August 29, 2015

Vicky's Art: TUTORIAL: Prim Candy Corn

Vicky's Art: TUTORIAL: Prim Candy Corn: Let's make some Candy Corn! Gotta start with a shape! Whether it's someone's pattern (please give them credit!) or your own, ...

August 12, 2015


I'm not really sure that I wanted to get started again but I seem to have found my 'groove' for now. I've been cutting out and sewing up Fall patterns. Some I already had and some I've recently bought. Have you ever heard of Chestnut Junction/Kellie Sharp? She's great and has her patterns, e-patterns, for $1.99. You can find her on Etsy if you click on the link above. I just picked up another 6 yesterday. I'm also working on some patterns from Pam Gracia of Soft In the Head.
I ventured outside away from my pool to cut some wood patterns out.
I was sweating like a pig by the time I finished and it was only 11:30 a.m. I think we reached 98 by the end of the day! It's been one of those long, hot summers for us and I'm afraid it's not even close to ending. This box of goodies is awaiting paint coverage! Lots of cute Fall designs from Renee Mullins of Plum Purdy.
These girls were 'sunning' and drying out from their bath in vanilla and cinnamon. They'll be
cute-sied up in a few more days. The pumpkins are for a different pattern.
I finished this last week but just got them photo'd.
Cute and inexpensive for a favorite Teacher. You can find it in my Etsy shop HERE.
For those of you on FaceBook, you may have already seen my pictures from the weekend. These guys turned the big "10" last Friday.
They didn't want a party because parties are for 'babies' so we took them to the beach (Jax and St. Augustine).
The weather wasn't the best but we did get some sunshine in the mornings.
Daddy taught then how to 'boogie' board and they had a blast. It was a memorable B-day and said to have been the 'Best'. Well, they say that every year but I have to agree with them this time!
School starts up on the 17th here. You'll probably hear my "YIPPEE" from where you are. I'm ready to get back into routine although not too excited about the early morning start.
It's already 4:30 p.m. and I've got 2 orders to finish so I can mail them out tomorrow so I better get moving.
Hope Summer has been good to you!

July 27, 2015

My Pin Keep Swap!

I'm a bit late getting this posted. Life gets in the way of all of my fun.
I joined in on Wendy's Annual 'Christmas in July' Pin Keep Swap over at Ravenwood Whimzies this past month. I received my Pin Keep over a week ago from Mary!
She's a 'fellow Floridian' and her blog is
Stop by her Blog and you can see what I sent her. My camera wasn't working the day I sent it out and my hubby took the pic on his phone. Of course, he didn't give me the photo yet. I forgot to remind him the required 10 times!
We had a fun time with the 12-13 year olds from our Church. It's also an Annual event here at the Weaver's house! We LOVE having the youth come out. Some of these kids have never enjoyed these sporting events that we take for granted. I've been on or around the water here in Florida all of my life. I can't Water Ski but I've tried it all!!

We had a great day and enjoyed the Sun and it's shine before the storms hit in the afternoon.
I'm a lucky gal to live and play on the Lake!
We're getting over the dregs of a nasty Upper Respiratory Virus. I finally caved in and went to the Docs. A double Ear/Sinus Infection warranted me 10 days of Antibiotic. Orders for School Name Blocks are coming in so I've got to get better.
Hope your Summer has been fun! School starts in a few more weeks. I'll be glad to get back on a routine although I could do without the early morning wake-up calls!
Have a good one!

July 1, 2015

I'm Thinking of Fall!

Etsy is celebrating "Christmas in July". It's the first day of July. Christmas is 6 months away. I'm sure you know that already, however, I have to keep saying it over and over again to myself as it's hard to believe we're half-way through 2015. When my kids were little I was always finished with my Holiday shopping by September. Even though my shop is participating in the celebration on Etsy, my mind cannot wrap around anything Christmas at this time.
I am thinking of Fall, however. Purchased these super cute patterns from Pattis Ratties.
You can find her shop HERE. I've set up my sewing machine and cutting out these patterns today.
I also picked up some extra fabric from a gal on my Overstock sales page on Facebook.
A whole box of fat quarters! Yes, I need another piece of fabric like I need another hole in the head but it's one of my obsessions and something that I'll always give into. Plus I'm making some 12" Rag Dolls with some 8-11 year olds this month and they'll need dresses. Well, yes, that's a little much for a few Rag Doll dresses but it will deplete my supply just a bit....even though someone already donated some pretty Calicos. A girl has to keep a close eye out for her supply stash!
I went to Target and in their $1 section I found these.

Chalk Board surfaces. I always like to have a 'little something' to put into a package whenever I've had a buyer purchase more than average. I just like to show my appreciation and I think it's good business. Hasn't hurt me in any way and I'm sure the customer appreciates the extra and unexpected. I know I do when I receive the same.
Forgot to share Father's day. I think the kids may regret getting this. Their Dad loves to have his feet rubbed and he enjoyed this gift.
I'm sure I'll be the one handling this most times.
Also wanted to share Southern Living's recipe for their Key Lime Pound Cake. I made this for Father's Day and it was very well received!
You can find the recipe HERE.
If you want to visit shops that are celebrating 'Christmas in July' on Etsy then go to Etsy HERE or you can type in the search bar CIJ. Many of us have a coupon. Mine is CIJ15 for 15% off anything in my shop.
I'm still 'thinking' about painting the house. It'll happen one of these days!
Have a great day!

June 25, 2015

Now I'M a Winner!

Look what I won from Lorena at Rose Chic Friends!
Oh my, but you should see the painting on the candles! Everything is so well made and came packaged beautifully! So lovely!
You can also find her here on her Etsy!
Stop by and see her beautiful handmade work!
Love finding new friends in Cyber Space!

June 22, 2015

WINNER for My Supply Giveaway!

Sorry for the late post! Internet doesn't seem to want to work for me this morning so I've moved my computer to the table. chose my winner for me and it is HILLTOPHOMESTEADER. As soon as I contact her and get her info I'll be sending out this box of wood supplies.
I've got another post to write and will do that for tomorrow.
BIG THANKS to those of you who signed up! I appreciate you stopping by and for your continued support!
Have a great day!

June 16, 2015

In the Midst of June........

WOW! We're in the middle of June already!
 The old adage 'Time flies while you're having fun' does not apply here. I've actually been painting the interior of my home. So far, I've finished up the trim in our daughter's room. Yeah, I'm not really moving very fast.We're getting ready to lay down some new carpeting for her. I'm still trying to convince my husband that wood floors, as we have in most of our home, would be more appropriate for a 10 year olds room. Well, I'm still trying to convince him as he's set on carpet in the bedrooms.
We also have new countertops in the kitchen so the cabinets, which had already been painted on when we moved in, need to have a new coat of paint. Last but not least. I have to paint the walls in the living area. Sigh....The paint is purchased along with new curtains and some decorative pieces to hang up. I'm dragging my feet. Yes, I do all of the painting. I'm growing less fond of this type of painting, however.
The kids have been out of school for a few weeks and are having a great time.

 Lots of swim time and a day playing on the big slide plus playing with the neighbor twins on the days they come out to the lake. Ahhhhhh, to be young and carefree again!
I haven't been decorative painting or sewing at all. I've taken time to go through some closets and got rid of things I've no use for. Might need them tomorrow or next week as that's the way 'Murphy's Law' works but my closets are a bit lighter!
I wanted to remind you about my SUPPLY GIVEAWAY.
It's the post below this one or just click HERE. A winner will be announced on Monday. (USA participants only, please.)
Today is just another day for us. I guess I'll get started on those dreaded kitchen cabinets (said while whimpering, whining, and gnashing teeth!). I stopped believing in Fairies a long time ago.
Have a great day!

June 1, 2015


School's almost out....only a few more days and the kids will be free for the summer. Lots of swimming goes on around here. We'll have 'movie' Fridays, Beach Vacays, and Disney dates with Dad. I'll be okay until the 1st of August. Then you'll hear me scream.....and yell......and holler and wish school was back in. Of course, at that time, their will only be 2 more weeks of vacation left. Then I'll wonder where the Summer went. Isn't that  the way of things?
Everyone was bragging about their kids on FB. Mine got this award, mine got that award. Well, darn it all, so did mine! Too many to name including A/B Honor Roll but the 'BIG' one was STUDENT OF THE YEAR! Both of them received it from 2 different teachers!
(My kids are on each end)
We're so proud of them and the efforts that were made by them this year. Can't believe they'll be 5th Graders this next year.
My custom work orders are finished and I'm not doing anymore until the kids get back to school. I'm tired. The shop is still open and I'll ALWAYS be creating but I've got to take time for some home repairs and painting. Plus, I need some play time, too!
Speaking of play time, I've found a new medium.
I ordered some of this from Amazon.
I've also been watching You Tube videos.
I thought I'd start with gourds and birds.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Here's my Supply Giveaway.
A large flat rate box FULL of painting surfaces and small wood pieces. This is just a small, minute part of what I have. I should hang my head in shame for having so much but instead, I'll share my bounty with you! Yes, I know their are FB pages where this can be sold and no, I don't want to deal with that.
If you'd like a chance to win this, please leave me a comment. Make sure I have a way to contact you, too. If you want to share this post, then please do and I'll count you twice! Just let me know where you're sharing it!
This needs to stay within the boundaries of the USA so please, only comment if you live in the States.
 This Giveaway is open until Monday, June 22nd at which time I'll announce a winner sometime that morning EST.
Thanks for your support by Following my Blog. I hope your summer is fun-filled, your troubles few, and the screaming waits until school starts again!

May 21, 2015

All kinds of Celebrations!

Our OFG Celebration continues! If you have a few minutes, you might want to stop by these shops and see some of their creations!
There are sooooo many more so if you want to see them all, stop by ETSY and type in the search bar TOSCOFG to see more or click on the picture in my upper right hand corner!
I won another Giveaway from the talented Brenda at the Rusty Thimble. Wasn't expecting these so it was a BIG surprise for me!
Love these little tucks!
You can find Brenda HERE!
I've been busy finishing up orders for Teacher gifts: Teacher Appreciation and End of the Year.
School is out in another week so I'll be shutting down my custom order work and just leaving my READY TO SHIP available in my Etsy shop.
Visit HERE to see what I have and if you want something custom made, get your order in NOW! Here's just a few things I've recently listed!
I'm getting ready to go and watch my 4th graders in their school parade. They are celebrating 'World Fair' and always do an awesome job throughout the school! It's an all day affair about the different countries and cultures that make up our World. It ends this evening with visits to the class rooms to see all that the kids have made. I love our little rural school!
Wishing you a wonderful day as you get it started! Hot here.....looks to be a LONG summer for us!
Have a good one!

May 4, 2015

Painting Some Americana!

I love painting anything in our Patriotic colors! I've had so much fun this last week finishing up my items for Summer and the month of July. I have a couple of small paintings that I'm working on and they'll be the last of my craft items. I always close down for part of the summer when the kids get out of school but this year I'm going to stay open. I'll just cut off the 'custom' orders so I'm not having to cut wood in 95 degree weather!
I got started on these Uncle Sam's and realized I didn't have any flowers for them. SO, off to Michael's I went.
Silk flowers can be expensive! These weren't too bad as I got them 40% off. My eyes are ALWAYS open and looking for sales!
The next few photos are all made in similar fashion.

I used a tin pail, a terra cotta planter that I painted, and this old tin cup found at a yard sale.
This next one I made using a piece of 2x4 and dowel. I like to make some of my Make-Dos this way.
I thought, with the purchase of a 'Summer/Patriotic' item, I'll include one of these 'God Bless America' Blocks.
These are also made form 2x4 studs. I've painted them with acrylic craft paints, sanded around the edges, decoupaged with good scrapbook paper or stenciled, and then applied the vinyl lettering. I always coat a layer of Mod Podge over the lettering to prevent any lifting. Hope it's a good enough incentive as Summer sales are always slow.
I've also made these easy plaque/signs.

I love it when a craft comes with an 'Easy' button!
The signs are already in my Etsy but the Uncle Sams will be listed in a few more weeks along with these girls.
The little girl on the far right is already gone to a good home and a good friend but the other 3 will be available soon.
School is almost out. I'm looking forward to summer slowing down and lazy afternoons. The kids are getting old enough to help themselves and that makes my life easier as I continue to care for our handicapped daughter.
Hoping those of you to the North of us are finally warming up. Mother Nature has finally decided to give us a bit of a Spring so we're enjoying the cooler mornings and breezy days.
I've got one more Giveaway before Summer kicks in so stay tuned!


April 24, 2015

A FAAP Mother's Day Giveaway!

The FAAP or Folk Art And Primitives Etsy Team are having a Mother's Day Giveaway! Go HERE to sign up. You could win more than one prize!