October 7, 2014

Making Pumpkins

I'm actually making more than just Pumpkins. Christmas has found it's way to my table but I DARE not show you in fear that you'll throw something at me!! Those of us in Retail/Wholesale have to stay on top of things but it doesn't keep the public from disliking the 'rush' on the holidays. I, myself, don't particularly care to hear Christmas music before it's even Halloween, however, I do find myself buying it all!
I don't have a pattern to share with you for the pumpkins. You can find a Tutorial HERE from ORP (Old Road Primitives). Kim shares her Tutorials FREE with everyone and her patterns are MARVELOUS to work with!
I don't have to paint these as my husband's Aunt gave me some upholstery fabric, some type of chenille/velour. I don't really know but it works great for these little pumpkins.
I DO want to show you my leaves though and how easy it is to make them. You can apply these to all of your FALL crafts and even make them as large as you need.
My daughter brought over a pair of white denim jeans that were stained on the bottom cuffs. I can always use a bit of denim/canvas for Bunny ears, etc. but my intentions this time were for some leaves.
I ripped them apart.....
...and pulled off the pocket and buttons.
Fold over 4-5 inch strip of denim and draw a shape similar to the one I have.
Take them back to your painting table and WET them with water first then paint them with greens, browns, oranges, and yellows.
Make sure you add a bit of color to the other side as these will curl up around the edges making them a bit more natural looking.
I haven't finished my pumpkins, however you can see how easy it is to place them with a dab of hot glue. A stem and a nice FALL tag will finish these pumpkins. I'm going to add a little Mouse, too.
Sales are slow right now and that's given me some extra time that I've been able to enjoy.


Kim Orcutt said...

So cute!

Blessings in the Country said...

Great pumpkins, they are my favorite fall decor! I am making some too, along with finally painting up my candy corns that I sewed so long again. ha.

hugs, Jessica

Trace4J said...

Happy Fall

cucki said...

Ohh so lovely xx

Colleen said...

Well look at that...what a great idea for using old jeans! The pumpkins turn out cute! :)

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Love the pumpkins and yes, Christmas is here too. I hate rushing the seasons but a girls got to do what a girls got to do! Great recycling idea too, thanks Vicky.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love the pumpkins Vicky!