July 18, 2011

Something A Little Different....

I'm working on something a bit different for my next Giveaway. Something I haven't offered before.

I sat down with my material and sewing supplies and had somebody follow me. This little one is ALWAYS following mama around and being SO nosy!
I seem to be able to motivate her as she soon starts to copy me in some form or another.
I grew up in a home that had nothing more than some notebook paper and crayons so I have alot of art supplies on hand and they are easily accessible to the kids...except for the markers and scissors! I'm not that dumb!!
She wanted me to take a picture of her as I was taking a photo of my stuff. She likes to watch me blog and loves to see the other blogs that I visit, too! She loves Brenda' pups over at THE RUSTY THIMBLE. Wonder what blogging is going to be like when she gets to be my age? Blogs will probably be run through something like 'Skype' where you can talk face to face with each other. CRAZY to think that but it could be SO true as we already possess the technology!
 I was cutting out some birds and this is where her creativity took her.
And my little man? Well, this is what he was doing....
This kid is always hungry and wants 'steak and butata' (potatoe)! He's as big as a minute and runs non-stop!
Anyway, I'm hoping to have something up by this Friday, maybe even Thursday. I'm cleaning up my desk and finishing up projects that were sitting in my 'cut wood' box. It's soooo hot outside and I'm trying not to cut anything new right now although a friend is coming over on Friday to paint. UUHHH, guess I'll have to cut at least one day for that one but it's always worth it with her! Nothing like a day of laughter and friendship to lighten our 'loads'!
Hope you have a good outlet to 'ease your burdens'.......'cause we all have them. Some are just bigger than others!!
Stay tuned!


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Vicky,
While I'm waiting for your giveaway, pop over to my blog and sign up for my giveaway.
Cute kids!!!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, how perfect an opportunity to take advantage of quality time with your children and teaching them to boot. Your daughter is precious and pretty:) that son of yours is my kinda guy... a meat and tater man! LOL. They're both sweet:)

NancyD said...

Oh how I miss those days with my kids! Your children are adorable and it's great that your daughter loves to do things with you...she will probably follow your creativity! Have fun with that pattern (I have done it! Ü)
I used to paint with a friend and do all the cutting...best times we ever had. Then she moved away, I sure miss her and those times. Enjoy!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Two little darlings if you ask me....So wonderful that your daughter has you as a mentor....I craved crafts growing up and no one in my immediate family really did any (well, my mom worked the farm and a job, so no wonder there....) What a wonderful heritage you're giving her! (And your son is making me hungry!!) Have a wonderful week Vicky! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheRustyThimble said...

OH how sweet Vicky I am so glad to see some faces here. They are precious, tell them I will post puppy pictures again next monday

HMMMM now you are sewing??? I am impressed just what are you making? Can't wait to see

Love the picture very talented young lady
and I am a steak and tater girl too so when I come visit *LOL* I will fit right in

Big hugs