's day.
Yep yep,

Colleen said...

Very cute and yes he is big. :)


Looking good, as always. I wonder what people think when they see all of these "body parts" we all have hanging outside!!!