April 27, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Can you remember all of the teachers that made a difference in your life? I can! I've had the opportunity to get to know many teachers who have not only touched my life, but that of my children as well! And with two more starting school this fall, my opportunities have increased!!
I've added to my inventory certain items for "Teacher Appreciation" week and I'd like to share something with you!

Teachers can never have enough apples...

...but they can't live by apples alone. They need to tickle their 'funny bones', too!

My favorite little 'Apple Notes'!

Whether you're a certified teacher, an assistant, studying to be a future teacher, had/have a teacher, know a teacher, loved a teacher, or admired a teacher, then
leave me a comment so you can win an ' Apple Notes'!!

This Giveaway is open until 7:00 p.m., Friday evening, at which time I will choose a winner!

Thanks for stopping by...and if you can read this post in it's entirety, go thank a teacher!!!


Tambry said...

Austin's new teacher is a doll and I would love to win the apple notes for her.

Patti said...

Vicky I just love all your work! I am so lucky that I have so much of it in my house.

emilysuze said...

I miss teaching middle school and getting cute teacher-y items!

Are your two just so excited for school in the fall?

Joyce said...

Hi Vicky, this is Joyce Ostermiller. I am on Julie's facebook, so I am commenting for her, since she hasn't, and because she has kids in school who have great teachers.

Amy said...

Vicky, You, yourself, are a great teacher!! I am happy my kids get to be taught by you!!

Amy Chase

The Faveros said...

These are so cute- what a cute little gift!!