February 23, 2015

Wishing Time Would Stand Still?!

Seriously, I've lost a whole month! Well, 2 now that February is almost over! Tired from Christmas celebrations and SUPER busy with orders throughout January, I found myself exhausted. Thankfully, I only had 1 other order to finish with 3 weeks to do it in so I was able to take some time off. I haven't been able to sit down once with my oil paints in the last year and that's weighing heavy on me. My thoughts have gone all the way to, "is it time to stop all of this" to, "I'll just take a year off". After getting a week and a-half off with no orders, I was feeling a bit more rested and ready to start again. Once again I found myself with several more orders to finish throughout February and, again, needing to put my feet up.
Our OFG Team on Etsy is having a new Celebration; The "Colors of Spring".
I've got a new line of scarves called "Sassy Lady(s)" that I'm debuting. They are made from bandanas and are great for dressing up a T-shirt or plain blouse with a Boho and Western Wear look.  Here's a small sample:

You can find these in my Etsy shop (my mini is on the right side bar).
I've also been busy with this little guy.

He is a pattern by Crystal Martin of Twiddlebugz.
I've also got a new Teacher Gift in my shop. Just a simple block made from fencing post.
My sewing machine is out and I'm stuffing Bunnies for my donation to the Gold Coast Humane Society "Bun Fest". I participate each year as I have such an affection for Fur Balls!
I'll leave you with a recent picture of a sunset here on our Lake. Weather is gorgeous!
 Looks like Spring is here to stay! Here's hoping you get to see it soon where you are.

January 2, 2015

A Good Start!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
I've always been told that 'what you do on New Year's Day, is what you'll do throughout the whole year'. I spent my day cleaning up a bit, painting, and reading a good mystery. I also put together a delicious dinner of BBQ Ribs, Dirty Rice, and of course, those Black Eyed Peas for good luck!
 SO, I'm okay with that! Spending my whole year doing those things will be just fine for me!
This young lady celebrated her b-day a few days ago. This is Becky.
Becky and Dad 2014
 She was our youngest when the twins were born 9 years ago. She just turned 26. She is our Nurse in the family and is currently working in Home Health Care in the Keys. Changes are coming for her and we sure do wish her the best as we do all of our children.
I've got 3 orders on my table for the New Year. I'll be working on them this a.m. and then we're taking the kids out to the movies. School will be starting next Monday and I'm ready to get this year started. I say that as I look at my Christmas tree that is still standing and fully dressed. Yeh, I'm really on fire, aren't I?!!
Here are some sweet little Love Bugs that I'm making for Valentine's day.
 They are sweet and super easy to make. Think I'll share this pattern with you in the next few days so make sure you....
Stay Tuned!!

December 27, 2014

The 'After' Christmas

I absolutely hate to see the Christmas Holidays end. I love having all of my kids here and having the husband home. 
Our kids from left to right: Anna 9, Becky 25, Audrey 28 (she's our handicapped daughter), Cristi 31, TJ 32, and Tate 9 (making his funny face with his fart blaster! Oh my gosh, what was I thinking?!!!!)
I love the relaxing days after Christmas. It's such a busy time for all of us before the actual holidays and, as I get older, I'm just not able to accomplish what I used to. But putting up my feet afterwards....it's the best!
I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm making  a few changes in my shop. Adding some new items and getting rid of old inventory that hasn't moved. My family is always willing to take my 'left overs'!
I worked on a few last minute pieces and wanted to share these guys with you.
 They are from ORP (Old Road Primitives). Kim's patterns are SEW easy to read and make and these guys were fun to share with my family members.
My husband loves to shop clearance and bought me a few things from our local Sam's Club that I can use in my crafts. I now have in my possession some lovely reels of ribbons and these trims that I can use with various designs I make.
 Aren't these great? Ideas are whirling inside my head!
I'm keeping my Winter Village scene up through January. I have to climb a ladder to get this all up. Wish I could take a decent pic of it for you so you could see it lighted. Blues in the background and the houses and stores are lighted with whites and colors. This is my family's fav d├ęcor of Christmas!
The weather here is wonderful as you can see in my pic.
We're in the low 70's. Hoping it continues so I can start my wood cutting. Kids won't be back in school for another week so I'll enjoy it all while I can.
Hoping your Christmas was pleasant and memorable and the 'after' provides you with some time to put your feet up.
Stay Tuned!

December 11, 2014

Prepping & Finishing

I've been busy preparing for the Holidays. I'm nearly finished with the purchasing of gifts. I've actually shopped more on the internet this year than in the past years. I get so excited to see my packages arriving via USPS and UPS. Keeping things hidden from curious eyes is the hard part. Empty suitcases come in handy!
 I finished the last of my 'Made To Orders' and that felt good. My shop is still open until next week. I'm offering a 30 % coupon for purchase of $15.00 or more. Still have some great items to look over (169 items in my inventory right now, excluding custom orders). Stop by HERE to take a look!
Finished up some of these pieces for our gift baskets. Last year we were so sick with a viral flu that we were unable to do much. I didn't even send out Christmas cards....which I still haven't done that yet either.

You can't see the glitter on these too well but they sure are shiny!

These 2 guys are spin offs from my other elf Make-Dos.
This is a replica of a cheese box that I made. I'm going to start selling wood plaques, etc. this next year for the decorative painter. We'll see if that's a wise decision. It sure is an easy one for me.
I have a few more personal gifts that I need to finish and I can't show them on here cause you never know who might be watching! It's those 'curious' eyes I'm wary of!
Thought I'd leave you with our Florida version of the song 'Winter Wonderland'. It's chilly here and has been for the last several days but at least it's not white!

November 26, 2014

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Stay Safe in your travels and enjoy your families and friends.

November 20, 2014

Clearing the Table!

Oh, I didn't mean to let so much time pass before posting again. I've been clearing off my sewing table and FINALLY finished the last piece. I'm busy with eyes, and accessories but DO see the light at the end of a very long tunnel!
 2x4 Snowmen are the EASIEST to make. I cut some of these out and painted them with a small group of gals.
This is Jimmy Jingle and he is newly listed in my Etsy shop!
Snow Belle and her Polar Bear is new, too!
This is one of my gourds that I just finished. Pretty easy pattern that I designed. I think I might like painting on gourds as I like the smooth surface.
Ornaments! These are listed in my shop!
These are some new ornaments but I don't think I'm going to list them. They're great for last minute gifts and are easily mailed.
These turned out really cute! Even my husband liked them! Their hats are actually ornaments themselves. I spotted them at Walmart and my imagination took off! Again, I'm not going to list them....just save in case I need a quick gift.You can find my Etsy mini on my right sidebar if you'd like to see more of the things I've listed.
I have a couple of things left on my painting table but they're for gifts. I'm done sewing until next year......I think I am anyway!!
We've been a bit cool here the last few days. The kids and husband are recovering from nasty colds. I think we'll be back to normal for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to family and friends and the big 'FEAST'.
Wishing you warm feet in our cooler temps!

November 7, 2014

My Pin Keep Swap!

It finally feels like FALL here....well, the Florida version anyway! Nice and cool in the mornings and warming up (sometimes TOO warm!) in the afternoon.
I participated in Wendy's Pin Keep Swap over at RAVENWOOD WHIMZIES . Heather and I were signed up as Swap partners and I got my package in on Wednesday.
It was an early Christmas as she had each item wrapped in bright Christmas paper!
I always let me kids help unwrap so waited for them to come home from school. It helps them to appreciate hand made good from others, too.  You should've heard them when they unwrapped this guy!
SOOOOOO cute and smelled wonderful!
Heather also included a lovely Prim stocking......
An Oatmeal Raisin Cookie candle....YUM!!!!
....and a wonderful jar of old buttons!!
I just LOVE old buttons!!
Thank you SO much Heather for the wonderful swap! I now have a new cyber friend thanks to Wendy!
You can see Heather HERE at thecountryschoolmarm and she'll show you what I gave her!
Stay Tuned!

October 27, 2014

New items!

Our Esty Team is having another wonderful Celebration! I made 4 new items to go along with it.
Santa! Pattern adapted from Chestnut Junction
Chris Mouse and his Candy Cane! Pattern adapted from The Olde Country Cupboard.
"A Snowman will melt your Heart". I don't remember where this pattern came from. I've had it a really long time but I'm pretty sure it's not one of my originals. Let me know if you recognize it.
Elvin the Elf. Adapted from a pattern by The Olde Country Cupboard.
If you'd like to see more items from the Team, just go to ETSY and type in the search bar the letters BICOFG!
I finished my Pumpkins. Saved some for the kid's Teachers. I don't have them listed.
I also finished these last 2 items.
I designed the Cat and Pumpkin for my 8-11 year old girls that I teach twice a month on Wednesdays. They are like Girl Scouts but our group is called Activity Day Girls. They are so cute and LOVE to paint with me! They are quite talented, too, so that makes it even more fun to see their pieces turn out so well! I love to teach kids!
It's been beautiful here on the lake! The water has come up some but we're back in a dry spell again. We need consistent rain and Mother Nature is not so giving in the cooler months. Our local Yacht Club held their annual Sailboat Regatta on Saturday and they came in front of our place.
The weather has been gorgeous with a nice breeze coming in. The water is getting cooler now so our swimming will come to an end soon.
Woke up this a.m. to a dead battery in my Van. Typical Monday.
Hope you're having a better start!
Stay Tuned!