August 6, 2013


Oh, but I've been so neglectful of my blogging lately. Life gets in the way and I've had a bit of the 'lazies'. School is starting in a few more weeks and the kids and I have been doing our school shopping. Happy to say that's all done and behind us except for what the school/teachers will need for their classes.
My table is FULL of many of my UFO's (Unfinished Objects)! 
I HATE it when I do this, however, it's just a part of me that comes with my creativity. I don't have much time to just sit and dote on one particular item. My attention gets a bit messed up when I have to attend to the daily necessities and the end production is a conglomerate of unfinished busy-ness!
My hubby is finally coming home to stay....YAY!! We finally got a project here in Florida and so we don't have to pretend to be married anymore!! It's been a long ! 1 1/2 years with him coming in every 2-3 weeks for only a few days. Hoping to not ever do that again!
Meanwhile, I've 2 other little girls SCREAMING for attention!
 This pattern if from Susan Dean of ThreadBare Primitives. They are so ugly, they are cute!!
Witch hats for the Jacks and a grubby Homespun dress for the little girls with their black hair and bows! So FUN!
I've got a Face Book Mystery Giveaway going on right now if you want to hop on over there and leave a comment.
Look for this picture!
Hope you can stop by!
The kids will go back to school and I might get a life so.....
Stay tuned!


TheCrankyCrow said...

You think YOU have been a bad blogger??? I would have to disagree....I've been so bad I wouldn't even know if you HAD been that's BAAAAD!!! Your table looks like a fun place to play....Love your new gals.... Hope Anna Belle is doing better...(She hasn't done away with Superman yet, has she???) So glad to hear you and your hubby will be reunited. (Gee, isn't that a song???) :0) Some days, tho, I'm wishing I could send mine away for weeks at a time... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Danice said...

Very cute items. The post title, UFO's, lol! How catchy and funny! I will go check out your Face Book Giveaway :)

Colleen said...

I think most of us bloggers get real bad in the summer. I know I do. :) Glad your hubby is home now for good!! YIPPEE!! :)

Threesmallfry Primitives said...

I am happy your husband won't be away anymore.
I know how it feels, in the 10 years my husband and I have been married we have hardly lived under the same roof. We have sold our house, and I am moving to be closer to him. I am shocked at all the craft supplies I have, almost embarrassed lol. Oh we'll when the cat is away the mice must play.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm happy your hubby has work here now, too! What a huge relief! And I love all of your neat projects. One of these days I'll get on Facebook! I've been sewing! lol It's hard to stop now! Hugs!