July 3, 2014

My Box Runneth Over!

I have been a BUSY girl!! Good thing I took some time off for the summer because I wouldn't have been able to get all of this sewn up!

 13" Rag Dolls, Elves, Candy Corn, Sunflowers, Crows, Halloween Cats. Santa's.....this doesn't even show the 2 large Scarecrows and my Stump Witches! My fingers are numb from holding the needle! The good news is I'll be way ahead of my Holiday crafting!
I've got Inventory to do but I'll be ready to open back up at the end of July. I've been pre-cutting some wood for Teacher gifts and some popular Pumpkin Garlands. It's been a nice break and I've enjoyed the time to 'sit and sew'. Now it's time to get the paint brushes out and put some color on all this muslin! I'll have pictures to share with you this month and a cute little Owl Tutorial! Everyone is making them so why shouldn't I?!! I'm even going to try my hand at some paper clay crafting. Wish me luck!
Enjoy your Summer sewing!!

June 17, 2014

Taking Off a Little Time

I usually take off this time of year. The kids are out of school and I normally need a break from all of the orders. This year has been especially demanding with my Etsy. I said I wouldn't let it get to be 'work' so it's important for me to recognize when I need to stop and take a rest.
Now that doesn't mean I'm being idle! I've been working with some 8-11 year old girls (like Girl Scouts but we call them Activity Day Girls) and they've been keeping me busy. We had a great time last Friday at our Daddy/Daughter "GONE FISHIN" Activity.
I should've taken a closer pic. The 'Fish Bowls' were made up with the glass marbles from the $ Tree and some fun little ugly wooden fish I made (my 8 year old daughter painted)! It all set on a green burlap mat with plastic sea creatures and a GONE FISHIN sign. Each table had a pack of GO FISH cards.

"SHARKY" --the photo booth! He ate a lot of heads!

$ Tree nets for the table and some of my own d├ęcor at home. These tables were filled with 'Chicken' dishes as the girls said they didn't want ANYTHING 'fishy' to eat. Watermelon, salads, green beans, and rolls completed the menu.

I've also cut, sewn, and prepared dolls for Fall and Christmas sales, and am currently working on some Women's 'clothing accessory' pieces to sell this year.
These were the last pieces I'd finished before shutting down.

I sold the Bee Skep right away to a return customer. Guess I'll have to make another one. It's made from a pattern that I adapted by Oodlekadoodle.
I've already cut some small wooden plaques for the girls to paint tomorrow. Going to teach them a little Decoupage. Should be fun and educational.....for me, too!
Hope your summer is going well. We're getting LOTS of rain but that always a good thing when you live on a lake!!

May 8, 2014

In the Merry Month of May

WOW. I obviously just skipped over April.
Over a month has passed and I don't know where it went. And now it's May. Where did 'in the merry month of May' come from?
I've been busy with 'school' orders. These name plates are very popular.
 They're actually easy to make, however, take time and I only make these 'to order'. This is my busy time making them......and in August......and again right before Christmas. It's a good thing!
Our OFG Team is getting ready for it's summer promotional. I've pulled out the Red, White, and Blue and a couple of great patterns from some very talented people.
This is Bouncing Sammy.
It is a pattern by Pam Gracia of SOFT IN THE HEAD. She is so talented and her patterns are super easy to read and follow. He'll be available in my Etsy shop after the 19th of this Month.
I've also made another Garland. Have had MANY inquiries for a Birthday Garland so here is my take on one.
Lots of fun to make and it is so festive with all of it's bright colors. It also will be available on a 'Made to order' basis after the 19th.
I'm finishing up this Bumble and his home today. It's a pattern from Oodlekadoodle.
I found this in the closet. This is from my 'One Stroke' days. I think I'll put a quote or scripture or something there in the blank corner. Add a pretty satin ribbon for hanging. Well, I'll think about it anyway.
Looking forward to school being out. I enjoy the summertime mode and playing with the kids in the pool.
Maybe I'll have a Giveaway on my FB. I've made a few of those Bouncing Sammies......yeh, I'll post a Giveaway today so look for my FB badge on my right sidebar and come by and visit. I'll post a link up at the top of my blog, too.
I'm spending the weekend with my Girls. They're spoiling me on Saturday. Wishing all of you a Happy Mother's Day.

April 2, 2014

Anything Goes!

The Old Farmhouse Gathering Team has a CELEBRATION going on!
It's an ANYTHING GOES celebration so we have a little of everything!
Click on the LINK (Celebration) to find more wonderful things!
Meanwhile, let me share my 4 new items and a few others I'm doing.
You've met Sunshine!! He's so cute!
 This Cat Plaque is a design titled, "When's Dinner" by the talented Renee Mullins of PLUM PURDY.
Here is Chrissy the Christmas Mouse! Made from a pattern by Kim of ORP!
And last, but NEVER least, is "Just Jack".
He's one of my patterns and I'll share him later on this year.
I finished up my melons.....
....and am now completing the last of 3 sweet Bunnies from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm.
This is MariAnn with her little friend, Dibbles.
This one is Maribell with her little friend Toodles.
I'll be finishing up Marilynn with her little friend, Mimi.
I'll list them today in my Etsy shop!
Go to Etsy for some more wonderful finds from our talented Team!
I've got some Mother's Day Picture Sign Boards I'm making up now. I think I'll have a Giveaway with one of them so make sure you

March 26, 2014

Who Let the Cold In?!!

GOOD HEAVENS! Who let 'Old Man Winter' back in the door??!!!!

It was 38 this morning! Yeh, I know, that's sunbathing weather for a lot of you but it's down right frigid for me!
Because of the cold weather, I feel obliged to share some of my Easter goodies I've been working on! These are my designs and are just so easy to make!
 Someone said they look like Pez Dispensers! They do!
This is another one of my designs.....
My Big Foot Funny Bunnies! You know me.....I LOVE me some color!
I just finished designing this guy and am going to have him in our upcoming OFG Celebration.
I've named him Sunshine, well, for the obvious reason that he looks like sunshine!! He was SO much fun to make. I need to add a tag to him, Wonder if he can fly??!!
Last but certainly not least, I had these baking in the oven yesterday morning. 
Can't wait to take a bit out ot the real thing! We're huge melon fans here and eat lots while they're in season and plentiful!
I'm dressing Bunny dolls this morning. They are soooooo cute and can't wait to see then all completed in their Easter Finery. Will show you soon!
Hoping this is the last of the cold. It's been a heck of a winter and I'm sure all of us are ready to close the door on it!
Stay Tuned!

March 18, 2014


It's Spring here! Trees, plants, and bushes are blooming!

 Pollen is everywhere! So we're sniffling and sneezing just as if it was still cold. Can't win for losing!
I've been busy with some new patterns!
This one comes from Olde Annie Primitives.
Eater Egg Pocketfuls! They are SEW easy to make! I need to get me some Spring Pip Berries to put in them along with my Sweet Annie! I purchase my Sweet Annie from THE FLOWER PATCH on Etsy.
I've made up a 1/2 dozen of these! 
This is just a pattern I'd drawn up. Any one with drawing skills can do the same. I like to coat mine with some water-based varnish after I paint them with my Burnt Umber acrylic paint. Makes them shiny and look like REAL chocolate. You can find these in my Etsy shop.
 This pattern is from Pam Gracia of SOFT IN THE HEAD. She is so talented and I love making her patterns. 'Miss Bunny' is also in my Etsy shop.
I've cut out and sewn Watermelon, Bumble Bees, Bunnies, and now some Pigs! I've also just sold off the last of my Christmas Elves so I'll be pulling out the Christmas greens and reds soon!
I've got 3 orders for my Garlands sitting on my table so I'll need to get to those today. We've had rain, LOTS of rain, these last few days and it's kept me inside. At least I was able to finish my hand stitching which I detest!
Hope your Spring is coming in like a Lamb and not with the March winds we've been getting. I think we're all well on our way to a thaw!
Stay tuned!

February 17, 2014


I know it's a few months before Easter, but here in our little 'crafting corner' where we buy and sell, we like to be the birds that catch the juciest of worms, ya know?!
So I have a little pattern for you to make these guys. They measure approximately 8" x10".
 One I sculpted and the other I didn't.
Here is a list of materials you will need to make these bunnies:
Muslin or fabric of your choice for the bunny
extra cotton floral fabric (2 1/2" x 4" piece)
Fiberfill for stuffing
#10 Crochet Thread (or your choice of Thread)
Sweet Annie and/or dried flowers
Prim Staining Mix

Let's get busy!
Cut her out --1/4" seam allowance is already added to the pattern. Sew her, turn, stuff. Easy, peasy so far! (I left the bottom open for stuffing but you can easily slit the bunny where the pocket goes to turn and stuff).
If you're going to sculpt the hind legs and ears, refer to the pattern (make sure you leave the bottom open if you're going to leave the pocket off). Use a long doll needle and some sturdy thread (upholstery or crochet). Here's a link.
 They're ready for the staining mix.
Now, I added some dk brown acrylic paint, 'bout a tablespoon or so, to my mix.
Some people just paint the stain on with a sponge brush but I actually like to submerge mine. I add a LOT of vanilla and cinnamon to my stain mix and it saturates the fiberfill thus leaving it smelling stronger,  longer. Takes longer for the drying time but I like the smell!
 Don't forget the cotton tail! Strip about 5 pieces of 6" x1/2"pieces of muslin.
Fold it over once.
Tie it in the middle with a heavy thread. Should be 10 pieces on each side. Tie it tight!
Should look like a Pom-Pom. Trim it up and stain it.
Bake it in a warm oven (205 for mine) for 15 minutes at a time. Guess I turned mine 2-3 times. You can also put them outside in the sun but I'm guessing since it's still winter, you might have some trouble with that whole 'sunshine' part! 
DON'T FORGET the floral material for the pocket! Stain it, too; dry it!
Pin the pocket in place.
Sew up the pocket leaving the top open. I used brown #10 crochet thread. You can use embroidery floss, also.
I added a spot of hot glue at the top corners to keep the pocket down. Add your dried floral pieces or just some Sweet Annie or whatever appeals to you. Glue or sew on the cotton tail.
You should have something similar to this.
 What else would you do with this guy below?
A tag? Rusty pin and Jingle bell? Where would you put it? Everything I tried didn't look right. Let me know what you'd do!