September 11, 2012

Halloween WIPs

Good morning Blogging Friends!
I'm quite pleased with myself this a.m.! I'm sitting here typing to you with a smile on my face 'cause the last of my Halloween is being completed! 
I ACTUALLY finished everything that I had planned and even a bit more for the October Festivities!!

These 2 'beauties' (pattern from MY PRIMITIVE SALTBOX) need their hats, a spider, and a spooky tag!

That's a Halloween wooden Witch doll made with wire and a pretty dress and 2 Pocketfuls waiting for the rest of their embellishments!
I've LOVED making these guys (pattern adapted from OLD ROAD PRIMITIVES)! The one on the left is in my Etsy store but the one on the table is for a Swap...sssssshhhhhhhh....don't say anything as someone might be peeking!
Another Scarecrow, some apples from THE PRIMITIVE NOOK, and the last witch head that will be a full fledged Doll....Broom and cat included!
And last of all to finish are my arms and legs.
No, not my PERSONAL arms and legs but these....
I HATE stuffing these skinny things and I save them until the last minute!
DON'T FORGET about my current GIVEAWAY HERE!
As Always,


Anonymous said...

Such a busy studio!!!! All looks so festive! If you could share some of your energy that would be awesome!


Kim said...

You sure have been busy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've been BUSY making all kinds of neat things. I went to your Etsy store and you really have some wonderful Halloween things! I tried to make a Raggedy ann doll one time...oh, I hated the stuffing but then I couldn't get the face right either! lol Hugs!

Tam said...

great Job getting stuff done

Danice said...

Wow Vicky, you really do stay busy. I love seeing all of the great items you are working on and have finished :)

Firecracker Kid said...

Whoa Vicky, you're on a roll... as smooth as butta! Hey, those witch head make do's are wicked sweet :) Carry on.

Fran. said...

You sure are kickin out the Halloween goodies! You go girl!! XO Love, Fran.

Barb said...

Busy, busy, busy gal you are!!
Glad you got it all done and more!
Love it all!
Enjoy your day,