June 29, 2016

The Responsiblities of June

 I have been so busy throughout this past month. Didn't mean for it to be that way but had a few responsibilities to follow through on. I was asked to teach a couple of
art classes at Girl's Camp this year. I love to teach art especially to kids so I had no problem accepting this assignment. Mother Nature wasn't very helpful as the temperature soared and the heat index sat at a toasty 106 degrees the first day! How appropriate that this was our first project!
 The theme for the camp was 'Face the Son'. They'd decorated a lot of their sites with 'Beach' décor and Sunflowers so my second class was a given!
The Girls did great with sewing up their Sunflowers and not near as messy as the painting!
I've been getting back to my creating/painting. I haven't had the urge to do much of anything lately so it was nice to finally find some 'mojo' and come up with some new designs. This is a smaller version of a personalized pencil that I make.
 They make great gifts for that special Teacher!
 These little Raggedy Flower Dolls are ADORABLE and so much fun to make. They are a design/pattern by Cedar Creek Primitives (Karen Stumbo). I made mine using Gingham fabrics. I'll be listing all of these and even more in a few more weeks when our OFG Team - Old Farmhouse Gathering Team - has a new "Anything Goes" celebration. We are collaborating with the FAAP Team so it should be a good one!
We finally realized the water isn't coming back to the natural levels anytime soon so hubby decided to have a new boatlift installed. We haven't been able to get the boat in the 'house' for over 3 years now. Watch it be this year that the tropical storms and hurricanes decide to come! That's what it takes to fill our lakes and rivers here in Florida and it's been dry for a while now.
 This little man spent the week at Twilight Camp! He is on his way to receiving his Webelo Badge in the Cub Scout program. They had Archery, BB Guns, a visit from the Swat Team, CSI Investigations, and some fun water play throughout the week.
I have broken my second toe on my right foot so I've been laid up a bit this week. Quite irritating limping along on a very swollen foot but my life doesn't grant me the opportunity to sit and nurse it. I can't get a shoe on and the blessed boot they give you is so cumbersome that it's better to do without!
 I received these in the mail yesterday and am looking forward to painting on some existing surfaces that I've already cut out. These are by Annie Lang. I LOVE Fall/Halloween!
Praying for West Virginia. Boy, have they had enough already.
AND, of course, the people in Turkey. Will the evil never end?
Happy Summer to you and yours!

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