April 29, 2013


Good morning Blogging Friends!
I've had a fairly lazy weekend which I needed badly! I wiped a fevered brow and kept the family fed but other than that, didn't do too much. I hope you were able to rest and relax a bit as I did......minus the fevered brow, of course!
I've got a couple of WINNERS for my MILDRED Giveaway!
Thank you ONE AND ALL for your participation and support in this Giveaway!
Random.org was in the lower numbers this morning!
The winner of the MILDRED PATTERN is.......


The winner of my MILDRED DOLL is.........

I need your addy girls so get them to me at VicWeave@aol.com so I can send out your prizes!
I made another Mildred so CINDI can choose which one she wants:

On my table this morning is yet another Teacher Appreciation Gift!
 Been selling these lately as it IS that time of year to show appreciation for those wonderful teachers. My son has a male teacher this year and I'm going to make him a pencil holder minus the bow. 
I've also got those sunflowers to finish up and working on some Americana as our OFG Team is gearing up for a SUMMER CELEBRATION!!
Don't forget my FACEBOOK Mystery Giveaway still going on! Look for the picture on the upper right sidebar and click on it. Then find the picture on my page and comment on it to sign up!
Stay Tuned as you don't want to miss out!

April 26, 2013

Just Another Ordinary Day!

Ahhhh, another beautiful day in Paradise although our Paradise is heating up pretty fast! 88 yesterday. That means the 90's are right around the corner!
I was able to go outside and get some wood cut out. 
I was nearing the end of my work when my Sander blew. A big POP and then billowing clouds of smoke came out from underneath the motor along with the sound of mechanical death as the motor ground to a halt. My Porter Cable was supposed to be an investment; something that would last years down the road. I got 2 years out of it.
Well, I'll just set back for a few days and sew.
I'm working on Sunflowers and crows. Also stuffing dolls. I made 2 of them for RAVENWOOD WHIMZIES Doll Challenge. As I stuffed them, I realized one of my legs was a bit bigger than the other. How did I do that? Same pattern but one leg is fat and the other skinny. SIGH....looks like I'll be cutting out another one. Can't wait to clothe them and show you and Wendy. Let's see if my 'great' ideas come to fruition!!
Don't forget about MILDRED
I'm giving her away on Monday, April 29th. I've almost completed the 'other' Mildred and will show you her picture on Monday so the winner can make her choice. You can find the link to my MILDRED Giveaway AND my Facebook Mystery Giveaway on my upper right sidebar. DO look at all of the other great Giveaways while you've got a minute. Some great things by some fantastic Artisans.
Hoping your day is sunny and bright and you're not blowing anything up!
I'll have lots more going on this next week as our OFG Team is gearing up for a Summer Celebration.
As my Mama always says, "Hold your Horses" and STAY TUNED!

April 22, 2013


I have another FACEBOOK MYSTERY GIVEAWAY going on! I'm trying to get to 500 Fans.....can you help me? Click HERE to join in the fun! Remember to sign up on the post where you see this particular picture!

Don't forget about my MILDRED Giveaway going on, too! Look on my right side bar and click on the picture that says "CURRENT GIVEAWAY" or click HERE to sign up. She's TOO ADORABLE not to want her!

April 20, 2013

BUDDY aka Hugo the Huge!

I've been working on a birthday gift for my Mother In Law and finally finished it today. It's rainy, cold and gloomy.......perfect day to set on my rump and craft!!
I started off with a pattern from the wonderful and talented Pam Gracia of "Soft in the Head".

I got him cut out and sewn up using cotton muslin. I had so much fun making his face!
I primmed him up nicely with a new prim mix I'm using. 

I FINALLY went and bought some cheap instant coffee 'cause it really does make it darker. Most mixes just add a few T. of vanilla. This is my recipe:
2 cups of hot water
1/3-1/2 cup instant coffee
1 6-8 oz bottle of imitation vanilla
1/8 cup of ground nutmeg
1/4 cup of cinnamon
Pour it in a bottle and use generously! GREAT SMELLING!
My MIL brought by 2 of her wool Blazer's that she used to wear with her skirts. I used one of them to make Buddy's shirt. The original pattern calls for a small adult sweater but I thought it would mean more if I used something she'd worn.I even used the sleeves and set them in. I paired it up with some burgundy ticking for his pants. 

 I made him a pocket on his shirt out of the burgundy ticking and put in some Sweet Annie and cinnamon sticks; tied it up with sisal, too. 

His scarf is cheese cloth stained and then microwaved....YES, I said I put it in the microwave to dry it! Works wonderfully!!

The only thing I forgot to do is put his whiskers in. I'll use sisal. Be back in a minute.......
OK, that's better!! He was SOOOO much fun to make that I will surely do it again....and again!
If you want to know more, go over to Pam's shop and get the pattern. In fact, get 2! I promise you they are easy and SO FUN to make!
Now, off to finish those dolls!

April 16, 2013

And So It Goes.......

Good morning by blogging friends!
WOW, what a day yesterday, huh?! I guess we're fortunate that bombings aren't an everyday occurrence here. So sad that some people have so much anger in them that they could 'cause something so horrific to happen to innocent people. I still feel the 'good out weighs the bad'. If you don't have Faith, what else is there?
I'm not one to dwell on too much negativity. What is done is done. We'll clean up, move on, and be a better People because of it. God Bless America!
Once again my work table is full! Teacher Appreciation is coming up soon and I thought I'd better get my apples painted and ready.
I picked these up from our Overstock group and have plenty for future projects such as blocks and small signs.
I'm also working on a big project....Huge is more like it....As in HUGO the Huge!
I bought this pattern from Pam Gracia over at SOFT IN THE HEAD. I'm going to name mine Buddy and give him to a very special lady in my life....my sweet Mother-in-law. It was her birthday last week and I didn't have time to finish him. She'd given me 2 wool blazers that were hers to tear apart and use. So, I'm using the plaid blazer to make his shirt and some blue fabric for his pants. Because the Blazer is green/blue with stripes of red and gold, I'll have to choose what accent color I want his scarf to be. I'm thinking gold. What do you think? His body can actually fit into a small adult sweater which is what Pam recommends in her pattern. I just thought it would be kind of cool to include my MIL's blazer that I used to see her wear. I'm pretty sure she'll like him......I'll show you when he's dressed and ready. Painting and staining him today!
I completed an order for a returning customer yesterday. ALWAYS love making these guys! I've got a Birthday Garland in the works that one of my returned customers is helping me design. She wanted to know if I had one. I told her I'd drawn out one already and what would she like to see besides cupcakes and hearts? Well, presents of course and balloons, too, so it's outside and 'to the saws' I go today to see what I can make!
I think she's getting angrier by the minute!!
Stay Tuned!

April 12, 2013

This & That

I received a few things in the mail this week......well, that's actually an UNDERstatement! I've kept my mail lady quite busy. We're getting to know each other pretty well.
A friend invited me to join a group on FB....an OVERSTOCK group and, well, let's just say "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!! I've been picking up LOTS of fabrics at GREAT prices.
This is just a small stash. I'm excited to work with the Americana as I've just purchase a new Raggedy Doll pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm. Our OFG Team will be having a celebration next month and I'm preparing a few goodies to include in it!
I received a GIVEAWAY win from the talented Brenda of RUSTY THIMBLE

I won one of her sweet little rabbits! SO cute and perfectly primmed! Thank you, AGAIN, Brenda!
I also purchased a new Doll! This one is from Kim over at ORP (Old Road Primitives)!
This is GINGER and she is so sweet!! I hugged her and kissed her and promised to be her friend forever! She's getting along with my other dolls and seems to be a happy girl!
I wanted to share with you what's been haunting me. 
 As you can tell by her expression, she is running out of patience with me.....sigh....if I had more time and less kids to take care of I wouldn't be having this problem. I got the original HEAD from a Make-Do pattern at My Primitive Saltbox. I've made up her body and have misplaced her legs and arms. I remember drawing them up and cutting them out. She has little 'witch boots' and she'll be adorable when I finish her....well, in a 'witchy' sort of way! 
I've also drawn up some chicken patterns which I will share with you. Not anyone's pattern in particular but I do receive inspriation from viewing other people's art work. Don't you?!
Hoping your April is bringing in wishes for May flowers....especially those of you with snow still in the forecast. I saw on FB the other day where someone from the north had posted a picture of a snowman lying down and about a half dozen knives stabbed in him. the caption under the photo said something to the effect of  "Die Winter". Made me chuckle!
Don't forget about my Giveaway! Will end on Monday, April 29th! Look for Mildred at the top of my right side bar!


April 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

SPRING is in FULL bloom here! 

My itchy eyes can attest to that! Time is flying and we're already in the 2nd week of April. Seriously UNREAL!
I haven't been that busy. I've got 4 orders to cut wood out for this week so looks like my Etsy might be picking up a bit. It's been VERY slow for the last month. This is what I've been doing.....
My market basket is FULL of stuffies!
 I picked this basket up at the Good Will for a mere few dollars and I LOVE it! It houses my newly sewn pieces. I then set it beside my favorite 'sitting spot' and stuff while listening to the news, etc. This is left over Bunnies, Sunflowers and some Spring time Buzzy Bees! I'm getting ready to sew up their bottoms and replace them all with Raggedy doll bodies. 
I picked up this box of Boyd's  Bears and collectibles from a fellow crafter.
 I thought they'd be perfect accessories for some of my dolls. Here is Macie Mae with a small bunny!
My sweet Mother-in-law brought me over an old coat to tear up. 
I separated the pieces and washed (or WORSHED!) them up. I bought a Pattern from Samantha's Accessories and thought the brown wool (acrylic wool?) would make great meeces!
I've got something 'haunting' me and I'll need to get that done soon so I can sleep at night again. I'll have to show that to you soon so you can understand the whole 'haunting' thing!! 
Don't forget my GIVEAWAY in the post below this one. You can also see it in the link on my Right side bar!
Hope Spring has Sprung where you are! Time stands still for no one!
Stay Tuned!

April 3, 2013


I picked up some great patterns at the beginning of the year. A few of them were from Pam Gracia of  SOFT IN THE HEAD. She's a phenomenal soft sculpture artist! Here is one of the patterns I picked up from her.
I actually picked up 2 of these and so I asked her if I could give my 'extra' one away on my blog. Of course, she said 'no problem' so here I am.......Giving away a MILDRED pattern from Pam Gracia......
why stop there?! 
I made one MILDRED and am almost finished with another.
She's 18" tall, painted with an acrylic wash, and smells of Vanilla and Cinnamon! YUM!
Her eyes are buttons and her whiskers are sisal. Her shawl is stained cheesecloth and she has a stained, vintage handkerchief for her skirt. LOVE HER!!
So I said to myself...."Myself? Why not give a MILDRED away?" Because I can, right?!
This Giveaway is for a pattern of MILDRED by Pam Gracia
A MILDRED by Vicky Weaver
I made this Mildred with Button eyes but I'm going to make the one I've almost finished with  eyelids as Pam intended on the pattern. I'll show her to you when I get her done so you can CHOOSE which one you like! 
3 chances to win the Pattern or Mildred herself!
This Giveaway is open to the US ONLY and will end on Monday, April 29th. I know, I know; I love my Canadian friends but I hate the Postal Rates and she is a BIG GIRL requiring a big box!
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay tuned!