April 6, 2010

Happy Be-lated Easter!

I was supposed to have her posted by Saturday but our Easter 'busy-ness' got in the way. This is Miss Esther Bunny. I've been trying to get her painted for a few years now and finally took the time since I had the extra pine boards. She's from the pattern collection of Mary Helen Gould. I painted her with different colors but am very happy with how she turned out. I wouldn't mind painting her again.
This is her front...
(she's missing her basket because I've been sick and unable to get to the store!)

...and yes, I painted her back!

Not something I do all of the time but Mary Helen does most of her work that way and she was just too cute a bunny not to.
Hope your Easter was a good one.
I'll have my Spring 'Giveaway' in one more week. Come back and visit and maybe I'll have that oil painting finished, too!


Diana Marshall said...

What a cute bunny she is and such a sweet face too, who wouldn't love her?

The Faveros said...

What a sweet little bunny- I love it!!!

Lei said...

That's dalring. My mom used to make these (well slightly different). I used mine for years until it became too weathered. Hey - thanks for commenting on my tute over at Tatertots today!