September 15, 2015

Being Creative!

I've been playing with a new medium in my spare time! I told you a month or so ago that I was experimenting with Creative Paper Clay and Kwik Wood.
I've seen so many Artists using it to sculpt gourds, wood work, and glass ware that I thought I'd give it a try. Of course, wood is my first choice of material as it's what I'm most comfortable with.
I chose to do a small pin pattern and kept the design very simple and minimal. We're coming into Fall so I HAD to do something for Halloween, right?!
I started with a simple wooden shape cut out of MDF.
I shaped some arms and gave it something to hold.
Added a little bit of acrylic paints to it.
And I have a ghost! Still need to add a few more strokes of paint but really quite simple to do.
I went a bit further and coated the whole wood piece with the clay.
I think I might like this one better once I get it finished!
I even made some Candy with it!
I also tried the Kwik Wood. It's great for sculpting pieces that have broken off of an item. I used it to make this guys face. It stick really well with the aid of water.
This is how he turned out!
This is Stanley and is available in my Etsy shop.
And I also did this guy.....
I'm thinking not too bad for a first try! So I've got my gourds out and am now playing with a few Snowman and Santa designs. I think I like the Paper Clay better than the Kwik Wood. You have to use water with both as you're molding/sculpting. The Kwik Wood is a bit stickier and I just like the feel of the clay. I remember when I was in 7th grade, our Art Teacher had us using clay and making sculptures. I remember making an Owl. It went to the Art Show and, although I didn't win any ribbons, I was very happy she chose my work. AND, I still have that memory!
Lots of orders for Fall Garlands are underway. Still have one or two Teacher Name Plates to finish. I've a couple of Turkeys on my 'stuffing' table that I need to get to and then I think I'll play with a couple of Christmas patterns before I call it quits for the year.
Looking forward to some cooler temps. Mother Nature teased us yesterday but we were back at 89 by the end of the day!
Have a great week!


Jessica said...

Hehe stuffing the turkey. ;) The paper clay is cool!

Danice said...

Very cute items. 'Will have to try that Kwik Wood. It would probably be great to sculpt a new nose for a wooden nutcracker soldier I got at discount price since he has no nose.

Cozy Expressions said...

Really sweet !