September 5, 2012

Have to Share!

I got a package in the mail!
 It 'jingled'! I giggled!
Let me show you what I got!
 This is Glenda!
This is Jeb!
They come from MR Originals on Etsy, HERE.
I CANNOT express enough to you the QUALITY of these dolls!! Absolutely gorgeous! She has also written a 'story' for each of her dolls and they are just wonderful to read! She truly loves what she does! 
I sure hope you take a moment to stop by and browse her shop. Don't forget to give her a favorite while you're there! 
Alright now...scoodle-doo!


Karen said...

ADORABLE...I love Etsy - so many wonderful artists.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous love in the mail!!! You must have the mos festive house in town!!

Mona Rae said...

OMGoodness, you made my day to actually see the package open and they arrived safely with smiles on their faces. Thank You so much for sharing. They are in a happy home.