December 30, 2010

Back to Work

Well, sort of.
I thought I'd wait until the New Year got here to start work on some new things but I've looked on Etsy and other artists are WAY ahead of me. SO, I'm designing and cutting this weekend, especially since we are FINALLY warming up to some comfortable temps! This 'bone chilling' 40 degree stuff is for those up north who can handle it. I'm not one of them!
I got this up in time for stockings and some garlands.
I want to make a few more smaller ones for hanging back packs and jackets on. I may offer a few on my Etsy depending on the cost of shipping. They really come in handy!

I've also been putting together a mural/photo backdrop for the youth in our Stake. They're having a NYE dance tomorrow and needed something for photos so I came up with this.

Painted on a refrigerator's quite large!
 A little cardinal singing "Winter Wonderland"!

A pair of skaters!

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without 'Frosty' himself!

Valentine's day will be here soon so that's my next project. Thank goodness the 70 degree weather is on the horizon! Cold hands and scrollsaws DO NOT mix and I appreciate all 10 of my fingers too much!

Hope you have a Blessed, Safe, and Happy New Year!


Trish-Ladybug said...

Happy NEW YEARS Vicky.. Yes its
been very cold here in the Southwest Desert as well,Believe
it or not it's going to be 29 temps
tonight... bRRRRRRR..... But those
warmth temps will become ...:-)

Love all the Photos in the post..
Looking forward to your Valentine
projects... Enjoy !!! Keep those
fingers warm...

Fiona Hayward said...

What a brilliant thing to do with a refrigerator box!!

You've done a great job.