May 21, 2015

All kinds of Celebrations!

Our OFG Celebration continues! If you have a few minutes, you might want to stop by these shops and see some of their creations!
There are sooooo many more so if you want to see them all, stop by ETSY and type in the search bar TOSCOFG to see more or click on the picture in my upper right hand corner!
I won another Giveaway from the talented Brenda at the Rusty Thimble. Wasn't expecting these so it was a BIG surprise for me!
Love these little tucks!
You can find Brenda HERE!
I've been busy finishing up orders for Teacher gifts: Teacher Appreciation and End of the Year.
School is out in another week so I'll be shutting down my custom order work and just leaving my READY TO SHIP available in my Etsy shop.
Visit HERE to see what I have and if you want something custom made, get your order in NOW! Here's just a few things I've recently listed!
I'm getting ready to go and watch my 4th graders in their school parade. They are celebrating 'World Fair' and always do an awesome job throughout the school! It's an all day affair about the different countries and cultures that make up our World. It ends this evening with visits to the class rooms to see all that the kids have made. I love our little rural school!
Wishing you a wonderful day as you get it started! Hot here.....looks to be a LONG summer for us!
Have a good one!

May 4, 2015

Painting Some Americana!

I love painting anything in our Patriotic colors! I've had so much fun this last week finishing up my items for Summer and the month of July. I have a couple of small paintings that I'm working on and they'll be the last of my craft items. I always close down for part of the summer when the kids get out of school but this year I'm going to stay open. I'll just cut off the 'custom' orders so I'm not having to cut wood in 95 degree weather!
I got started on these Uncle Sam's and realized I didn't have any flowers for them. SO, off to Michael's I went.
Silk flowers can be expensive! These weren't too bad as I got them 40% off. My eyes are ALWAYS open and looking for sales!
The next few photos are all made in similar fashion.

I used a tin pail, a terra cotta planter that I painted, and this old tin cup found at a yard sale.
This next one I made using a piece of 2x4 and dowel. I like to make some of my Make-Dos this way.
I thought, with the purchase of a 'Summer/Patriotic' item, I'll include one of these 'God Bless America' Blocks.
These are also made form 2x4 studs. I've painted them with acrylic craft paints, sanded around the edges, decoupaged with good scrapbook paper or stenciled, and then applied the vinyl lettering. I always coat a layer of Mod Podge over the lettering to prevent any lifting. Hope it's a good enough incentive as Summer sales are always slow.
I've also made these easy plaque/signs.

I love it when a craft comes with an 'Easy' button!
The signs are already in my Etsy but the Uncle Sams will be listed in a few more weeks along with these girls.
The little girl on the far right is already gone to a good home and a good friend but the other 3 will be available soon.
School is almost out. I'm looking forward to summer slowing down and lazy afternoons. The kids are getting old enough to help themselves and that makes my life easier as I continue to care for our handicapped daughter.
Hoping those of you to the North of us are finally warming up. Mother Nature has finally decided to give us a bit of a Spring so we're enjoying the cooler mornings and breezy days.
I've got one more Giveaway before Summer kicks in so stay tuned!


April 24, 2015

A FAAP Mother's Day Giveaway!

The FAAP or Folk Art And Primitives Etsy Team are having a Mother's Day Giveaway! Go HERE to sign up. You could win more than one prize!

April 23, 2015

Face Book Giveaway!

If you're on FB, You might want to stop by and sign up for this guy!
He's made from a pattern by Sue Allemand.
Super simple and I've got him smelling really good! He hangs by a small loop on his back....measures approx. 10" x 9".
Winner announced on Sat. May 2nd!

April 18, 2015

Something New From Me!

I've been working on a little project for a few weeks now....well, more like a month now....and then some! I'm slow when it comes to making dolls. I refuse to take orders because I make them at my whim. It's a bit like my oil painting. I've been waiting for a new tool to come in the mail so I could finish them. Here's the tool.
I honestly thought it was going to be hard to needle felt but was amazed at how easily it's done. I bought this set from Amazon. My only tip to you is watch your finger placement!
Here's my project.

This is a pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm.  I can never get mine to look like Maureen's so I deviate a bit. I just LOVE them!!
 Lottie and Ola Mae!

This one's name is Fannie!
I love Black Folk Art Dolls and these are my first attempts. I just keep hugging them! My husband just shakes his head! I haven't listed them yet. Will probably wait until our next celebration. Still need to put the seed beads on for the Chicken's eyes. I used Alpaca Roving for their hair and set it in with the Needle Felting tool. It look so REAL!! They're all stained with my Prim mix and smell so yummy!
My Facebook Giveaway is lying on my laundry room floor, drying. Hope to have it up on Monday so look me up. You'll love it if you're not 'sheepish' (hint!)!
We had one of our oaks break apart in the storm earlier this week. It had a rotten hole in it that you couldn't see so we're cutting and hauling it today. Also scrubbing up the patio since all the Midges have finally gone. Now the Love Bugs are starting to show up! Ugh, the joys of living in Florida! So many Bugs!
My sweetheart and I celebrated our 34th Anniversary, tentatively, yesterday with a luncheon rendezvous! We're supposed to have a full date night this next week. Do you find yourself so much more in love with them than you ever were? I just cannot imagine life without him! (I'll try and remember to get a picture so you can see our ugly mugs, HA!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!


April 7, 2015

Sharing a Post!

Hope you had a lovely Easter. I was a little 'under the weather'.
I wanted to share Wendy's post about her Giveaway she received.
Stop by and see what was in the box. No, it wasn't a frog. I just like this guy!
AND, if you're on Facebook, watch out for my FB Giveaway......soon!
Stay tuned!

March 30, 2015

Trying again!

Well, I never heard from the winner that was chosen for my 'Spring Giveaway'......
So I'm gonna try it again! WENDY from Ravenwood Whimzies was chosen as the NEW winner of my Spring Giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS! Contact me, Wendy, at  if you see this before I contact you. I may already have your addy.
Our OFG Team is at it again! Lots of wonderful Hand Mades in their Etsy shops for our newest celebration, "Anything Goes"! Just click on the link above to see some wonderful creations.
Sadly, I  am not among them. My creations are still half-finished. Just couldn't seem to get my act together. Here are a couple of dolls I'm working on. WARNING: this is a bit X-rated as they're still a bit nekked!
Black Folk Art Dolls. I used a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. 
These gals haven't even made it out of the pan!
Looks a bit like the Walking Dead. Did you watch the Finale last night? AWESOME!
I won a Supply Giveaway from Brenda of the Rusty Thimble.
It was filled to the top with all kinds of goodies!
 Lovely laces!
 Colored Mohair? Heck yeah, that's right up my alley!
I just washed the 2 pieces of fabric so I can use it on one of my black folk art dolls.
Of course the wood is already 'talking' to me!
Thank you, Brenda! I love being a winner, especially one of yours!
These guys need ears but are going out in the mail this afternoon.
Last but not least, here's a picture of our 9 year old daughter at her Piano recital.
Look at those long, strong fingers! She is doing GREAT! We are so lucky to have such an awesome Teacher that lives a Hop, Skip, and a Jump away from us!
The kids are on Spring Break this week so I'm taking a break, too. Gorgeous weather here in North Central Florida! I think we'll try for a quick trip to the beach!
Hope your Spring has Sprung! For those of you still experiencing snow, just think how grateful you'll be when warmer weather arrives and stays!
Thanks for stopping by!

March 21, 2015

Spring Giveaway Winner!

Oh, what a GORGEOUS day here in our Sunshine State! Not trying to brag but it sure makes a person feel good and productive to see it so beautiful out. The kids are on their way out to the pool! The water is still a bit too cool for me. If the heat index keeps rising I'm sure I'll be in it by the end of April!
I've finished a couple of 'Bunny' Plants today.

Our daughter has a Piano Recital tomorrow and I thought I'd give one to the Teacher. I made 2 of the 'pink' ones. I think I'll list just one in my Etsy shop. It's a little late for new Easter items.
We took the kids to Disney this week.
They had a half-day at school so we kept them out. Thought we'd be home in time to get them to school the next day but my 'biggest' kid wanted to stay for the fireworks. We got home at midnight. I woke up the next morning and felt like a Mac Truck had run over me a few hundred times! Just not as young as I used to be!
Thank you, all, for commenting on my Springtime Giveaway. The winner of my little Giveaway is DONNA MILLS.  CONGRATS, DONNA! Message me at with your addy and I'll send you a box full of Springtime goodies!
I'm making some dolls for our OFG Team's newest Celebration coming up at the end of March. I'm so excited to show them to you! Something different from me and a pattern I'm using from Sweet Meadows Farm. I'll also have a couple of new painted items from Plum Purdy's newest book. I think it's the last 'new' stuff I'll make this year. I've got to replenish my stock!
Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT day!

March 14, 2015


Everything is blooming here in my neck o' the woods! My home is resounding with all of our 'achoos'!  No, we're not sick just sneezing from all of the pollen. Heaven knows Florida's got some allergens! On the bright side, the sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous! 
I finished these little bunnies and I've got them listed if you're wanting a Chocolate Bunny.

They are $7.95 each plus $5.00 shipping. I've also got a 15% coupon in my shop on your total order.
I got this in the mail this week!
SO EXCITED to get started on a few of these!
I'll be cutting some wood today to prep for another Celebration by our fabulous OFG Team.
Don't forget about my Spring Giveaway! I've made some changes on my blog so I've not been replying to your comments. Didn't mean to do that and will look into it after this Giveaway. If you've commented on here, you are entered. I appreciate any SHARING that you've done!
Winner announced next week.
Oh, and before I forget, I've been featured HERE!
Have a great weekend!

March 9, 2015


Time change and warmer weather = EASTER right around the corner! I've been doing some sewing but when it comes time to do the stuffing, I conveniently find other things to occupy my time. In my house, that's not difficult to do! I got these fellows finished over the weekend; just need to paint them and add a bow. The packaging is what makes them look like real chocolate Bunnies. Sending some of these to the Gold Coast Humane Society for there 'Bun Fest'. The rest I'll put in my Etsy shop.
I've also been working on 'planting' some bunnies in baskets.
I should have these guys done today.
My Sassy Ladys seem to be drawing a bit of interest. Thought I'd make a Breast Cancer Awareness one.
Also one I call 'American Guns'.
These are available in my Etsy shop. (My badge is on the right sidebar.)
I love to shop at JoAnn's and seems like every time I do, they have these sweet boxes on sale.
I loved this one and thought I'd fill it up with some Spring paraphernalia and hand made goodies for a lucky Follower.
My rules aren't really rules at all. Just leave me a comment and a way to contact you. I would appreciate any SHARING you might do but it isn't required for this. I do have to make this Giveaway contingent only in the good 'ole US of A due to the expense of shipping.
Keeping this Giveaway open until March 21st (Saturday) at which time I'll post a winner that morning. (EST)
Hope Spring is on it's way to you!
Thanks for following!