December 11, 2010

Are Things Looking Like This for You?

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It's just going by too fast! It doesn't help that we've been harbouring colds all week and can't get out. I did accomplish quite a bit this year so I'm pleased that my 'didn't get to it' box is mostly empty. I'm working on another oil and just a few personal items now. My Nativity will finally be complete after today! I'm psyched since it's taken me, literally, years to get to all of the pieces.
Hope your days are not too hectic. This should be a time where we all can enjoy the thoughts and beauty of the true meaning of Christmas.
Have a merry one!! 


Lyndsey said...

That is exactly how I feel!! By the way .. love the reindeer!!!

Trish-Ladybug said...

The Reindeer is just sooo cute
Love his facial expression :-)

Feel the same way....

Merry Christmas
hugs Trish-Ladybug