July 13, 2011

A Win, Custom Work, and Shout Outs for Giveaways!

I won another Giveaway.
It was over at Debbie's Dodads for her 100th follower Giveaway.

She sent me a sweet card with a wonderful variety of goodies! The pillow is sooooo cute!

One particular item CRACKED me up! It was so pretty but I live in a hollow log and don't get out very much so I had no idea these things exist.
Do you know what this is? A book THONG. A BOOK THONG!!!! Laughed my HEAD off at the fact a book can have a THONG! 
It's really quite pretty with some beautiful glass beads. I'm thinking Debbie may have made it but she didn't say. I'll have to ask her.
Know which book is wearing it? My BECK Diet Book!!! HA!! A great reminder to keep my glutias maximus  in gear! HA...still cracks me up!!

I've been working on an order of Santas and today I should finish them up.

The lady I'm doing these for bought 2 others from me in plaid coats and she wanted these 8 customized to her past Christmas themes. Well, okay, I can hang with that!! It's actually been alot of fun coming up with all of the little designs.
 We're in our summer rainfall pattern, thank goodness, but that means I need to get out first thing to cut.....and sometimes this body doesn't understand 'first thing'. The heat has really stirred up my arthritis? Does it affect you, too? Well, I won't complain because we need the rain desperately!
Hope your summer is moving along nicely!
Remember to take a look at my right sidebar for the PAFA Team's Christmas Giveaway. And Deb at Paxton Valley has a beautiful garden sign up for a Giveaway, too. Brenda's is almost over with but truly worth putting your name in the pot as I have one of those adorable witches already! LOVE Brenda's creations! I'll have my own Giveaway up soon so make sure you stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by and.....


Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
Book Thong? What next? That cracked me up too!!
Love your little Santas!
Enjoy your day,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Fun stuff from Debbie - congratulations! "Book thong" hey? I've seen them before - and even own one, but never heard them CALLED that! Too funny (I must live in a hollow log too!) This lady has past Christmas "themes"?? Yikes... I'm just trying to wrap my head around that! Have a great Wednesday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lyndsey said...

You have been a busy little bee. way to go for already working on christmas stuff

Debbie Geiger said...

Hey Vicki glad you like all your goodies I did make the book thong and it did crack me up the first time I heard about them as well, but they are really pretty book marks.
congrats again on your win.
Laughing is good for you!!

Have a blessed day!!

Kathy said...

Great winnings.. that book thong kills me.. too funny... but very pretty.. love your little santas.. nice to get repeat customers.. yes it's very hot and humid here too and my arthritis is not playing nice either.. as for mornings????? nah...lol

Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

Your Santas are beautiful! You have so much talented!