April 16, 2013

And So It Goes.......

Good morning by blogging friends!
WOW, what a day yesterday, huh?! I guess we're fortunate that bombings aren't an everyday occurrence here. So sad that some people have so much anger in them that they could 'cause something so horrific to happen to innocent people. I still feel the 'good out weighs the bad'. If you don't have Faith, what else is there?
I'm not one to dwell on too much negativity. What is done is done. We'll clean up, move on, and be a better People because of it. God Bless America!
Once again my work table is full! Teacher Appreciation is coming up soon and I thought I'd better get my apples painted and ready.
I picked these up from our Overstock group and have plenty for future projects such as blocks and small signs.
I'm also working on a big project....Huge is more like it....As in HUGO the Huge!
I bought this pattern from Pam Gracia over at SOFT IN THE HEAD. I'm going to name mine Buddy and give him to a very special lady in my life....my sweet Mother-in-law. It was her birthday last week and I didn't have time to finish him. She'd given me 2 wool blazers that were hers to tear apart and use. So, I'm using the plaid blazer to make his shirt and some blue fabric for his pants. Because the Blazer is green/blue with stripes of red and gold, I'll have to choose what accent color I want his scarf to be. I'm thinking gold. What do you think? His body can actually fit into a small adult sweater which is what Pam recommends in her pattern. I just thought it would be kind of cool to include my MIL's blazer that I used to see her wear. I'm pretty sure she'll like him......I'll show you when he's dressed and ready. Painting and staining him today!
I completed an order for a returning customer yesterday. ALWAYS love making these guys! I've got a Birthday Garland in the works that one of my returned customers is helping me design. She wanted to know if I had one. I told her I'd drawn out one already and what would she like to see besides cupcakes and hearts? Well, presents of course and balloons, too, so it's outside and 'to the saws' I go today to see what I can make!
I think she's getting angrier by the minute!!
Stay Tuned!


ScarecrowCabin said...

I agree, there is more good in this world than there is bad. Prayers for Boston.


Hi Vic, She is so cute when she is angry. everything is so cute...Yes, yesterday was a heartbreaker. There are so many people in this world that are angry, but like you said, we will move on. It was really sad when my grandkids came down last night and wanted to know if we were going to die. How do you explain evil to little ones? I said alot of prayers last night! God Bless America! Hugs,

Colleen said...

I agree...we will pick ourselves up and move on! :) Love the little Happy Birthday guys! Looks like you are busy as usual. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Somebody has their angry face on...all the time now! Looks like you're working in every different direction...makes for some angry faces though! heehee! Sweet hugs...we can all use those!