June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

Greetings Cyber Friends!
I could get used to this 'on vacation' thing!! I've been having a blast making things for me and designing some new patterns. I've been working on an order for a customer. She ordered everything from Easter to Thanksgiving....YAY for me, right?! It gets packed up and shipped out tomorrow. Another YAY for me since it's my last before vacay!!!
Here's a few pictures!
Everything needs to be 'finished' today. Ribbon embellishments and glue should do the trick!
This one is for my Swap partner over at Ravenwood  Whimzies Christmas in July Swap! I'm getting mine done early since I'm leaving soon for vacay. Can you guess what it is or even the pattern I'm using?
This one is mine! Have been waiting for awhile to get to this! LOVE the turquoise/aqua colors that are in right now!
And last, but certainly NOT least...
This is my Carolee! Inspired by none other than our own Firecracker Kid! In fact, Tim and Carol made me a couple of Whale Tail shelves that Carolee is leaning on. They're up now and when I get this large room cleaned I'll take a few pictures for you!! Now where did I put that number for those blasted cleaning fairies???
I have a few oil paintings I hope to share with you in the next day or two. This is the time of year where I work on them and complete what I start.....oh boy, let's not go there!!!! My project 'starts' are bordering on ridiculous!!
We're supposed to be heading out this next Monday. Hubby is flying in on Saturday with our eldest daughter. She has some furniture moving that she needs to do. Our little boy needs his bedroom and I'll be moving all of my Inventory SOMEWHERE! 
Lots to do but isn't that what the Summer months are for (nodding head while shaking head!)?!
Oh, by the way, Debby lost her 'umph' by the time she got to us. I think we wound up with 6-7 inches of rain. Hate to say we still need more but, hey, we still need MORE!!!
Stay Tuned!!


Linda Welcome said...

Oh Vick...I am so wanting you to have just the BEST time during your VACA. You so deserve lots of feet up, painted toe nails, hugs from the Hub and smiles from the happy little ones and your sweet daughter. Make it YOUR time and everyone else will be happy. Love ya.
Oh..and that customer who ordered all those holidays at once...now that is one smart cookie.

Kim said...

I hope you get all that you want to done and enjoy your vacation! So glad Debbie missed you!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have been busy busy! I sure hope you get off on your vacay and have a TON of fun! Pick me up on the way out of town! heehee!

Cindi said...

Vicky I hope you have a great vacation. I was going to order something from your shop and then I remembered your vacation so I am waiting until you are back. Have fun!
Be blessed,


Hope you have a great vacation. I like the idea of ordering the whole years holidays at one time! I am so glad Debby is gone, we had about 12 inches, way tooooo much rain. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo productive!! You deserve a vacation!! I think my "starts-but not finished" projects are plotting a coup in my studio!

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, Carolee is a cutie. There you are, bustin' your butt so you can go on vacation. Glad all you got was rain from that one :) You'll probably have to do a rain dance for the rest. Enjoy yourself now!

Barb said...

Hi Vicky,
You will need a vacation after all this! Love Carolee!! Too cute!
When you find the number for the cleaning fairies could you forward it to me!!