December 27, 2014

The 'After' Christmas

I absolutely hate to see the Christmas Holidays end. I love having all of my kids here and having the husband home. 
Our kids from left to right: Anna 9, Becky 25, Audrey 28 (she's our handicapped daughter), Cristi 31, TJ 32, and Tate 9 (making his funny face with his fart blaster! Oh my gosh, what was I thinking?!!!!)
I love the relaxing days after Christmas. It's such a busy time for all of us before the actual holidays and, as I get older, I'm just not able to accomplish what I used to. But putting up my feet's the best!
I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm making  a few changes in my shop. Adding some new items and getting rid of old inventory that hasn't moved. My family is always willing to take my 'left overs'!
I worked on a few last minute pieces and wanted to share these guys with you.
 They are from ORP (Old Road Primitives). Kim's patterns are SEW easy to read and make and these guys were fun to share with my family members.
My husband loves to shop clearance and bought me a few things from our local Sam's Club that I can use in my crafts. I now have in my possession some lovely reels of ribbons and these trims that I can use with various designs I make.
 Aren't these great? Ideas are whirling inside my head!
I'm keeping my Winter Village scene up through January. I have to climb a ladder to get this all up. Wish I could take a decent pic of it for you so you could see it lighted. Blues in the background and the houses and stores are lighted with whites and colors. This is my family's fav décor of Christmas!
The weather here is wonderful as you can see in my pic.
We're in the low 70's. Hoping it continues so I can start my wood cutting. Kids won't be back in school for another week so I'll enjoy it all while I can.
Hoping your Christmas was pleasant and memorable and the 'after' provides you with some time to put your feet up.
Stay Tuned!


Nancy L Janssen said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my sweet friend! So lovely to see your brood all together; it's my favorite part of the holidays, as well. I think of you so often. <3

Danice said...

Great photo of your children. We had unusual weather for Christmas- stormy and rainy. What a pretty Winter village scene as well. All of your decorations are so pretty :)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Your family is lovely. Glad you had a happy holiday. I like this time to can just take a short rest. Warm Blessings! Amy

Matt, Kenna and Hannah said...

Christmas together is the best! We're loving being together. It's been ages since Matt has had a real vacation.

It's great to see your family., beautiful as ever! Enjoy the rest of your vacation and time together.