May 11, 2016

Americana Pin Keep Swap

I'm still taking naps but was able to participate in Wendy's, @ Ravenwood Whimzies, Pin Keep Swap. I received my package a few days ago from Amy @ Bumblebee Lane. The design was supposed to be Americana  
and Amy did not disappoint. She has a very generous soul and I am so happy to be the recipient of such a lovely Pin Keep! Take a look at these pictures!
Isn't that brilliant!! LOVE how she used another spindle for the flag holder! Her additional goodies were wonderfully received, too! Some delicious smelling Yankee Candles, a Peppermint bar of soap, a cute note pad, and, some delicious vanilla/caramel Tea! I love to swap and Wendy always makes them fun. Thanks, Wendy! You can visit Amy HERE to see what she got from me!
I started painting a bit again. Trying to finish some UFO's that piled up in my bin over the last year.
Everything from School Pencils to Christmas!
I'll still take a break through the Summer but should be back in full swing come August. The twins are graduating from 5th grade this month and so my hands are busy with year-end projects and school parties. They were safety patrols this year and I'm in charge of their Hot Dog BBQ in another week. Piece of cake! Yeah, they'll have some of that, too!!
Hope your Spring has sprung and those nasty storms out there are far from you. We're hitting Summer now with temps at 90 already. At least we had a lovely Spring. Doesn't happen too often in my little corner of Florida!


March 31, 2016

Taking Some Time!

I've really needed it! Taking some time off to regroup and rest and take care of things that seems to have fallen apart without my attention. I've always said my 'art is my therapy' and it is, however, it can be a bit too much sometimes when you overload yourself.
So, I've been slowly, and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y, getting some forgotten projects done while, intermittently, taking naps.
Awwwwwe, the restorative nap! Not always so as there are time when I wake up grumpy and even groggier than when I went down. We have a handicapped daughter (she's 29 years) who requires my constant care. She has a seizure disorder and, when she has them, lots of times it mean no sleep for me at night. Now that I'm not out at the 'saws' and my paint table, I can take a little more time to catch up on zzzzzzz's that I've missed.
I made this for a sweet lady who comes in a couple of times a week and takes care of our daughter. It gives me some time to get our for errands or 'me time'. Sometimes I stick around the house and work outside but it's my time to do what I want. She is our Angel and requested a sign. So I made it for her.
Also just a couple of Easter/Spring gifts for the kid's Teachers.
Our eldest son came in last night to drop my grand-dog off. He has a weekend trip up north and so I said we'd 'pup sit' for him.
Hanns is a handsome fella! He is purebred German-German Shepherd not Amercian-German. He is HUGE! Scared me to death the first time I met him as I am not a fan of big dogs but he won me over fast! He is so sweet and gentle which really surprised me. So, I'll watch him for a few days and we'll solidify our bond just a bit more!
Right now my Etsy shop is closed but I'll be opening back up in another week.....only for a month, though. I'm closing for the summer and anticipate being back for the Fall with some new pieces. Hopefully those summer months will give me the time I need to finish those 'forgotten' projects and allow me some extra time for naps along the way.
Hope your Spring has sprung and you're blooming where you're planted.

January 20, 2016

Mid-January Greetings!

Well, here we are in the middle of January and I'm just now posting. One could look at me and think I've been lazy....but I haven't been. I'm having another busy month! So glad I took a few weeks off around Christmas. I'm still having a hard time getting my head back into the game. I've not created anything new except for these as I've had my hands full with orders. Hoping to finish these today with added buttons and ribbons.
I helped a friend out with her daughter's wedding last week. She had some old doors that needed to be painted and distressed. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding and she propped the doors onto trees.
 There were 2 of these and she had them propped against 2 trees that were side by side to make it look as if you were coming 'in' to the seating area.
 This one was also propped against a tree for decoration. The place was wooded and done up so lovely. Lights were in the trees and the 'wedding party' was gorgeous!
I've been working on a large order of chalkboard signs.
Just some 1x4s cut into 12" pieces with rounded-over edges and a wire for hanging. Similar to this but with out the apple or ribbon.
I'll be finishing up all 25 of those today and shipping them off to a company for their individual office signs.
These guys were left-over from Christmas. I will eventually finish them up and get them off of my table so I can have room to put more items on there that require finishing touches. SIGH.
 She was supposed to be a little Valentine Raggedy but she's still sitting nekkid in my green tub. If I can get this week behind me I might find time time to clothe her!
 Orders for these are starting to come in. Really pretty to put/keep up anytime and so fun to make!
I was gong through my inventory and discovered I had this. Didn't have any photos taken so I listed it back in my Etsy shop.
That's my motto for our home!
Hoping your New Year has started off on a positive note. We're pretty cold here in Florida. I'm actually enjoying the cooler temps as it's keeping the dreaded 'hot flashes' at bay.
Easter is around the corner. Coming early at the end of March. I need to have a Giveaway so stay tuned in!

December 26, 2015

Before and After!

I got busy with the Holidays and I bet you did, too! Just can't do everything I used to but I still come close!
I wanted to share a few things I received BEFORE Christmas came from some of our awesome blogging friends!
The FAAP Team (Folk Arts And Primitives) had an Ornament Giveaway and I was one of the lucky recipients! I won Bernard from Danice of Homespun Hannah's Blog.
He is so cute! Thank you, Danice!
I also received my Swap package from Amy @ Bumblebee Lane Cottage.
 Everything was packaged so nicely and I was immediately greeted with a handful of peppermint kisses which, of course, I tasted!
 This Santa doll is so cute! I put him in one of my stockings for decorative purposes before the real Santa came.....yes, I did it with care!
 Some Moose Munch and Snowberry tarts! YUMMY for all of my senses!!
 I LOVE hand crocheted dish cloths. I always purchase some at the craft shows I attend. They last a long time!
 This photo does not do justice to this lovely pillow! I just love it!
 Wonderful goodies from Amy of Bumblebee Lane Cottage . Thank you, Amy! You made my Christmas extra special!
This was after Santa came and before he left our home. We still had 2 other families come in the next morning. We were all spoiled! That's what I get for having 6 kids!!!
Sure hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!
I'm looking forward to a New Year and want to wish Everyone the BEST that 2016 can bring!

December 2, 2015

Day 2 - Christmas Blog Hop!

Welcome to my Blog and Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies Annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!
I'm honored to be a part of her Christmas Tradition and share a few things with you.
Just in case you missed the 1st Day, you'll want to go to Lecia's Blog HERE. Of course, the best place to start is always at the beginning so make sure you follow along with Wendy HERE.
I've been busy 'crafting' for some time now and am ready to put it all away until next year but first, I'd like to share a NEW Elf with you! I made this one just for the Blog Hop!
Ernie the Elfin Make-Do
Supplies needed:
acrylic paints
large wooden plug
seasonal cotton fabrics
Christmas sock
2x4 block and piece of dowel
The scan to my computer no longer works so you have to make your own pattern. Look at the photo. Make sure the curve of his cheek is coming out diagonal from the point of his hat. (This is a sheet of cardstock folded in half).
Draw the pattern onto muslin or your choice of fabric.
Sew along the pencil lines leaving the bottom open. 
Stuff the ears first and then go and stitch them up on the machine or by hand. Finish stuffing.
Paint him with a fleshtone acrylic paint. Center the nose with a pencil mark, a little lower than I'm showing here. Brush on some cheeks. Don't be stingy as I love me some cheeks!
Paint your wooden plug the same color flesh and glue to the center place you marked for the nose. Now mark the eyes and mouth. Follow along on the next few posts.


Isn't he adorable?!
Now we need to assemble him!
I used a 2x4 block of wood. I painted it with black and then red over that. (Forgot to sand it but I'll get to it.)
I like to take the skinny spools and set them with a small piece of dowel into the block. Otherwise, they don't stand very well by themselves.
Slip the little guy over the spool and sew up the hole underneath.
Take a Christmas sock and cut it in half. Tie up the end with some twine.
Place it over his cone-shaped head.
Trim him up with a collar around his neck (about 18" x 4", gathered).
Glue it to the bottom of his face where you sewed the hole. Gather around his neck. Add some faux fur to his hat and a little embellishment to the top.
I also added a grosgrain bow at his neck. In all different designs, of course! That's what makes him so whimsical and charming! Add a tag....I haven't done that yet either! If you'd like to have a paper pattern of Ernie, just email me at and I'll send it to you. You can follow along here on this tutorial for instructions.
Here's my recipe for my famous "Date Nut Balls'! Mama used to make these for us sometimes but I make them every year. Our oldest daughter makes them now, too! They are soooooo good!
They don't turn out yellow. Just bad lighting!
Yield 50-60 small balls
Recipe can be doubled easily!
       1 egg, well-beaten
        12 cup butter
       1 cup sugar
      8 ounces pitted dates, chopped
     1 cup pecans, finely chopped
       2 12 cups Rice Krispies
    1 teaspoon vanilla
     In a heavy sauce pan over low heat cook butter, sugar, dates and egg until gooey and thickened. Take off the heat. Add pecans and vanilla. Now add Rice Krispies and mix well. Cool until slightly warm. Form into small balls and roll into powdered sugar. Now, STEP AWAY from the treats, if you can!!!
We love Christmas! My husband has to be the 'original' Santa Claus! We don't put any gifts under the tree, except the ones from siblings, until Christmas Eve night when all are sleeping! Yes, it's more work for us but SO much fun for the family! And I NEVER know what I'm getting for Christmas......NEVER!!
Thank you Wendy for letting me be a part of your Annual Christmas Blog Hop! I hope you all have enjoyed what I've shared!
Blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season!