January 11, 2012

New and Future Endeavors

Such a BIG and important sounding title for this menial post of mine but how else am I to get your attention?!
I'm working on restocking some Valentine pieces and adding a couple of extra to the pot. Our OFG team is gearing up for another "Celebration" and will launch it this next week. I promised them 4 pieces and have almost completed them all. 
Remember I was looking for some candlesticks? Well Barb, over at Barb's Heartstrokes, informed me she is 'destashing' and she had some so I was able to purchase a whole box full from her.
These are GREAT and just what I needed!
Can't wait to show you all of the make-dos I've got planned and you will FLIP over my Long-eared friends!
This is my bin of hearts that need to be sewn up and embellished. The smaller ones will be 'flowers' and the larger ones will have a 'key' sewn to them.
Here is one of the items I've been working on. I showed you in a few posts ago some wood and frames and sticky signs. 
 I just LOVE this! I've made 3 others in different sayings and colors but have not fully assembled them yet. I've got to come up with a price...any ideas? I hate pricing things!
Last but not least is my version of Cupid. I really don't care for that nekked (yes, I know it's spelled naked but that's not how I pronounce it!) little chubby winged creature so here is my 'unfinished' version. 
She'll be such a cute little Cupid Elf don't you think? 
I've got to get to the store and pick up some extra ribbon and fringe for her but I'll have to wait until this weekend when I can call on someone to come and sit with the kids for a few minutes. My husband is already off on his 'travelling job' but will come home this weekend after being gone for a couple of weeks. I have missed him dearly as have the kids so I'm looking forward to fixing him some yummy home-cooked food and showering him with my kisses!
Don't forget about my Giveaway in my post below (Make sure you comment on the Giveaway post if you want to sign up!).
I'll show you the other sign boards and frames in a few. 
In the meantime....
Have a GOOD one!!!


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

You certainly have been busy! Send me some of your mojo, I need some bad. :-D

Have a great day Vicki! It's snowing here today.

Barb said...

Wow Vicky,
I will need a nap now!
Thanks for helping on the destashing. I will be adding more things-what was I thinking buying all of the thinks I did when Provo craft and Zim's went out of business?!? Thanks for the plug.
Glad to hear the hubby will be home soon!
Enjoy your day,

Crystal Martin said...

Looking good girlie...as always. Love the sign with picture frames. I've been making them (well a version of) for a while now and love them. I'm looking at getting into a group, can you recomend one for me?

Kasey Strong said...

Dear miss Vicky W. You are so creative, I can't get over it. I bet with all these cutesy decorations you make for everyone, your own house must be adorable. And so festive. I wish I was like that. You're fancy.

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Oh my gosh woman, you have been busy!! Love everything and your sign is fabulous, don't price it too cheap, $30.00 or more? Note sure of the size but it is great! Can't wait to see your Cupid all finished up, lover the pink! Deb

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

She's a cute little cupid elf!

Anonymous said...

Vicky, I could see pictures of my Baby Grands in that frame assembly of yours. I love it! Let me know when you set a price. I must have one. <3

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm---Maybe, just maybe, after seeing how busy you are, it will motivate me to get started on some of my projects also! lol I love the cupid & can't wait to see the finished product! (No pressure) lol Have a good day! DianeinOhio

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky,
Love all the projects you make.
Thought I would drop in and see if I might win one of your beautiful projects. Love the garland!